Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Jac's Life Revelations stemming from her Technological Meltdown.

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of my usual exclamation marks of happiness but I currently feel like digging my nails into my chest, ...

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the lack of my usual exclamation marks of happiness but I currently feel like digging my nails into my chest, clawing my way through my rib cage, tearing out my heart and stomping on it till it bursts and spurts blood all over.
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Yeah. I never knew I had such violent tendencies. Until now. When all the tech around me started failing and my life proceeded to fall apart.
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So in the past seven days, my Jawbone UP2 stopped working, my VPN stopped working, my secure mail stopped working, and my phone battery is starting to give up on me. I was supposed to start work at 3 pm today (and end at 11 pm), but I had to go into work at 10 am because of laptop issues. And, I had to wipe my precious Fujitsu because of some Window X bug. Oh and also I lost my favourite earphones. Life is bad.
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I know I sound very calm as I relay all this. But I'm not. I feel like compressing my head between two inward moving walls until my eyes pop out of their socks and my brains go splat. I'm not kidding. I'm very frustrated. I wiped my Fujitsu. This means that I now have no Photoshop and no Office. TMDCB.

And it is during this time that I have made a few revelations which were previously obscured by my curtains of happiness. Yes, my waves of frustrations have washed away that hazy mist of heavenly bliss and now I will share some of my epiphanies with you.

#1 I value my laptop over my phone.

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Yeah I know. I always thought I loved my phone more. As you know, my phone is everything to me.
I mean, my phoneS are everything to me. I love them and I don't mind being seen everywhere with them.
But OMG. I have never been too upset about my phone malfunctioning, or having to wipe my phone. But my computer. OMG. I wiped it and I'm so upset I can't even. I have lost my Photoshop, and my Office. And my Photoshop. You know how much Photoshop goes for these days?
That's right. It costs as much as your ultrabook probably. And it's also enough for round trip flights to Egypt. Or Croatia. Or Mongolia + Bali. Yes I have been spending lots of time on SkyScanner because that's what I do when I'm faced with a nervous breakdown.
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Yes so I have to postpone my other post until I get Photoshop back. It's awfully tragic. But such is life. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes your computer dies and makes you want to stab yourself in the eye.
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My point is I have never felt this way about a phone before. Phones are more transient. They are like my appearance. My computer is my heart and soul ok.

So with this logic I would like to show you that while I may look like a rugged and well-used HTC One M9...
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 My soul is as beautiful as this shiny Fujitsu CH702 Lifebook.

#2 There is no feeling worse than frustration.

Sad? Watch some funny YouTube videos. Lonely? Hug your bolster. Stressed? Go online shopping. Angry? Eat some chocolate. It's okay. At the very most you'd end up being a unhealthy giggling mess sitting on your bed surrounded by a pile of nice clothes.
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BUT WHEN YOU'RE FRUSTRATED...things are different. You can't talk to anyone because all you do is to rant at them. And it's not like you can fix the problem because you know, if you could the frustration would cease to exist. And all you do is to steam in your frustration and like, stare at the problem and like OMG IT'S TERRIBLE. GAH.
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And you can't sleep. Because you're too busy trying to contain your frustration and the urge to rip all your hair out. GAH.

#3 Frustration with technology is the worst kind.

I have discovered that there's a special kind of frustration which occurs when all your electronics don't work the way you want them to. It's a kind of desperate contained frustration that you can't vent via any physical means. And by physical means I mean by slamming stuff against the wall.
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Or that's at least what I feel like doing. But I don't do that. Because damaging my electronics would take a toll on my already suffering finances. So I end up doing something like this.
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And then it doesn't work. Makes me want to tear my face off and shred it into tiny bits of face confetti.
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Okay also it is time for me to sleep. But first let me leave you with this song. Which is supposed to be about how low I am feeling now but I couldn't deal with sappy music. I haven't reached that low yet. So here's a cheery song about getting out of an all time low. 

Sorry ah. I will come back with a better blog post soon. After I get back my Photoshop. And also my sanity.

Cheers!  Gah,
❤ Jac.

PS: I would like to thank my good friend who acknowledged each and every single one of my tech complaints, from the less major "I lost my earphones" to the very major "FUCK THIS WINDOWS X". Sorry for unleashing my grumpy bitch of a self on you so that the rest of the world was able to see a relatively stable version of me.

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