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The Top 14 of 2014.

Hello everyone! First things first, on a very uncustomary serious note, I'm very sorry to hear about AirAsia ‪#‎QZ8501‬. It must have ...

Hello everyone!

First things first, on a very uncustomary serious note, I'm very sorry to hear about AirAsia ‪#‎QZ8501‬. It must have been a very traumatising experience for the friends and relatives of those involved in the crash, and I hope that everyone will be able to keep themselves together and pull through.

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So I thought I’d do one of those recap posts. Here’s a link to the one I did for 2013! And since it's now new year's eve aka the last day of 2014, here's my list of...

#1 Changed my blog layout.

So if you recall, this is what my blog used to look like for the longest time.
And I would like to say that I too realised that it was difficult to navigate and was not very user-friendly. But you know, I had actually removed my blog from being listed on Google and stuff like this. Because I'm a very private and shy person and also because I didn't want my colleagues to find out that I'm secretly schizophrenic.
Then there was that Blind Date thing and also that MRT selfie thing. So I gave upon trying to be secretive and decided to do a revamp so that random readers wouldn't think that I'm a tech idiot with no eye for aesthetics.

And as you probably know, this is how my blog looks like now.
Improvement right? Since June 18, 2014.

#2 Went to Australia.

Correct. I went to Australia for the first time in my life. Yes I'm very slow when it comes to travelling to nearby countries. Anyway it was very fun.

I went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, did some hot air ballooning, drove to the Twelve Apostles, and did all of the touristy things there is to do in Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns.
I also went to the bar serving the best beer in the world. It's in Canberra ok. In this place called Wig & Pen Tavern & Brewery. One of my guy friends had recommended it to me. So I had to go there. And because we went to Canberra JUST FOR THE BEER, the good bartender let me have my moment behind the bar. I was very pleased. 
More here, here and here.

#3 Got picked up by a hot guy.

At the gym no less. Because you know, I'm the poster child of healthy living.
Oops, autocorrect. I mean. 
Yes,so as I was saying, as most of you can tell, I’m the living epitome of health, fitness, and wellness and this means I obviously frequent the gym a lot. One day, I fainted in the gym. Because I had ingested nothing but vodka and truffle fries the day before I was overwhelmed with shock when I heard that my regular body combat class was full. Like, seriously, what would I do without my regular body combat class? Oh the humanity. So I fainted. And yes, I look this glamorous in my fainted state. Thank you Hendric for the shot.
Anyway, luckily Jeff was there to like, swoop me into his arms and...I don't really know what happened. As I was in a state of semi-consciousness. But, check out this Jeff's body. This is all ok.

#4 Started contributing to Geek Crusade.

Okay so this was quite exciting! If you guys have been following me for a while, you'd know that I'm um, secretly geeky. Okay, not secretly. But I take pride in the fact that most people can't really tell that:
1. I can reformat your computer
2. I can complete a Rubik's cube
3. I have an X-Men encyclopaedia
I think this is quite good seeing that I talk and type like an airhead and also that I have no IT background whatsoever. Also I was going to say that I have more Batman apparel than you but I decided that that was not a fair point. Because I generally have more apparel than most people.

Anyway, now I am an official geek okay. Because I contribute to a geeky website. You see? I have my own author archive and everything.
See my Author Archive here!

Okay but the most important thing of all, is that on this site, I am known as "Hot Geek". This is all.

#5 Also Mothership.

I'm sure that if you're a Singaporean with access to the internet and social media, you would have heard of Mothership. No? Well. Then I'm touched that you're reading my blog over Mothership. You clearly have your priorities in order. But, just in case you want to read more, um, substantial articles instead of just frivolous anecdotes of my life, then Mothership is a good place to go. You can start with the "About Us" section. Look here I am!
Please read my articles ok! Here are links to the ones I have so far:
I wrote them. So, how bad can they be?

#6 Went for OCBC cycle.

