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How to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Hello guys! So Christmas is here! And we all know someone who can be a bit of a Grinch. And I'm also aware that in many cases, the ...

Hello guys!

So Christmas is here! And we all know someone who can be a bit of a Grinch.

And I'm also aware that in many cases, the Christmas party-pooper could very well be, well, you! But you think that this can't be helped because oh GOD, do you hate the holidays. But no worries, Jac is here to give you some tips on how to get yourself feeling all warm and comfortable without taking any recreational drugs over the holiday season.

#1 Wear Christmassy clothes.

I like to dress up during the holidays. Like for National Day.
And for Halloween.
And life is really much better after you dress up. I assume that it's because life is better when I'm Batman. Or a Diet Coke bottle. Or a Chinese gangster. Yeah I'm terrible. I think I have this escapism complex thing going on. Must be why I max out my leave every year to do things like this.
And this.
So anyway, my friend Rosemary recently sent me a picture of her Christmas jumper and OMG it's so cute.
And I would like to say that Singapore does not cater to this Christmas jumper market at all. The only place where you can get such jumpers is in H&M. 
(Via H&M).

However, I did not manage to buy one as the crowds in town were mad. So oh well. I will stick to my Santarina outfit from last year.
And even if I get too lazy to put it on, I still have my Merry Christmas Bitches underwear from Urban Outfitters. So all is good.
(Via Lyst).

#2 Sing Christmassy songs.

(Via favimgs).

Yes, so we have established that you are against Santa Claus, mistletoe, gift exchanges, and basically happiness. But that's okay. Because you can escape this deep chasm of abyss by listening to music. Music lifts you up where you belong, where the eagle flies, on the mountain high. Because I also heard that music is love. So that makes songs on love applicable to music as well.

So let me introduce you to this song which you can listen to to boost your spirits and inject some holiday cheer into your system. 

It's good right?! I can't believe I only just found out about it when I was doing a random Google search on Flo Rida and Christmas. Even my friend who only listens to music that birds die to likes it ok. WOW. THIS SONG.

#3 Buy Christmassy gifts.

You know what they say. That Christmas is a time for giving. And that it's better to give than to receive. But you should also know that there is nothing more exciting than tearing the wrappers off all your presents in the morning.

The solution to this of course, is to make use of all the Christmas sales to buy gifts to give to yourself. That way you are giving and receiving at the same time. I am quite a professional at this I must say. Why, my parcel from Urban Outfitters just came a few hours ago.
(Yes, those are all my shoes. Yes, I do need that many shoes. And yes, I can walk in those heels.)

And just to give you some context, this is the damage that I can sometimes do. Sometimes.
Anyway, I had a wonderful time opening my own presents and giving them to myself. And now I feel all Christmassy and good. You should try it too! It's a wonderful way to spend both your time and your money!
(Via someecards).

#4 Make Christmassy stuff.

So I'm not good at like, sewing, knitting, or painting. Or you know, stuff that requires manual labour in general. I'm also not very good at cooking. I mean, I can boil water, but that's really about it. But I must say, I do a rather outstanding job of boiling water.
Me and some water I just boiled.

But I really wanted to make something for Christmas that was not a mess out of the kitchen. So, I made some animated GIFs. I love GIFs.
(Via imgarcade).

So because I can't showcase my culinary skills or my brush techniques with acrylic paint, I decided to turn to PhotoShop, and create some artwork digitally. What do you think? 
More of my works of art are available on here.

#5 Eat Christmassy Food.

Yes, It's really understood that you'll have to eat lots of Christmasy food over the holidays if you want to ensure that you have a good time. The best memories are made over food. Like this Christmas dinner right here.
In short, during the course of this dinner, I learnt that if I am ever broke, lost, and void of a place to stay, the Wee family will welcome me with open arms and take very good care of me. Yup. Apparently, the Wee family loves me!
(Via Gifrific).

Okay and it's 4:26 am now and I really should go to sleep. I trust that this list enough to tide you through the holidays. But just in case that wasn't enough to fill your heart with holiday cheer and turn that inner Grinch into a...celebratory finch (sorry, I don't know what rhymes with Grinch) in time for your Christmas party, you know what they say...
(Via Imgur).

And now, let me leave you with the whole cast of the Gap Merry Mix It team. (But the one with just Flo Rida and Trey Songz is still the best).

And also another GIF.
Merry Christmas guys!
❤ Jac.

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