Monday, June 15, 2015

Stupid Things That People Say.

Hello guys! So I was in quite a bad mood in the earlier part of the week because...I can't exactly remember why. Maybe I banged my le...

Hello guys!

So I was in quite a bad mood in the earlier part of the week because...I can't exactly remember why. Maybe I banged my leg against a table. Maybe one of my nails broke. Or maybe (and also possibly the most likely) I ran out of Coke Light and I wasn't ready to venture out of my office and into the pouring rain just to get myself a bottle.
Anyway, I noticed that I become more easily annoyed by the stupid things that people say when I'm snappy and irritable. Seriously, it came to a point where I had a mental debate on whether people actually think before they talk.
(Via Buzzfeed).

My debate ended with the conclusion that not everyone has the luxury of thinking before they speak because thinking requires one to have brains.
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Yeah so back to the point. Irritable Jac took more careful notice of the stupid things that people said to her. So here you go...
Or things that stupid people say. Either way.

#1 Don't you know that Coke Light is unhealthy?

No. I had no idea that Coke Light is unhealthy. I always thought that it was beneficial to my health and that drinking more would make me the fittest person alive.
While you're at it, you might consider telling your chain smoker friends that smoking causes lung cancer, your alcoholic friends that alcohol damages their livers, and Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton that speeding along the circuit might just get them killed.
(Via ABC News).

Yes. I'm sure that you're the only one who's well informed about such matters.

#2 Cannot see, not nice.

So the other day, someone was asking me about my tattoos. Like very generic questions relating to where I got them done, etc.
Then do you know what this idiot said to me?
"If I had a tattoo, I would put it where it can be seen. Cannot see, not nice."
A few points -

ONE. Hello. I have a job. I would like to keep it. And not everyone has the talent to work at a tattoo parlour or wander around being a jobless hipster entrepreneur. Also I quite love my money.
(Via Gizmodo).

TWO. Also this is my tattoo. And you are not my mother. So you don't get a say in anything.
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THREE. You don't have a tattoo. So don't tell me what you would do if you hypothetically got a tattoo.
(Via Pride).

FOUR. Also whether a tattoo looks nice or not really depends on the design. Not whether it is hidden or not. #justsaying.
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(Also in case you're wondering, I got my everything done at Body Decor).

#3 What are you doing here?

So this has happened to me quite a few times. I would be buying movie tickets, or wandering around Forever 21, when someone would come up to me and go,
"Eh Jac! What are you doing here?!!!"

#4 Why must you go to work so early?

I HAVE TO WORK LA THEN. What did you think my answer would be?

"Oh because the first person to the office gets a month's supply of coffee and donuts."
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"No, I don't have to. I just drag myself out of bed at 6:30 in the morning because I am a sadistic freak who doesn't like spending time with her best friend aka her bed."
(Via Rebloggy).

SOME PEOPLE. Seriously man.

#5 How come I never get invited for events?

Well, clearly, you're not as popular as you think you are.
(Via Imgur).

Or I don't like you as much as you think I do (which is possibly why I've never asked you along).
(Via CelebQuotes).

But the most likely explanation for your lack of event invites is that you don't have a blog. Therefore, you obviously don't get invited to blogger events. DUH.
(Via DBA).

However, if you want to win some free tickets to the upcoming Disney concert, please see my previous blog post - there's a giveaway at the bottom.

Okay I'm very sleepy now. I had this like, grand plan to type out a ten-item list, but I have confrontational issues and I tend to repress unpleasant memories. So I can't remember what other stupid things people have said to me over the course of my week. 
(Via Pride).

Also I have been very hardworking -  I have churned out an article for Yahoo and also caught up with Game of Thrones (I finished season 5 in 3 days), and also this James tricked me into watching a horror film which was extremely stressful.
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Ok, rambling. Here's a song.

❤ Jac.

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