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7 Reasons Why Cabs Are Good.

Hello guys! So most of you might know that well, I can't drive. So I kinda have to make my own way around, whether it is by bus... ...

Hello guys!

So most of you might know that well, I can't drive. So I kinda have to make my own way around, whether it is by bus...

By train...
By bicycle...
By motorbike...
By camel...
Or even by minion.
And the hope is always for the minion to grow up and upgrade to some better form of transport. Like a car. But sadly, owning upgraded transport modes do not necessarily mean that you are automatically equipped with the relevant say, driving or parking skills.
Anyway, out of all the transport modes that I listed, my favourite form of being transported around is still via James' chauffeur service. And I understand that you can get a similar form of service is you decide to take cabs. So here goes...

#1 Better selfie angles

Okay. So I don't know about you, but I totally suck at taking selfies. Why it takes me about 10 tries to get a selfie right.
(Via Smithankyou).

And I don't know what is my good selfie angle etc. Why most of the time this is what I end up forcing people to do when I want selfies taken.
(Via Smithankyou).

But you know, given that I'm usually alone when I'm in public transport and have no one to rely on to take my selfies for me, I usually have to do it by myself. And my selfies usually end up looking like something out of a horror film.
So you know, cabs are better for selfie taking as compared to other forms of public transport. You can stretch your arm out to try out all sorts of  angles without worrying that you're about to jab someone in the eye, and there'd be no one but the taxi driver to judge you.
(Via Olisa).

#2 Easier to put on make-up.

So I'm usually running late. It's not intentional on my part, it's just part of my genetic coding.
(Via someecards).

And although I act like the whole world should be bowing at my feet and catering to my every whim, I sometimes feel bad for making people wait for so long. So I leave the house without makeup. And then I regret it because I owe it to my fans to look like I put lots of effort into my flawless looks.
(Via Estee Lauder).

So I haphazardly pile on some makeup in the train/bus. Which isn't very good because there are lots of people who play "let's bump into the girl who's trying to put on eyeliner". And so you end up looking like Lady Gaga in her "Applause" video.
(Via Billboard).

But if you do your makeup in the cab, the only thing you have to be wary of is bumps in the road. And your phone suddenly vibrating and giving you a shock. But apart from that you're fine. You could potentially look like a million bucks.
I said potentially. And sorry I do not have any photos which make me look like a million bucks. But I figured that my expression here is priceless. So it'll do.

#3 You might get a discount.

So I know that taxis are more expensive than taking the bus or the MRT, but you know what's so exciting about taxis? The uncle might give you a discount if you find the right things to talk to him about. Yeah yeah I know, cheap thrill.
(Via Photobucket).

My record is a $3.20 discount. I paid $15 instead of $18.20. Uncle said it was very seldom that a pretty girl takes his cab and tells him that his taxi has a nice smell. He was very pleased and gave me a discount. SCORE.
(Via Bustle).

Yeah I'm a sucker for sales and discounts.

#4 Seatbelts.

Okay to be honest I wasn't so fussed about wearing seatbelts, but James can be very annoying painful persistent persuasive when it comes to getting people to buckle up in taxis. Seriously. Even I caved. And you know what I'm like, I act like the world is here to serve me and me alone, and those who oppose me should be condemned to death.
But okay now I wear seatbelts in cabs because seatbelts make everything safer. And they don't have seatbelts in buses. How very unsafe that is! Cabs all the way!
(Via Bustle).

#5 Catch up on sleep.

So it's kind of inconvenient to sleep in buses or trains because some disabled/elderly/pregnant person might appear in front of you when you're sleeping and your picture might get STOMPed. Or even worse, distributed all over HardwareZone.
(Via Stomp).

But it's okay to sleep in the cab! Nothing to worry about at all. The cab driver will even wake you up when you reach your destination so you won't have to do embarrassing things like this...

So you know, it's a pretty good deal taking a cab. You get to stay in bed a little longer, get to catch up on your sleep in the cab, and you have the taxi driver there to ensure that you won't overshoot and miss your stop!
(Via The Frisky).

I myself, am a big fan of sleeping in cars. I feel that they are the most conducive land vehicles for sleeping in.

#6 No awkward encounters.

I am an incredibly awkward person. And what irks me is that sometimes I take the train and I bump into some random acquaintance from goodness knows where.
(Via Giphy).

And you're kind of like...
(Via Buzzfeed).

Yeah and then I have to make small talk with this person I sort of know, but not really for the rest of my trip. And I suck at that. If there was a guidebook on how to be less awkward, I'd buy it and read it from cover to cover.
(Via Coub).

But then again, I'm also a serial procrastinator. So I think I'm doomed to awkward encounters forever. 

Yeah. And that's why it makes more sense for me to take a cab.

#7 More space to do work.

So I mentioned in my previous point that I'm a procrastinator. And it's really bad because sometimes I have very important work to complete by certain deadlines. And these deadlines happen to be, you know, 1 hour from the time I step out of the house. 

Which makes more sense to take cabs to work because you know, I can set up an entire workstation in a cab.
(Via Goerie).

It's more productive and this is how I can submit my work in time and be the model employee that I always am.
Anyway! If you're interested in booking some cabs, a good app to use is GrabTaxi. The good thing about GrabTaxi is that it provides the most affordable chauffeured rides locally via GrabCar (Economy), and there are fixed rates made known to you before submitting your booking so that you won't have to worry about using your brain to calculate how much you'll be paying after getting in the cab. 
(Via Buzzfeed).

And VIPs like me might like to know that they have continental cars in their fleet as well. A safe and clean chauffeured vehicle! Sure beats me having to drive my Mercedes SLK 55 around in heels.
Also! GrabTaxi will be a holding an Instagram contest from 18 Oct. All you need to do to take part is to post a squeefie of yourselves in a squeezy transport situation on Instagram, and  @GrabTaxiSG will save you from the squeeze with a $6 promo code! Here's my #squeefie!
In line with Halloween and all. I'm very proud of it. And now I leave you with this good song which I hope you wil listen to when you take your GrabTaxi.

❤ Jac.

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