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The Top 15 of 2015.

Hello! So it's that time of the year where I do my year end round-up post where I blog about all my frivolous achievements to console ...


So it's that time of the year where I do my year end round-up post where I blog about all my frivolous achievements to console myself over the many failures, misgivings and blunders that I've inadvertently accumulated throughout the year.

#1 Made bloody Halloween plans.

I did! And they were awesome and surely bloodier than yours.

Yeah yeah. I know what you're thinking. "Oh Jac what slutty blood-covered zombie thing did you dress up for Halloween this time?" WELL, EXCUSE ME, but do I look like that kind of person to you? Come on. I am so conservatively wrapped up each time I leave the house that I'm frequently mistaken for a burrito.
Oops wrong photo.
But okay point taken. Anyway! I've always wanted to donate blood but you know, I am extremely good at procrastinating so I never really got around to doing it. But Sam told me about this ExxonMobil blood drive and mixing blood and Halloween seemed like a good idea. So for Halloween, Chinese James and I headed down to West Mall to donate blood!
And then in light of the Halloween festivities, James dressed up as the scariest thing he knew...
Yes. Also I would like to point out that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

#2 Driving License.

Well, as you guys know, I don't have a license. Which is not a bad thing since I don't have a car, but you know, I generally like to do stupid stuff. Like riding quad bikes whilst adjusting my dress at the same time. The results were not the most desirable.
Also when James tried to teach me how to play GTA5 on the PS4 I drove into the wall and couldn't figure out how to reverse. So I'm not like, the best driver around. But this will soon change because I've started driving lessons! It 3 minutes to pass my Basic Theory Test. So yes. I don't like to brag, but I think I'm on route to becoming the next Kimi Raikkonen or Michael Schumacher.
Also because my app didn't provide me with stickers of generic trophies and such, I had to grudgingly award myself with the world cup trophy. Anyway, because I'm so sure that I will do stunningly well on the roads one day in the perhaps far away future, I have already acquired a car for myself. Do you like it?
Yup. It's a beauty.

#3 Diving License.

I never thought I'd be learning how to drive at the beginning of the year because you know, I'm an expert at putting off stuff. Like truly. There was once I 

So I decided that I would take up diving because it seemed like a cheaper and quicker license to attain. My rationale was that earning one license was better than none. And as you can see here, I can now dive!
I have also realised that you can't see much, and the people in the photos can very well be me, you, your grandmother, or Brad Pitt. So you just have to trust me on this. It's not like I'd lie. It's not in my very righteous and forthcoming character.

#4 Went to 202936282 weddings.

No I exaggerate. I probably only attended 20180 weddings. Still too many for my comfort if you ask me. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE IT IS TO ATTEND WEDDINGS THESE DAYS?!
(Via Wikia).

Anyway, because I had so many weddings to attend and also because I like shopping and spending money on myself more than I do on other people, I don't have the luxury of buying many different wedding-appropriate dresses. So I've had to repeat outfits for all the weddings I've attended.
Basically I have two wedding appropriate dresses. I have since found another which I will start incorporating into my wedding dress rotation cycle.

#5 Got a nephew.

My sister got married earlier his year! And now I have a nephew. Named Matthew. I intend to train him to respond to the name "sack of rice".
He didn't seem very pleased with that. But he's slowly learning how to be cool like me. Why just a few days ago this brilliant sack of rice learnt how to do the #RBF.
This baby is truly teeming with potential.

#6 Tattoo.

Speaking of potential, I think I know why I'm not succeeding in life. You see, while the rest of the world is getting married and producing babies and getting their life sorted, I'm like "Fuck this shit, I'm going to get a tattoo."
(Via Buzzfeed).

So now I have a new tattoo! This was before...
And this is after!
And now I can say things like this.

No, not really. But it's a nice option to have.

#7 Purple hair.

