Friday, March 06, 2015

Diary of a Single Girl

Hello guys! So recently, a lot of my friends are getting engaged, getting married, having babies, renovating their new HDB flats and what ...

Hello guys!

So recently, a lot of my friends are getting engaged, getting married, having babies, renovating their new HDB flats and what have you. And I know this because it just floods my newsfeed day in and day out.

And I have to deal with it. Because you know, they are my friends, and I am sort of interested in their lives. But seriously, there is a limited number of times that I can like your baby's photo when it pops up on my newsfeed.

(Via someecards).

Also, I can like your post on your wedding ring and engagement. Contrary to popular belief, I am sometimes sentimental and like to imagine myself getting married. Of course, the wedding in my head always involves Channing Tatum, but that's really not the point.
But I digress, my point is, that while I can like certain milestone moments of your life as a newly-wedded couple, I cannot deal with constant flooding of posts. Like…
  • How special this moment in time is
  • How wonderful life is
  • How grateful you are for your family's support
  • How you are looking forward to the rest of your life
  • How your significant other makes you feel like life is complete
If you have renovated your flat, you are allowed a maximum of three posts. One before you start, one in the interim, and one after it is completed. You don’t go around taking selfies of you in your house and posting things like,
"Tiring day, filled with loads of calls to contractors, but I can do it! Life is wonderful with my hubby around and I am grateful for all his support and excited that we are embarking on this remarkable journey to create a home for us, and maybe more!"
Fuck you la. Want to take selfie say so la.

Okay, *wipes brow*. Anyway, since everyone is flooding my newsfeed with their incessant updates on life as a couple, I too will update everyone about my life. MY SINGLE LIFE.
[DISCLAIMER: All selfies were taken for the sole purpose of updating Nessie or my ex of my life (hence the very bad quality because I had to get them off WhatsApp). I do not spend hours on end taking photos of myself.]


I woke up.
"It’s a Monday and I'm really sad that the weekend is over. Was feeling really reluctant to leave the bed but I know that rolling around in bed the whole day is really unproductive and will get me no where. So I dragged myself out of bed.


#icandoit #lifeisgreat #beautiful
I took the MRT to work.
"OMG. I had to wait 3 minutes for the MRT. WTF seriously? 3 minutes? SMRT senior management should be sacked. WTF are they doing. 3 minutes is unacceptable. Ughh. So many people. Why is Singapore so crowded?! Quick selfie to remind myself to be loving towards others."

#sian #crowded #MRT #lifesucks #love #icandoit

I drank coffee.
"I needed a perk-me-up after that crowded train ride. Got my usual tall non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte from Starbucks. I love you Starbucks! I would just die without you. BACK TO CONQUERING THE  REST OF THE WEEK."

#Starbucks #caffeine #coffee #work #girlpower
 I worked in my office.
Sometimes I feel that I am doing the same thing over and over again. But I know this is what I have to do. Life isn’t always easy. But we just have to remember that everything happens for a reason and that ONE DAY, I will be somewhere awesome.

#icandoit #lifeisgreat #ilovework
 I went for my dance class.
"Having a good workout at the end of the day is the best thing ever! Feel so refreshed and energised!"

#fitness #fitspo #lifeisgreat

 I went home to watch Top Gear.
"Who says that only guys watch Top Gear? Girls can watch it too! It’s important that we recognise the need for gender equality and not make assumptions based on how someone looks/ what body parts they have.'

#feminism #topgear #girlpower

 I found out that the episode I was watching had no sound.
"I was looking so forward to watching Top Gear but life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. Alas, the episode I tried to stream didn’t have sound. I feel so down right now. Life sucks. I have no motivation to live at all."

#lifesucks #icantdoit #technologywoes #firstworldproblems

I went to my friend’s house to watch Top Gear.
"At my friend’s place watching Top Gear! Thank goodness for good friends! I must really cherish the friendships that I have formed over the years. My friends are so precious - I don’t know what I’d do without them!"

#friendsforever #lovelife #BFF

I went to sleep.
"After a tiring and emotionally draining day, I am happy to be able to sleep in a comfortable bed and in a place I can call home. Life can be full of surprises, but the important thing is that to learn to be contented with what you have."

#lovelife #lifeisgreat #beautiful



I woke up.
"It's a bright Tuesday morning which means I beat the Monday blues! But did wake up 1 hour late so that's a bummer. Just a quick one before I roll off my bed and start getting ready for work!"

#icandoit #lifeisgreat #beautiful

I cabbed to work.
"I was going to take the MRT but I decided to spoil myself by taking a cab. It's important to give yourself occassional treats to give yourself a break from the hectic lifestyle in Singapore."

#icandoit #lifeisgreat #beautiful

I worked in my office.
"I was very productive at work today! I thought of many new ideas which I hope will be the start of a promising month ahead!"

#icandoit #lifeisgreat #beautiful
I met my WKWSCI friends.
"First time meeting up with the CS gang this year! I love them very much! Headed to Prive at CHIJMES before deciding to camp in Starbucks for coffee."

#coffee #Starbucks #dinner #friends
I went home.
"I'm below my block now! The lighting's not very good but #IDGAF."

#yolo #whocares #selfie
I went to sleep.
"Finally done for the day! Was really glad I managed to accomplish to much in one day! I still have the energy to do much more, but nothing is more fulfilling than a good night's rest! It's important to take the time to recharge!

#lovelife #lifeisgreat #inspiration

Isn't this annoying? Have you developed a very strong urge to slap me/ has your pre-existing desire to slap me multiplied by a billion times? Seriously. I wanted to do a full week's worth of posts but I could not bring myself to do it. And also I have run out of selfies of course.

But I digress. What I would like to point out is that, this is exactly what some people on my Facebook insist on doing. Well, NEWSFLASH. IT'S RETARDED. STOP IT. If you were that good looking I would see you in like in magazines and newspapers. Not like you know, my newsfeed.
(Via Quick Meme).

So yes. My point is, please curate your posts on Facebook. I believe you have brains. Use them. Thanks.

And now I would like to end of with this song.

And also this photo and caption.


We've finally made it through the superlong work week and now it's time to kick back and enjoy the weekend! We did it guys! Take a breather and drink some shots! And then more shots! Because it's the weekend and I don't care!

Like this shirt says - Don't judge me. I was born to be awesome, not perfect.

#QOTD #everythingisawesome #life #TGIF #philosophy #perfect #awesome

(Thanks once again for the shirt Darren and Mich!)

❤ Jac.

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