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Why Being A Girl Is Better Than Being A Boy.

Hello guys! So I guess many of you have read " Why I Sometimes Wish I Were A Boy ". Sometimes. This means to say that most of t...

Hello guys!

So I guess many of you have read "Why I Sometimes Wish I Were A Boy". Sometimes. This means to say that most of the time, I feel that being a girl is waaaay better than being a boy. However, by reasons unbeknownst to me, some of you have taken it upon yourselves to lecture me on how I should be happy with my identity blahblahblah do you not have better things to do online? Anyway, I like being a girl, and here's why.

#1 Ladies' Night.

Ladies' nights are wonderful occasions when girls get to go into clubs for free and drink all the want for free. Sure, sometimes we have to make friends and flirt with the bartender a bit. But it's all in the name of alcohol. And alcohol is the solution to all problems.
Alcohol is the solution
(Via Cafe Press).

So kudos to clubs and their free entry, free flow, and wonderful bartenders who look after us girls on Wednesdays. We love you always.
(Via Larkable).

#2 Pretty drinks.

So my go-to drink would be Vodka Coke Light (guys, take note). But I of course appreciate cocktails as well. Hello? Why wouldn't I? They are pretty, colourful, and sometimes they come with little umbrellas which make all the difference in the world.
They also contain fruit. Which is healthy and good for me. Vitamins, fibre, antioxidants and all that jazz.

But guys, they don't have the luxury of drinking pretty drinks with fanciful names like "Cosmopolitan" and "Sex on the Beach" and "Tequila Sunrise". Not on a regular basis anyway. They have to stick with boring things like "Old Fashioned", which in my opinion, kinda speaks for itself.
(Via Imgur).

#3 Guys help you carry things.

Sometimes all I want is to be lazy and not carry my own things. Fortunately, I have butlers guy friends who are always willing to assist,

#4 No facial hair.

So guys, are really hairy. I mean like seriously. Like this guy. I love him very much. His name is Thaddaeus and we have been good friends for a long time.
But goodness this guy is hairy. We all went to this beauty/massage parlour in Phuket and Thad gamely agreed to get himself waxed. The poor therapists were so tired that they let Moks and I help them out in de-hairing Thad.
(As you can tell, waxing can be a job for 2 people).

Anyway, my point is actually, guys are hairy and they will never know what it is like to feel your smooth blankets against your newly epilated legs. Because epilating your legs is very girly and not a manly thing to do unless you are a champion swimmer trying to reduce underwater drag (no pun intended).
(Via Dilettwat).

Also, I'm a very lazy person who sometimes feel very reluctant to wake up on a daily basis. So having to shave your facial hair on a daily basis seems like wayyyy to much trouble than I am willing to handle. And also I am friends with Thad. I know about razorburn. And also how annoying girls can be when they ask you why you haven't shaven when actually your facial hair has just resprouted after going unshaven for 10 hours.

But that does not mean guys should go around unshaven. Unless they look like Ryan Gosling. Then its fine.
(Via Buzzfeed).

#5 Make-up. 

So I previously said that guys have it easy because it's not necessary for them to slap n some make-up before going to work or to a party or what not. But you can't discount the fact that make-up is useful when you wake up with a pimple. It's like PhotoShop for real life.
(Via Flora Borsi).

#6 Option to change name.

As I was saying in my previous post, guys have more or less a very permanent surname. And this is beneficial to people who are pleased with their names and do not intend for their names to be changed. I am one such example. My surname is Wong. And in my opinion, that's the best surname of them all. COME ON. "Wong" is the exact sound that a lightsabre makes when it's swung. You cannot say that that isn't cool.

However, other people, like Cheryl Cole, were born with less fortunate names. Cheryl's birth name was "Cheryl Tweedy". Well, it's no wonder that she got it changed immediately after she married Ashley Cole and was reluctant to change her name after they got divorced. "Cheryl Cole" is a catchy name man. Alliteration and all. But I guess if you're as hot as Cheryl it doesn't really matter what you call yourself.
(Via Raannt).

The point is, girls have a better excuse to upgrade or change their names if they choose to. Guys however, are stuck with their names. Forever. There isn't even a "Till Death Do Us Part" clause to save you from your awful surname from being carved into your tombstone.
(Things would have been different if he were a mother instead. Via US Gen Web).

#7 Clothing options.

Girls can wear whatever guys choose to wear. And it's fashionable. You know, that's why there are clothes like "the boyfriend blazer" and "the boyfriend shirt". Cos girls can get away with wearing clothes belonging to a dude.
(Via Brit + Co.).

This is extremely useful when you happen to be travelling or crashing at your guy friend's place. Take for instance, my holiday to Morocco last year. The only pair of shorts I had with me were my sleeping shorts because you have to like, cover up in Morocco. But it was unbearably hot in the desert and I wanted to wear shorts since not many people were around anyway. However, my sleeping shorts are well, rather short and not public domain friendly. Luckily, I am a girl who can wear guy clothing. So here is a picture of me, Titus and Sam just before we went camping in the Sahara. I am wearing Titus' berms. Thanks Titus. You are awesome.
(Sam, don't be sad. You are also awesome. Also hello Rachel. Sam told me you read my blog. Thank you for reading my blog ♥.)

