Monday, December 15, 2014

La Maison Cointreau x Jekyll & Hyde x Manicurious.

Hello guys! So if you have been following me on social media, you might have noticed that I came back from Iceland on Wednesday, which was...

Hello guys!

So if you have been following me on social media, you might have noticed that I came back from Iceland on Wednesday, which was the 10th of December. I'm sorry I have no pictures to illustrate that because you don't exactly look like a million bucks after not being able to shower for more than 24 hours. But here's an acceptable picture. Please pretend its somehow related.

Yeah so anyway, I got home around 7 pm after my three leg flight which spanned over 30 hours. And I showered and immediately went out again. Sleep? What sleep? Sleep is for the weak. 
(Via Funny Junk).

Anyway I had a good reason to go out. It was the third installation of Cointreau's cocktail parties. And as all of you might know, I am a sucker when it comes to acting classy and drinking fancy cocktails at snazzy locations like Jekyll & Hyde.
I got to do my nails. Which was pretty awesome seeing how three of them tore during my trip to Iceland. And because they tore off at different times, I only managed to save one of my nails with a borrowed nail clipper. But it's okay. They have since been fixed by the wonderful people at Manicurious.

As can be seen from this photo. Also it is too bad that they only were able to fix my nails and not my hair. Omg my hair is terrible.
And this is me and my not-so-good-hair marvelling at my new nails. 
Clearly, no one told me about my hair because they were too caught up with drinking the extremely delicious and wonderful Cointreau cocktails created by Bannie Kang of Nutmeg & Clove, and Kino Soh of Hopscotch Bar.
(Clockwise starting from top left: Elixir of Beauty, La Vie En Rose, Summer in Angers, and Tea with Louisa).

They all have very pretty names. I think this is why I can never be a successful bartender. My concoctions would have names like...
Yeah I'd make a terrible bartender. Besides, I'm not a very empathetic person so I wouldn't be able to do the whole listen to other people's problems thing very well.
(From The Big Bang Theory, Season 4 Episode 7 - The Apology Insufficiency).

Okay anyway, back to the Cointreau event. It was lots of fun and very good. Looking forward to the next one. (Although I think it's in February. And I am going on yet another holiday in February. Oh well.)
Also, if you're interested, the Cointreau Roaring 20’s Limited Edition has just been launched in Singapore!
It's like, Cointreau in a swanky Art Deco-inspired casing in celebration of the bold, coquettish, free-spirited women of the 1920s. I think I'm born in the wrong era. I too, am clearly bold, coquettish, and free-spirited.
You can buy the Cointreau Roaring 20’s Limited Edition is now available at Le Rouge outlets for SGD$74.90. And then give some to me because I told you about it.

Okay and now here is a video of Anaconda. Because it is late and I am lazy to choose a better song and this is quite entertaining.

❤ Jac.

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