And you know since I happen to be reliving my rebellious teenage years, I thought I'd give myself some purple hair. You know, because it's something that I always wanted but never got around to doing it.
Photo credit to #BBFF Smith! Including these as he sprung a surprise PS4 photo challenge on me.
Yeah balls. Your home girl has a PS4 now! And....that's just as about as ghetto as I get.

#8 Shot guns.

I lie. I funked with your heart. Your home girl went to Vietnam to pop some caps. I was totally GDFR.
Okay I have run out of song lyrics. But yeah I went to shoot an AK47 in Vietnam with Thad, Moks, and Chinese James. It was incredibly fun. Also James, I'm sorry that I must now address you as Chinese James. I was going to call you stupidiot or something but it was very confusing to type.

#9 Ran 20 km.

Also! I can now proudly say that I'm able to run 20 km. Just so you know. I'm like the perfect picture of health.
But now James (Ang Moh) is very into running. And this is the result.
Yes. Lots of running shoes. What? Were you expecting me to post some miraculous weight loss results here? Please. There will be no weight loss with the amount of Coke Light I consume. Anyway, I can run. So when James asks me to go running, ok lor run. It's exactly how I ended up going to Morocco and the rest of it. But you know, now I can say I've ridden a camel across the Sahara, and also that I can run 20 km without training.
(Via Giphy).

And also I got some new shoes but that is not really the point.

#10 Cliff jumping

Speaking of people just agreeing to do anything that's asked of them, I dragged Cheryl, Carrie, and Silver to go cliff jumping with me! And here is me climbing up the 12m cliff...
And here's my jump!

A video posted by Jacqueline (@behindthebasics) on

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again - cliff jumping is much scarier than bungee jumping. BY FAR. But of course, I'm really glad I did it and I'd totally do it again. Because it's in my character to live life on the edge and be daring and dangerous etc.

#11 Pole Dance.

But also graceful. So I've been dancing for quite some time now, but you know. Nothing much to show off. UNTIL THIS YEAR.
Check out my jade man. It's possibly my proudest moment ever. My second and third moments would be these.
Not the most perfect of poses, but the first time I got them without any help! I was very proud.

#12 Backstreet Boys

It was extremely fun! I'm so proud of Pamy and I who managed to get one of the last few tickets left!
Now I just have to watch Britney Spears and all my concert dreams will be fulfilled.
(Via ezgif).

#13 A monkey touched me.

SPEAKING OF TOUCHING, a monkey touched me ok. So let me make this clear. James (Ang Moh) and I were at the Menara KL and I just happened to be standing near a bush. Then James decided that he wanted to take a photo of me and some monkeys. So you see, here I am standing awkwardly next to some monkeys waiting for James to take my photo.
Yes. I'm that irresistible.

#14 Halloween Photo.

Hahaha okay now you can tell that I didn't really plan this post very well. Because you know, ideally this part would come right after my point on bloody Halloween plans. But well, I'm kinda in a rush, so too bad for me.
(Via Imgur).

Anyway! Every year I like to photoshop a Halloween themed photo for my Facebook profile. And I spent A LOT OF TIME doing this year's picture. My good friend had never gotten more requests to critique my photos ever. So here are some of the photos I did for previous years...
And this is what I came up with this year.
And I'm quite proud of it! So if you want me to help you beautify yourself in photos please let me know. I can also help you make your enemies look like zombies. Or make them look fat and pimply. Whichever works.

#15 Dubai.

And me and Ang Moh James are going to Dubai to catch the new year fireworks and my flight is in 4 hours and I haven't packed because I decided to continue blogging. I'm very excited. Here's a taste of what the fireworks are like:

Yes it's very exciting and I don't want to miss it so I better go and pack. But before I go I would like to thank my friend for being there to listen to all my frivolous and trivial problems throughout the year. You are good. Also James. you are also good. Okay I better stop because I am getting very awkward and I think my computer can sense it.
(Via giphy).

In conclusion, it has been quite a good year. And now I will leave you with this song because it's happy and motivational and stuff.

OKAY I'M GOING TO PACK NOW. Have a good new year!
❤ Jac.

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