#8 Fixing things.

I'm a girl. Therefore I am not expected to know how to do things like, opening ladders, replaces fuses and I don't know, drilling holes in walls. Because such chores requires manly muscles and I don't know, the innate ability to say "yes" when requested to perform some kind of menial task involving sweat and manual labour. Luckily, there are no expectations for girls to do the same.
(Via Imgur).

Sadly, webmaster Jac (seriously, I really am a webmaster of something other than this blog)
happens to tech skills which I have unsuccessfully tried to hide from my family. So much to my dismay, I have to deal with many challenging more-complicated all technology-related crises which hit the household. Oh, the drudgery of changing the WiFi password.
(Via quickmeme).

Also, because I am not bad at PhotoShop, it is taken that I am very artistic and good at painting (I'm not). So I also end up doing a lot of labour-intensive chores. LIKE PAINTING THE WALLS. Sigh. #whatislife.

#9 Music.

Now, I am a girl who likes trashy hip-hop music where cool rapper dudes like Pitbull, Flo Rida, FEM and the likes go on about how they wanna to see that bubble yum bum, badum bum badum while poppin' bottle on the ice like a blizzard. Which is also cool if I'm a guy because I understand that guys want to act fly and take that fire burning on the dance floor to the candy shop.
(Via Imgur).

But sometimes, it's good to listen to some fluffy bubblegum pop.
(Via Metro).

And I am extremely happy that I am a girl and can openly say that I enjoy listening to the likes of Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry, and of course, the fabulous Ms Britney Spears.
(Via Buzznet).

#10 Diets.

So here's the thing. I know I am not that fat. But there are days I feel like a ball of lard.
(Via memgen).

And I know when guys hang out they eat. A lot. And they also like to consume copious amount of beer which, as all of us know, is the sole reason for guys getting beer bellies. And there's a lot of pressure for guys to conform to this social norm or be subject to lots of arm punching, nipple pinching and other forms of male stupidity.
(Via Imgur).

But girls, we have it easy. For girls, weird eating habits garner full-fledged support from the community. Don't like carbs? Sure. Don't eat them. Want non-fat milk? Okay let's not go to this cafe which only serves whole milk. On a diet? Okay let's eat salad? Drink only Coke Light? Let me build a wall of Coke Light by your office cubicle so that you can access your Coke Light easily.
Yeah. My colleagues are awesome. And yes, I dressed up as a Diet Coke bottle to go to work on Halloween.

#11 Movies.

Sometimes, life sucks. And that's bad. So what I like to do sometimes is to watch movies that do not require much brain power, and have a guaranteed happy ending aka Chick Flicks. They're great!

I feel that I am able to really relate to the characters.
(Via Buzznet).

They undergo the same problems as me.
(Via Buzzfeed).

And they provide me with very viable solutions to solve these problems.
(Via Buzzfeed).

And I feel great. Everything always works out in the end. But guys, oh my goodness. They have to watch something to make them feel tough. Like a fighting show. Or a horror film. Which is fine you know, I enjoy watching action shows as much as the other guy. (My review John Wick feat. Keanu Reeves here). But let's face it. Sometimes tough guy shoot-em-up movies are too stressful to handle at the end of a long work day. And for that you need a good chick flick like "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" or "Friends with Benefits" (how hot is Mila Kunis?!). I'm very sad for guys. They can't admit to watching such things without getting crap from their fellow guy friends. Oh, the problems of having a dick.
(Via PMSLWeb).

#12  Nicknames.

So my name is "Jacqueline", but everyone calls me "Jac". Sometimes I am also addressed as "Your Majesty", "Your Highness", and "Your Excellency", and I graciously respond to those titles as well.
I also have a friend called "Samantha" aka "Sam".
I like her. She's very good. I also have a friend called "Marilyn". Well, many people call her "Mari", but I call her "Ma". Yeah I know right? How lazy can I possibly get?
And I also have this other very good friend called "Vanessa". But most of you probably know her as "Nessie".
My point, and I do have one, is that it is very easy for girls to get nicknames by shortening their names. Or you can make variations of it. And all are acceptable whether the end result happens to be a guy's name, or a random short form. But I don't think this works for guys. A good example would be my friend Chester. I don't hear anyone calling him "Chest" (Although this might be the start of a new trend. Sorry Chester).
Another good example would be my friend Titus. Or "Tit" for short.
All these poor guys. They'll never be able to have nicknames as cool as us girls.
(Via Quickmeme).

Anyway, I have come to the end of my list. Actually I have many more things to add to this list. Like how dinners can be free and that we can wear heels to be taller and also that we can carry handbags which can house anything from your keys to your car. But I'm lazy and this is good enough.

Also! I know that it has been more than a week since I last made a post! But you know, I just came back from Brunei and this Ebola's still going around and I have yet to find a cure for cancer. So I have been rather busy. But I still found time to edit me a Halloween profile picture! What do you think?
Okay and now, I'd like to leave you with this very good song.

Have a good rest of your weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

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