Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Fabulously British Jack Wills Grand Opening Party.

Hello! So British cult brand Jack Wills opened its first outlet in Singapore! I was of course very excited because one new brand in S...


So British cult brand Jack Wills opened its first outlet in Singapore!

I was of course very excited because one new brand in Singapore = one more shop for me to buy clothes at. I feel that the sales staff in the shops that I frequent must always be judging me over the number of times I walk into the store to fondle the clothes. And also by the amount of clothes I buy at one go. And also the frequency at which I do this. I'm terrible.

Anyway, I was extremely excited to attend the media launch because this wonderful Jack Wills sponsored my outfit! Take a look!
This is me in my Kendall Dress from Jack Wills. It's a good dress. It comes with two pockets. One pocket for my HTC One M8, and one pocket for my HTC Butterfly 2. Yes I have two phones. As I'm all important and need two phones like how important people do. It also halves the chances of me going out without a phone and having nothing to do when I want to avoid eye contact with people.
(Via Imgur).

To complement my dress, I also got the Fairlawn Blazer in Navy, and the Fairthorne Ballet Pump in Oyster.
I wasn't wearing the shoes because I'm vain and did not want to be the shortest one around. I was wearing the blazer for a bit, but I had to take it off because I was busy moving around eating as much food as I could and getting photos taken (read: I did not want to sweat)

Eating at events can be a rather strenuous activity. Because there is so much good food to be eaten but you don't want to appear like a pig, you kinda have to mingle around with people, pick up clothes to admire, and manoeuvre your way through the furniture to make it less obvious that you're aiming for the food. At the better events, like this one, they have waiters to serve the food to you. This means that you sometimes have to chase the waiters down like a maniac to get the canapé that you want. In this case, I wanted them all.
There was also a dessert table full of cake pops. Seriously. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a love-hate relationship I have with cake pops. And there were three flavours there ok. I almost died because I could not decide if I should continue binging on the red velvet or you know, try other flavours.
And yes, in case you're wondering, the bowl of fruit at the side was for Pimm's, possibly the best brand of British alcohol there is. It goes with everything and leaves you feeling warm, fuzzy and happy. You can also take it as an isotonic drink before or after your regular tennis match - much like how British Andy Murray and Jonathan Ross are doing here.
(Via Daily Mail).

As I was conducting my wandering quest for food, I discovered that the store was very big with lots of corners to hide in.
I did not take photos of the changing room, but they are rather large with built in seats which have very bouncy and comfortable cushions. So I sat in one of the rooms for a while to rest my aching bones. And also to Google for famous people who like Jack Wills. And here are some of them.
Clockwise from top left: Emma Watson, Cheryl Cole, Harry Styles, Karlie Kloss, Joe Jonas, and Niall Horan.

As you can tell, all of them are very fashionable, stylish, and supportive of Jack Wills. Just like me and also Jon.
And us taking photos with these giant inflatable "JW" foil balloons brings me to the next reason which contributes to my love for this brand. JW stands also for "Jacqueline Wong". And also Jeffrey Wong. Who is this dude right here.
As I was saying earlier, I was unable to wear my good blazer because I was busy sneaking around to get food and also posing for photos. Posing for photos is even more tiring than sneaking food from platters. As you can see, Jeffrey and I had quite a lot of props to balance. Including a tray of beer and a mug of cake pops. I wanted to take a tray of champagne of course, but the champagne guy had disappeared to refill his tray because I some alcoholics had polished off his supply. Sorry.

Anyway it was a very awesome event and I'd like to thank the team at EPIC for putting it together! They are wonderful people. Thanks Jeff, Gabriel and also of course Li Ting aka my favourite contact of all time ❤❤❤❤❤. 
Remember to follow Jack Wills on Facebook and Instagram for their latest updates! They're cool, hip, and update more regularly than me (and with more substance too!).

And now I'd like to leave you with this good song called "Fashion Killa". Because you know, fashion event.

❤ Jac.

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