Thursday, September 17, 2015

7 Thoughts which crossed my mind during Battlestar Galactica.

Hello! So, I have finally started watching Battlestar Galactica after years of my good friend subtly dropping hints at me to wake up my i...


So, I have finally started watching Battlestar Galactica after years of my good friend subtly dropping hints at me to wake up my idea. That’s right, YEARS. Just to start on a series! It shows you how bad my friend is at persuasion. But mostly just how good at procrastination I am.
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Anyway, I just started on Battlestar Galactica and here are some thoughts which I had. (Also when I say "just started" I mean to say that I completed an entire season in 4 nights.)

#1 "FRAK!"

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So I didn't understand wht "Frak" was for the longest time. I used to think it was some variation of "frag". But now I know better and I can appreciate references like this.
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Yes I could remember this t-shirt offhand. You can't imagine how much I used to love Chuck. I am, that much of a loser, yes.

#2 Howard Wolowitz.

And his "relationship" with Katee Sackhoff. 
(Via IMDb).

(Via IMDb).

Why didn't he choose number 6 instead? Wouldn't she have been more suitable given the circumstances?

#3 "Cylon".

Or specifically, "If I type "Cylon" into my phone, would it get autocorrected to "Ceylon"?"
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Also the answer is no, it does not. However, the phone throws up "cylinder", "colon", and "nylon" as possible alternatives.
Also I really do not know what my friends in this chat are talking about most of the time. Also my friend Minxiang is single and available, if anyone is interested in him based on his peanut comment. Come on girls, you know you want him. (He's also the guy in black in the banner for this post).
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#4 CAG.

Hey! Changi Airport Group!
Or maybe not.

#5 Cylon Raiders.

(Via RSI).

FUCK FRAK THE SPACESHIPS ARE ALIVE. How can the spaceships have blood! Oh my god. It is like a car which can think and drive for itself. This is like, autonomous vehicles 2446343.0. (There is a ".0" because all versions of  engineering marvels seem to have a "point something" at the end).
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Which, going by some standards, might not be a bad idea at all.


Only that I'm not blonde and instead of smoking a cigarette I'm just smoking hot. But I have the sunglasses indoors bit and also the God bit covered.

#7 The best opinion...

So obviously I had lots of weird and wonderful things to say about Battlestar Galactica. Which I could have conveyed to my friend. My friend who spent YEARS trying to get me started on it. Instead, do you know what the first opinion I gave him was? 
As I was doing my ironing while watching it. A GREAT IRONING SHOW. Well done Jac. 

But to his credit, my friend accepted my opinion rather gracefully.
Yes. The joys of being my friend. You get spammed like there's no tomorrow when I watch shows. Also this is why I am a terrible person to watch television with. I get fidgety because I'm trying to act nonchalant when inside I'm like...
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So sometimes I overcome this by acting very cool and normal and then texting my friend something like this...
You can tell that my friend is very used to me. And also yes - I was very disturbed that the Cylon Raiders were living things. 

Okay and now it is time to sleep. Goodnight everyone of course. And please enjoy this song. I chose it because there is that Nintendo-era bit of music in the front. Which is like, geeky. Sort of.

❤ Jac.

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