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Tiger Brewery Tour: Learning about Singapore's rich (and alcoholic) heritage.

Hello guys! So you might know that I quite enjoy my alcohol. Yeah. Maybe the word "enjoy" is understating my feelings. Bu...

Hello guys!

So you might know that I quite enjoy my alcohol.
Yeah. Maybe the word "enjoy" is understating my feelings. But you know, there's only so bar menus that you can finish drinking before you get bored. You see that picture of us on the extreme right? Chupitos. Second date. We drank up the entire 2 for $12 menu.
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Oh yes we did. And James got a horrible hangover that morning. I did not.
That's right. I'm invincible.

Anyway! We have been visiting quite a few bars recently and thought that a little change in scenery might be nice. So I booked us tickets for the Tiger Brewery Tour!
Yeah. This is one of the rare times where being a selective optimist works! I visit websites like these on a regular basis just to make sure that I don't miss out on chance opportunities like this happening.
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So let me tell you how to have a wonderful time at the Tiger Brewery Tour.

#1 Book your tickets.

First, you must reserve your slot for the tour. To do that you go to the Tiger Brewery Tour site. And what do you see once the site loads?
That's right. There's an age restriction. You know it's going to be sexy/alcoholic/gory if there's an age restriction. And in this case, it's alcohol. Which is never bad. 
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So after you key in your details, you can click through to the booking page, which I must say, is extremely useful. It shows you the balance of the number of slots left so that you can do your best to book a less popular tour slot.
Booking an emptier tour slot is important of course, because you'd get more attention from the guide, and ultimately, a more efficient flow of alcohol at the end of the day. James and I didn't do too badly. We went on the tour with another couple. It was good. Especially since we were the cooler couple. I mean just look at us,
Oops wrong photo. I meant to put this...

#2 Go to the Tiger Brewery.

So this Tiger Brewery is extremely far away. It's at...459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 639934. Do you know where that is?
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They say you can take a train to Joo Koon and then change to bus service 182, but seriously, if you don't live along the green line, or if you don't like travelling for more than 45 minutes, or if you go with your hungover boyfriend, I'd recommend that you take a cab.
No that's not my hungover boyfriend. That's just James sleeping in the cab on the way here. Not hungover at all. Oh and I drew a helmet on him because I thought it would be interesting to know what he would look like in a red Spartan-esque Hazmat suit. Not because I was scared that he would scold me for posting an unglam photo of him on my blog.

#3 Start your tour.

So this is what the wonderful Tiger Brewery looks like!
It's a pretty awesome place! So you start of at the Visitor Center where you learn about the brand heritage. It's a swanky place.

Yup. Lots of beer bottles. But no beer drinking. Yet. You also get to inspect the very large showcase of Tiger memorabilia and awards. Which is more interesting than I'm making it sound. They bring you through all the bottle designs through the ages, including this Tiger Cub one.
(Via Beirut Brit, because I forgot to take photos of a potentially bloggable place, as usual and as always).

So there's a story behind the Tiger Cub! It was a smaller and milder version of Tiger Beer brewed during WWII when there was a shortage of raw ingredients. Yeah. Apparently, beer is very essential for the functionality of the army.
And yes, that is the other couple who went on the tour with James and I. Again, nice people. But not as cool as us.
Oops. Oh well. Oh you also have to watch a rather long and draggy video on the brand story, but that's ok. If you can handle our face swap, you can handle anything.


Next we went on to the next step of the process - the most important one where barley transforms into alcohol. You get to inspect the ingredients that goes into your beers - water, malt, hops, yeast, and of course, the magical ingredient that differentiates Tiger from the other brands out there, love.
(Via Metro).

*Gags*. I kid of course. If they said something like that, I would have upped and left immediately.
Then we were brought to Brew House to take a look at the milling, mashing and boiling, fermentation, storage and filtration processes. Photography was not allowed, but you know, Tiger is owned by Heineken and guess who went to the Heineken brewery tour in Amsterdam?
That's right. ME.
So this is how the Brew House looks like in Heineken, Amsterdam. The difference is that the one in Singapore is functional and 20 times hotter. No, Make that 32 times hotter. I think it was 1 degree when I was in Amsterdam. Oh and also, unlike the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam, this one wasn't crawling with tourists.
(Via Styff).

Also in Singapore they let you taste the beer at the different stages of the manufacturing process. Which is a very nice touch. They give it to you in a little plastic tub. But that's okay. Alcohol is always welcome, regardless of stage or presentation. I don't discriminate.

Then after that you're led to the packaging plant to watch your beer go into cans and bottles and then packed into boxes or crates to be sent to stores for your consumption!
It's huge! And looks just like how they do in documentaries. I was extremely pleased by this. They even had this like....super fast conveyor belt thing transporting beer cans for quality inspection. I was very fascinated by all the beer cans whizzing past and not falling over ok.
Also the roof has slats in it for ventilation so sometimes birds fly in. Just something I noticed. And just so you know.


Then you head to the Packaging Gallery to watch an interactive video detailing the beer making process from start to end. It's quite funny because your guide will have to act like he's talking to a giant movie screen. You can take note of it and laugh at your guide later on.
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And you also get to dispense your own beer! Usually they only ask for one volunteer to try it out, but if you're with a small tour group, everyone gets a chance at it. Or rather, all the girls in the group will get a chance and their boyfriends can film them. Here's a gif of me dispensing beer!
I had a lot of help along the way. But that's not important.
We still got our beer in the end.


Then we came to the final, and best part of the tour! Where you go into the Tiger Tavern to sample all the beer you want for about an hour! FREE FLOW ALCOHOL FTW!
(Via Giphy).

Oh and the bar's pretty nice as well. James was very pleased with it as it looked like a "proper British bar".
It's a nice place, complete with a tiger statue, a pool table and a place for you to stand in the middle of nowhere to text your beer drinking friends about your fabulous find.
So after you get your free traditional starter pint of Tiger, you can sample a whole range of beers brewed locally including:
But if you're more atas then you can also choose to pay for some international labels under the APB brand.
The beer samples are free but you also get a free token for a full pint. My advice? Sample as many beers as you want and save the token for your last pint. Make it worth it! Walk out with a stomach full of beer, a face full of smile, and a brain full of drunk.
(Via Giphy).

Okay so here's my verdict on the Tiger Brewery Tour. I was impressed. MUCH BETTER than the Heineken Tour in Amsterdam. Seriously, that didn't live up to the hype at all. That cost €49 for like, 5 pints of beer. Here you get to drink an unlimited amount of alcohol for $18. Value for money. And more alcohol is always better.
(Via Buzzfeed).

Another nice thing about the Tiger Brewery Tour is that it caters for photo taking time. So you get a few minutes to wander around and take some stupid photos. Like so.
So yes, Tiger Brewery Tour. Go for it! I would like to stay and let you know more about it and give you more insight, but it's time to sleep and also I am flying to Shanghai tomorrow. So, let me leave you with this good and related song.

❤ Jac.

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