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World Snake Day.

Hi guys! Do you know what day it is? It's 16 July! Which is otherwise known as... That's right! World Snake Day! Bet you didn&#...

Hi guys!

Do you know what day it is? It's 16 July! Which is otherwise known as...

That's right! World Snake Day! Bet you didn't know such a day existed but well, NOW YOU KNOW!
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So World Snake Day, like many other important occasions became a recognised holiday to spread awareness for an important cause, in this case, the knowledge of snakes. Other lesser known occasions which recognise some of humanity's reasons to continue existing on this planet include International Sushi Day (18 June), World Cheeseburger Day (18 September), and Jac's Birthday (22 August).
Yeah but back to World Snake Day! So because I'm an enlightened individual who is well aware of her callings and duties as a citizen of the world, I'm going to do my part for World Snake Day by sharing some lesser known facts about this wonderful reptile. So presenting...

#1 You are 4 times more likely to die from snakes than from lightning.

So globally, 24,000 people die from lightning every year[1]
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In contrast, 100,000 people die from being bitten by one of our friendly reptilian friends[2].
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But most of these fatalities from snake bite occur in Africa. Followed by Asia, which is essentially where we are. But you know, as long as you keep away from the really evil looking snakes, you should be fine.
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#2 Only about 6% of snakes are worth your anxiety.

So if you're worried about not being able to identify what is a "really evil looking snake", GOOD NEWS! Out of the 3,400+ species of snakes in the world, only 600 are venomous, and only 200 of these are considered as "medically important"[3]. So nothing for you to be too concerned about really.
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#3 Cobra blood is a delicacy in Vietnam.

Have you heard of the Asian solution to preventing your new shoes from giving you blisters? You bite them before they bite you. Yes it's true. We Asians are crazy.

Anyway, if you subscribe to the belief that biting your shoes will prevent them from biting you, then logic only dictates that this practice should work on snakes as well. In Vietnam, you can have rice wine enhanced with a shot of fresh cobra blood!

Chased down with none other than a shot of fresh cobra bile and the cobra's still beating heart of course.
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A sure-win formula for preventing those nasty cobra bites I'm sure!

Oh and also, going by that logic, it's high time you showed some appreciation to your dog for chewing up all your shoes - he was just trying to help you avoid some nasty blisters!
(Via WebMD).

#4 Anaconda mating sessions are nature's equivalent of a gang bang.

I'm not kidding! They form this thing called a "mating ball" or "breeding ball" where 2-12 male anacondas just um, writhe around one female to try to inseminate her. So what you really get is one whole mass of writhing snakes.
(Via Anacondas).

It's quite fascinating really. Here! Watch it on National Geographic! 

#5 Snakes are by far the most common "polycephalic" animals.

Or depcephalic if you want to be more exact. What this means that snakes are the most likely animals to be born with two heads. Which is a pity. I know many human beings who could use another head.
(Via Buzzfeed).

The chances of a two-headed snake being born is less than one in a million[4], so consider yourself lucky that you get to see this nice gif of a two-headed snake drinking some water.
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#6 There are coffins for snakes.

Ball pythons, or regius pythons, are treated with great respect in Nigeria, possibly because they used to be worn as jewellery by African rulers.
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If one is accidentally killed, many towns build a coffin for the snake’s remains and give it a short funeral.

#7 Snakes are being drugged in Guam.

Looks like humans aren't the only ones OD-ing on Tylenol. Brown tree snakes who have decimated Guam's entire population of native birds and bats, are being drugged to death by air dropped mice packed with Tylenol, which disrupts the oxygen-carrying ability of the snakes' haemoglobin blood proteins, causing them to go into a coma and DIE. Tragic right?
(Via Fox News).

Of course, it was the humans who inadvertently introduced the brown tree snake into the Guam ecosystem in the first place. Imbeciles.
(Via Tumblr).

#8 The King Cobra is the only snake which eats other snakes.

(Via Wilderhood).

The king cobra's generic name, Ophiophagus is a Greek-derived word which means "snake-eater", because well, it eats other snakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or just that one dinner which lasts for a few weeks, anyway.

I'm guessing that's also why the other snakes have no issue with calling them King.

#9 Snakes can open doors.

Well, its quite a well known fact that some snakes can fly. Or, "fall with style" if you're particular with terminology.
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Like there have been reports of the Paradise Tree Snake happily gliding through the windows of HDB flats on the 7th floor. Like this one right here!
But did you know that snakes can also open doors?! Check this video out. And in case you were wondering, the snake switched on the lights as well.

Better lock your doors in addition to keeping the windows shut if you want your house to be snake-proof.

Okay I've come to the end of my list! And I'd like to end off with a picture of a Paradise Tree Snake which James *cough* spotted in Labrador Park the other day.
(Yes! The flying kind!)

And also a picture of me an an albino python regius of course.
No points for guessing what song you'd be left with.

Happy World Snake Day guys! Have a good long weekend!
❤ Jac.

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