Monday, May 25, 2015

Why The United Kingdom Is Great.

Hey guys! So you might have heard that I was in the UK  earlier this year because the sister got married. Yup. That is my sister and me...

Hey guys!

So you might have heard that I was in the UK earlier this year because the sister got married.

Yup. That is my sister and me. I decided that I would put a picture of my sister and me instead of a picture of say, my sister and her husband because they have the rest of their lives to spend every waking hour taking selfies of themselves, while you know, I don't.

Yeah so anyway I was in the UK and I have decided that the UK is quite a wonderful place to travel to. And here's a list of reasons why!

#1 English.

English is great! English is amazing! I love English! English and all of its words enable me to go about my daily life. Which consists of playing vintage video games and reading intellectual publications like The Straits Times, obviously.
And not having English around can sometimes be distressing to me because I can't find my way around with the same ease I'm used to. Luckily, I have good deductive skills and I usually can more or less figure out what various signs are saying.
"Lampost - Paris Tour with Eiffel Tower in it".
"Pregnant and disciplined molester",
"Please do not feed the seagulls".

But translation is troublesome and requires too many of my brain cells which could be better directed at eliminating poverty.
So, the United Kingdom! It's great! English signs all over and stuff. I love it.

#2 Jacqueline Close.

There is a road. Named after me. In London.
Just goes to show that these Brits really know how to honour royalty.

#3 Museums.

So it was International Museum Day last Monday (18 May) and CNN did a feature called "Top 20 Museums Around The World". More than a quarter of these museums are located in London, namely,
The British Museum, the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern, the Science Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Judging all these people clamouring to press themselves against the glass encasing the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum.
Unedited panoramic shot of the National History Museum taken with the HTC One M8.
Me engaging in some serious astronaut work in the Science Museum last month.

Yes I like to go to museums. I'm cool and exciting like that. Same goes for my sense of style. See this photo of me in London 3 years ago? Same dress.
Yeah. I'm super fashionable, I know. Also yes, that's my ex-boyfriend. We all make mistakes.

#4 Power Points.

I hate carrying travel adaptors around. The luggage space that is used to store my travel adaptors could be better used on storing, well I don't know, candy. Or socks. I do love socks. Look at some socks that Smith got me off Tao Bao!
Anyway, yes. I hate travel adaptors, and it just so happens that I don't need to carry adaptors to the UK because WE USE THE SAME PLUGS. Hallelujah!
(UK vs Singapore. Also can I highlight that my hair was purple for a grand total of 1.5 weeks. Can someone please tell me why my hair faded to grey ash so quickly even though I had it done at NEXT and also invested in shampoo for coloured hair?)

And here I would like to say a few words of appreciation to Sir Stamford Raffles. Thank you for colonising Singapore. If not for you, Singapore might be on some weird voltage which I do not approve of. And my primary school might not have such a cool name.
(I have no idea where all my primary school photos are, so thank you whoever scanned this and plonked it into a group that someone added me to).

#5 Transport.

It isn't very often that you can go to a country and go, "HEY! THE BUSES ARE RUN BY A COMPANY BACK HOME!"
Yup. I'm quite aware of just how cool I'm making myself sound.

#6 Strikes.

Speaking of transport, there was one day when Iceland and I were wandering around London when we ran into a humongous traffic jam.
(Look! Comfort DelGro bus!)
Me, "Why are these people taking photos of the traffic jam?"
Iceland, "OH! It's a strike!!"
Me, "HOW EXCITING. Good thing you're here. I would have never figured it out."
I'm not saying that I'm supportive of strikes because I am against the suspension of essential services. However, I do not live in the UK so their suspension just makes for a good opportunity for me to take a photo in the middle of Oxford Street amidst the busy traffic.
And also now I know what a strike looks like. #Educational.

#7 Shops.

Hi, my name is Jacqueline, and I love shopping.
From left to right: Zel hiding behind my mountain of online shopping, me and my picnic mat of shopping. I know it looks like a lot, but sadly, it's really not.

Anyway, most of my shopping is done online because one, I hate people and the internet has never tried to chat me up in the middle of my listening to Flo Rida. And two, there are more choices available for me online. And three, I am extremely good at online shopping. I get a kick out of succeeding in finding OOS items and getting cheap deals.
Anyway, online shopping is not necessary when I go to London. Because I can buy the things I want at good prices in store. Also everyone in London towers over me so no one approaches me to check if I'm attached, telling me that I am not going to marry my then boyfriend, and then asking me if I had a preference on where we could have coffee.
But I digress. London is good for two of my favourite shops. One is the Nespresso shop where I go to replenish my Nespresso capsule supplies.
And the other is Forbidden Planet where I bought books, comic books, Star Wars ice trays and some Stormtrooper sweets.
Yes. We already established that I'm super cool. Deal with it.

#8 Old Places.

So there are lots of old places in the UK. Like Stonehenge. Which Wikipedia says could have been built anywhere from 3000 BC to 2000 BC.
Or the British Museum which was established in 1753. Also, panoramic shot taken with the HTC Desire EYE.
Everything is old. Even the Tube stations are old. See this Nottinghill Gate Tube Station? Opened in 1868. How old is the oldest MRT station in Singapore? 119 years newer.
Anyway my point is, that there are many old and cool things around the UK which are easily accessible to the public. And this is why my sister was able to get married in a "romantic 16th-century castle with spectacular views" aka Lindisfarne Castle.
Yes. Of course, it also helps that we are of royal descent.

#9 British Accents.

So you remember my pretty Ang Moh friend James?
I understand your confusion. But he's not the frog in the cage. He's the guy on the right. Anyway, there was one time when he was quoting Jeremy Clarkson and I was like,
And I was very amused. So when I went to the UK this time around, I had fun pretending that I was in an episode of Sherlock.
Yes. We've been through this. I'm super cool.

#10 Weather.

The weather is great. It's either cold and gloomy or nice and sunny. Either way, you can use the weather as an excuse for not going out, or enjoy it by sitting on the grass and drinking alcohol.
Okay and now I have come to the end of my list of things which make the United Kingdom great. I'm sure there are more but you know, I have better things to do now. Like decide on whether to take a nap now or not.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this song by English talents Labrinth and Tinie Tempah.

Also a photo of me engaging in manual labour.

❤ Jac.

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