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Why Women Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed To Call Themselves High Maintenance.

Hello guys! So a while back a friend of mine shared this article from Elite Daily titled, " Why Women Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed To Cal...

Hello guys!

So a while back a friend of mine shared this article from Elite Daily titled, "Why Women Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed To Call Themselves High Maintenance".
Yes. I know it was posted in August last year, but I did qualify that it was posted a while back. If you think that's bad then you shouldn't find out how I define "quite some time ago" or "last week". I'm bad with time.

But yes, I fully agree with this article and the #HighMaintenanceMovement that the writer proposes.
Like why should you be ashamed of declaring yourself as high maintenance? I mean, isn't being high maintenance just another characteristic defining your personality? If it's now, from what I see in popular culture, perfectly acceptable to be declare yourself as bitchy, as wasted, or even as fucked up. What's the big deal in calling yourself high maintenance. It's just another negative characteristic as the long list of traits which define you as a person now isn't it?
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And why should you be pressured by society to be easy-going and low maintenance. It seems such a hassle. I mean if you were brought up to expect all the good things in life to be handed to you on a silver spoon, then shouldn't that always be the way? Why should you be expected to lower your standards and serve yourself. Surely that can't be expected of you.
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Look at Cleopatra, former Queen of the Nile. She killed herself be inducing an asp to bite her. Why? She was devastated that husband had committed suicide. Yes, they say love. But surely she was just upset that her devoted slave was gone and she didn't want to feed herself. Or bathe her own body in milk. Yes. Lifting a finger can cause much grief.
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We must all seek balance in life, the article implies.
The friends we choose to spend our time with should be fun and enriching, our bodies should be healthy and slim, yet strong, and our hair and makeup should be blown out and contoured, yet natural. Our apartment should be gorgeously decorated, yet homey.
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I fully agree. We need a balance where guys do all the work and we just sit there and lap up their attention and spend their money. If you guys want to see us pretty, you better be prepared to pay for our cosmetic procedures. If you guys want to see us effortlessly chic get ups, you better be prepared to buy us a new wardrobe and provide us with a style team to boot.
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That's right. Us girls, we don't try to look good because we want to. We only look presentable because we are small and unconfident beings who succumb to societal pressure. Why if it was up to us we would look like ugly sloppy hags everyday.
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TL;DR - You want an attractive girlfriend, you better have an attractive salary.

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Because "long walks by the beach" is passé, and so is watching the sun rise. Who cares for going on dates which do not romantically involve the guy paying through his teeth. It's not about him treating you well, it's about him treating you like a spoilt and stuck-up princess. Learn his priorities early. Does he value money more? Or you?
"Society has vilified the term “high maintenance” to a point where even writing it feels taboo, let alone advising women to embrace it."
So girls, a piece of advice. If you want to have a fairytale relationship full of sweeping romantic gestures that you deserve, just continue believing in those Hollywood rom-coms that you hold dear, never cave in to pressure to lower your expectations, and on no occasion should you ever settle for that nice regular guy who has an interest in you.
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Just leave that guy for girls who don't appreciate the finer things in life.

Now, before I end let me just leave you with some guidelines on what your next guy should be saying to you before you even consider sinking to his level and acknowledging his presence.

Hope you found this relationship piece useful!

❤ Jac.

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