Friday, August 22, 2014

Meta meta! ABC to adapt Castle’s Derrick Storm into TV show

This article was first posted on Geek Crusade . So here’s some news for all you Castle fans out there – there’s already been several comic...

This article was first posted on Geek Crusade.

So here’s some news for all you Castle fans out there – there’s already been several comics about him, but the great people at ABC are currently working on a Castle spin-off based on Derrick Storm.

Can’t recall who this dude is? Here he is.

The Derrick Storm novels, ‘written’ by Richard Castle. ©Marvel Comics

Yes that’s right: ABC is producing a spin-off based on the fictional novels written by a fictional character in the fictional television series which I happen to adore. How meta is that, right?

What’s my take on this? Let’s put it this way: how often do spin-offs actually take off?

I mean sure, there was the Angel spin-off from Buffy which ran for five seasons, but that’s Buffy, and Joss Wheedon can do no wrong.

But in more recent times, have you watched The Finder (2012)? No? Exactly.
The Finder got lost after just one season. ©Fox

The Finder was a spin-off from the wildly successful Bones (2005), whose 10th season starts on September 25 . Its spin-off however, was cancelled after just one season.

My point is that spin-offs are hard to pull off precisely because they hardly ever match up to the original show. And they don’t have a very long shelf life once the original show concludes (if they even manage to last that long, that is).

That’s probably why ABC is positioning Derrick Storm, about a hard-boiled CIA agent, to be something based off the Castle series, but not as a spin-off (right).

Still, I guess Marvel will be involved, so there’s hope yet. But Boromir’s got some very sage advice for all of you:
Anyway, what I actually hope ABC will focus on is developing Season 7 of Castle.

I mean COME ON, I’ve been waiting six seasons for Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) to get married and when they finally decide to, someone runs Castle off the road on their wedding day?! What’s up with that!!!

September 29 – when season 7 of Castle premieres – can’t come sooner.

Source: Variety

What do you think, Castle fans – would a Derrick Storm TV show be your cup of tea? Tell us!

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