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Why I Like This Sunny Singapore Weather.

Hey guys! Sorry. I know that my post is late. I've been really busy this week. I'm not kidding! For one thing my office was floode...

Hey guys!

Sorry. I know that my post is late. I've been really busy this week. I'm not kidding! For one thing my office was flooded, I was writing stuff for Mothership and Geek Crusade, and oh yes, I'm going to Amsterdam and Berlin on Friday night/Saturday morning. (So this means that my next post may also be late, also read my Mothership article "S’pore polluted with very bad Chinese New Year of the Goat puns". I feel it is very funny.). 

Anyway, when I told a few of my friends about my holiday plans, they were like...

And then I went to check the temperature in Europe. Because, as per typical Jac fashion, I just agreed to go to wherever without doing any prior research. So after Googling for the weather conditions in Amsterdam, here's what I discovered.
I AM GOING TO FREEZE. Okay no, I'm being melodramatic, I won't die. But since I'm still in sunny Singapore, I thought I would do a tribute to the wonderfully warm weather. (Hey check out my alliteration man). So here goes...

#1. Shorts, Singlets, Sneakers.

If given the option, this would be my choice attire day in and day out.
(Photo and editing credits to Smith as clever Jac did not put an SD card into her camera).

But yes, like the photo, I can only just dream of this. Because I like to go to places where the temperatures come in single digits and water falls from the sky in states other than liquid. But it's ok. I get to scale ice walls, snorkel in freezing water, and build what I thought was a very impressive snowman. 
BUT EVEN SO. Can you see the amount of clothes I am wearing? I am a fragile being. I am not structured to carry so much additional weigh on a regular basis. As it is, I'm already carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, what with having to save it from apocalyptic situations on a daily basis. (You're welcome). 

So you know, like what what Katy Perry implied, winter clothes are not good. Shorts always.
(Via Imgur).

(And tank tops and sneakers. But for the purpose of alliteration, I called tank tops singlets. I hope you don't mind).

#2. Sunglasses.

I really like wearing sunglasses in photos. They cover one third of your face, thus elimination one third of the possibility that your photo will turn out ugly. You see, this would be how I look without shades.

But just add some shades and I look like a million bucks.
The problem with these cold winter countries though, is that there is so much less sun for you to legitimately don your shades. So you just look silly wearing your shades in the dark. Luckily for me, I don't really care. My wearing of shades is more important that what people on the street think of me. And to illustrate my point, here is a photo of me in the pool, at night, with my shades. I must say I look rather wonderful as compared to my friends around me. Must be the shades.

#3. Shelter.

So I'm a very lazy person. I hate carrying unnecessary weight around. As it is, I already have to carry three phones and a dozen chargers around. 
So most of the time, I don't even see the need for me to bring out an umbrella in case of rain. Because you know, umbrellas are extra weight and I am a fragile being remember? So I leave the house without and umbrella and end up running in the rain. I don't get very wet because of the extensive network of underpasses and sheltered walkways I run faster than Usain Bolt.
BUT WHEN IT IS WINTER, you don't have much of a choice. The consequence of not wearing thick winter clothing in winter is much more dire than not bringing an umbrella out when it rains. You need jeans and leggings and socks and boots and scarves and gloves and a jacket and ultimately you end up looking like the bazhang your kiasu auntie made for dragon boat festival last year - bursting at the seams and very unappetising. Unlike these here.
(Via Flickr).

I am also hungry from searching of pictures of failed bazhangs. But I have been searching for pictures for a while. I feel like having some bazhang. And I have concluded that no one posts pictures of their failed bazhang attempts online.

Anyway, as opposed to this nice summery weather which entails you maybe carrying this optional umbrella around, winter entails you piling on layers upon layers of clothes onto yourself. I disagree with this way of living. If I were meant to have so many layers I would have been born an onion. 

#4. Suntans.

I've heard that wearing black and other dark colours is very slimming. So naturally, being tanned would make you look slimmer as opposed to you looking pale and pasty. 
(Via someecards).

And it's really easy to get a tan when it's always warm out. You can just pick a day, pick a spot, and lie down and wait for the sun and it's magical UV rays to do wonders on your skin. I like to go to the beach or to the pool. But I understand that some people will just do it anywhere.
(Via STOMP).

Anyway it's very important that you understand how the sun works. Because if you don't, you might be overenthusiastic during one of your rare communes with the sun and end up looking like this.
(Via Funny Junk).

So it's very important that you stay somewhere with exporsure to the sun all year round so that you look nice and slim and attractive instead of looking like some overcooked lobster. Like Megan Fox over here.
(Via Lavish Tan).

Yeah. I realise that Megan Fox got her tan sprayed on. But you don't have to if you live in a sunny place. So you see, you get to save money. Besides, spray tans are bad. You need considerable skill or you might end up looking like an orange.

#5. Social Media.

I'm sure that most of us use social media. No? Okay then. Thank you for choosing to read my blog instead of logging on to Facebook. I appreciate your support and poor life decisions. So you know what's the good thing about having sunny weather all the time? Your photos are better.

Okay take for instance this unedited photo I took in Iceland. It was 3 pm.
Please compare it to this unedited photo that I took in Brunei at 4:30 pm.
CLEARLY, the one in Brunei looks better because of the colours. Because it is nice and sunny and not dark and wintery and gloomy. Of course we can adjust the colours and what not of the first photo.
Which I really try to do. Which really explains why I have not finished uploading my photos from Iceland. And what about your Morocco photos? Shut up. Anyway, in this age and era where uploading photos onto social media has become part and parcel of everyday life, it is important that you live in a place which facilitates that with the least amount of time needed to edit and filter them. Because time is money and everyone likes money.

Okay also it is very late and I need to sleep. But first let me leave you with this very good song. 

And also this photo.
(Via Quick LOL).


❤ Jac.

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  1. Lol I have no idea how I ended up here, but thanks for giving me 10 minutes of pleasure in this otherwise 100% boring office wednesday.

    1. hahahahaha thanks for reading my blog :) have a good Christmas!