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Review: Pole Showgirl at SLAP.

Hello! So uh, fun fact guys, I'm a pole dancer. Yup. That's me and Jason at Zouk back in 2008. Holding a pole. Which surely m...


So uh, fun fact guys, I'm a pole dancer.

Yup. That's me and Jason at Zouk back in 2008. Holding a pole. Which surely makes us pole dancers. Like how owning a blog domain makes you a serious blogger. 
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No but seriously guys, I'm a pole dancer.
And I'm surprisingly not too bad at it hahaha.
So I was extremely pleased when I was invited to do a review on SLAP, aka Singapore Lap and Pole Dance Studio!
Image credit: SLAP.

Nice studio eh? The studio has lots of natural lighting, shower facilities, and nice bouncy flooring which I guess is there to cushion any potential falls. 
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Another good thing about SLAP is the wide selection of classes available for students. You have classes with dance routines catering to those who are working their way up the pole levels, tricks classes for those who are trying to perfect their techniques, and multi-levelled dance classes for those who just want to strap on some 7-inch heels and learn some snazzy pole routines. 

I obviously chose one of the latter - a class called, "Pole Showgirl". Reason being that I quite enjoy purposefully prancing around in my glittery 7-inch heels (although heels are not compulsory). I really enjoyed the class, and here are some reasons why!

#1 Cool routines.

What happens in "Pole Showgirl" is that girls get to learn routines to different songs every week. So you get to cover routines from a wide variety of genes including hip-hop, pop, rock and even the 80s! I got to dance to Katy Perry's "Wide Awake", which was extremely ironic seeing that the class was on a Sunday morning. And you know how I am without sleep...
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Luckily, there's a lot of floorwork (read: stylishly rolling around on the floor) incorporated into the Pole Showgirl routine which doesn't involve you clinging on to the pole for dear life. And you do get to sneak in some rest here and there when the routine calls for you to arrange yourself into pretty poses. Like this.
Yes that's me! Don't worry, You won't necessarily look like you're waiting for someone to rip your heart out of you chest. You can potentially look like this.
Image credit: SLAP.

That's the dream anyway. I'm sure you can do it! Which brings me to my next point...

#2 Easy to follow.

The routine was great! I dragged myself out of bed on a Sunday morning thinking that I would spend most of my time just hugging the pole in dazed confusion. But that wasn't the case! The routine was also relatively easy to remember, albeit with a lot of prompting from Jasmine. The tricks were also easy enough to follow, and Jasmine always provided easy alternatives to the harder tricks. 

And it's okay even if you stumble a bit because, everyone is too concerned with how they look to care about you tripping over your on feet. Like how I'm doing here!

Sigh, And now everyone knows I was stumbling over my own heels. Oh well. 

#3 Great workout.

I'm sure you guys have heard me moan about how much I hate running because of all the sweating involved. Trust me. This is why I took up pole dancing, To be able exercise without feeling sweat dripping drown my forehead. And it's really a bonus that I sometimes get pretty awesome pictures out of it.
Image credit: SLAP. This is not me. I look much less glamorous. But again, please think of all the pretty photos that you can potentially take if you take up pole dancing in SLAP!

Anyway! Pole Showgirl was one of the most cardio-intensive classes that I've ever taken in my pole dancing years (which is not that long, but still). This is primarily due to the class involving lots of twirling, flipping and rolling, I was knackered after class. Look! Here's a classy video of how I ended my routine.

Yeah. I'm a class act like that. Anyway, it was truly a good workout. Just in heels and sans the dripping sweat. Now why wouldn't anyone want that?
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So if you're interested in taking up pole dancing, SLAP is a good place to start! They're having all sorts of exciting deals for beginners including a $50 promotion for 4 beginner pole sessions or lap dance sessions, and a one-time introductory class at $15 an hour for first timers. It's a rather attractive offer if you ask me.
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SLAP is conveniently located in the CBD so it's really easy for you to drop by for classes after work.

And you can also visit the SLAP website or Facebook page for more information on their classes, or to follow their updates!

I'll like to end my post with a great music video featuring some awesome pole dancing.

And also many thanks to Jasmine for inviting me down to review the class!
❤ Jac.

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