Aka my first time in Malaysia that I can remember of. Also before going for OCBC Cycle, the last time I cycled was 15 years ago. But Julian from OCBC took just 15 minutes to convince me to cycle 12 km in a foreign country. Yes. I do not have good judgement and I am aware that this may one day be the death of me.
And no. I did not fall off my bike :). More here.

#7 Went to Brunei.

With Marilyn of course. It was extremely fun and I do not understand why all you army boys say that Brunei sucks. If you want to know why we chose Brunei, you can read my entry here. And if you want to know what's there to do in Brunei, you can read this apty titled entry "What's there to do in Brunei?"

#8 Left my old job.

It's not that I didn't like my old job you know, but I think it was time to move on. Because you know, there were times when I....wasn't really that focused on the work.
Oops. Wrong photo. I just have so many of these photos of me concentrating and being hardworking just lying around. I mean....
Anyhow, I had been working there for about 3.5 years and I thought a change might be good. It's not healthy to be so highly involved in the handling of highly classified information concerning Syria, MH 370, and Ebola all the time. Even the calmest and most rational of all souls (aka me) can get rather jittery and paranoid at times when dealing with such top level secrets.

ANYWAY, on my second last day at my super secret work place, my colleagues threw me a surprise party!!!
I was truly very touched. I even got a scrapbook, a bouquet of flowers, and two bottles of Coke Light ❤❤❤❤❤.

#9 Started my new job.

Well, my new job is not bad I guess. It is a change from what I did before. I have moved from solving world problems like Ebola to monitoring such incidents. Because you know, I don't care much for getting my hands dirty. What this means is that I have now a legitimate reason to be on the internet 24/7, not that I ever needed one. But you know, nice as that may seem, everything does come with a down side...
(Via someecards).

#10 Went to Iceland.

I love Iceland. If I wanted to be retarded, this could easiy have been how I did 14 epic things in Iceland which made my 2014. Luckily, good judgement made a rare appearance on my part and  prevented me from doing such a thing. Anyway, Iceland was good. More about Iceland here and here.

Now if only good judgement could feature in my life more often...

#11 With many phones.

I felt extremely important in Iceland because I was going around with 3 HTC phones and 3 cameras. Yes, some might call it an inflated sense of self-worth. Pah. I call those people "jealous".

Read about my HTC products here: HTC One (M8), HTC Desire EYE and HTC RE.

#12 Broke up.

Yes. It's too bad that things don't work out sometimes. And it's also too bad when you break up and still remain friends. Because I have become more creative since my previous breakups, and I actually have a ready arsenal of pictures with colourful curses which I routinely send to my girl friends when they encouter boy troubles. Here's one of them.

Indulge me, I had a bad time during the breakup. But it's okay. It's over and we are still friends. The end.

#13 Bought a good cup.

So sometimes you do thing that you regret. And sometimes you buy things that you regret. Here's my best purchase of 2014. I LOVE IT. It's perfect.
When the going gets tough, just pour in some alcohol and take a swig. Rinse and repeat.

#14 My friend.

Eh, friend ah. I know I tell you this often enough because it would make out conversations slightly awkward and also not so comfortable. But thank you for listening to me whenever I need. And also dispensing useful and non-irritating advice to me. And also for keeping the same sleeping hours as me. You're good.
(Via someecards).

This list is of course, is in no predefined order. But if I were to make a list based on importance, you would of course be first. Followed by Iceland. Iceland was good.
(Via Imgur).

Ok ok enough with the mush. Sorry Ryan. No need to get jealous. ANYWAY! I've come to the end of my list! 2014 hasn't exactly been the best year for me but you see, my degree specialises in Public and Promotional Communications aka PR. Not bad right? I think I made my year sound relatively smooth and happening.
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And yes, there's about 50 minutes left to the start of 2015, so there's just one thing left to do...
Okay and now I'd like to leave you with this very good song.

Okay have a good 2015 guys!
❤ Jac.

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