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Observations from Having Poor Sleeping Habits.

Hello guys! Sorry! I know I'm quite late with this week's entry, but I've been really busy not sleeping and doing stuff. You k...

Hello guys!

Sorry! I know I'm quite late with this week's entry, but I've been really busy not sleeping and doing stuff. You know, like learning more about the underground scene and taking shots when I see fit.

(Photo and video screencap by the #HTCRe).

Don't judge. If you think about it, that's exactly what many superheroes do. In fact, you might even consider referring to me as Singapore's female interpretation of Batman. He too, ventures underground and takes shots at bad things.

Anyway, based on the many movies that I'm sure you've watched, you'd know that us superheroes have it tough. We have to keep our regular day job to earn ourselves a living, and venture into the night to fight crime and keep the city safe. I'm not complaining. My friend Peter had already told me earlier on that with my great power come great responsibility. But this hectic lifestyle does result in me keeping really terrible sleeping hours. And let me share some observations that I have made from sleeping 2 hours a day.

#1 People congratulate you when you sleep early.

Granted that 1:41 am isn't exactly early. But judging by what time I normally sleep (think 4 am), it's really a vast improvement. And any form of effort, big or minuscule, needs to be recognised.

#2 You are horrified by early risers.

6:34 am. You know what is up at 6:34 am? NOTHING. Because the rule of thumb is, if the sun isn't up, you are not allowed to be up either. 6.34 am. Pffft. Smith you are mad.

#3 Being up before the sun is indicative of a good night out.

There are very few reasons for you to be up in the morning before the sun. One is that you have been forced by people to participate in some healthy activity like, I don't know, a run. Another is that someone has fallen horribly ill and is in hospital. But what are the chances of that happening on a regular basis?
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More often than not you'd be out having a good time. Or on Facebook refreshing your newsfeed. Either way, it's better than sleeping. Haven't you watched The Big Bang Theory or even Monsters Inc? Everyone knows that the night is when bad things come out from under your bed, all ready to devour you and leave your entrails draped across your bed.
So instead of sleeping and being easy prey for these night prowlers, I think that it is a wise decision to dress up, drink up, and get your freak on. You know how the saying goes - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

#4 Your sleeping times are also waking up times.

Sad but true. Some people just insist on being weird and waking up at times meant for sleeping.

#5 Two AM is considered early.

Ted, NO. 2 am is the new midnight - you still have a good 2 hours before you tell yourself, "Time's up, wrap up. Go to sleep or you'd regret it tomorrow." Or not.
(Via someecards).

#6 People who don't know you very well keep asking you to sleep early.

So recently I've made a bunch of new friends and all of them seem rather nice. However, omg, each of them have separately taken it upon themselves to encourage me to sleep early. So I've been getting texts that go along the lines of,
"Sleeping late is unhealthy. Please sleep earlier."
"Goodnight! You should not sleep late."
"I treat you to dinner if you sleep at 12 everyday."
"Can you don't sleep so late?"
Guys. I'm sure smokers know that smoking is bad for health. But unless you are someone significantly important to them, your incessant nagging will only serve to irritate them. So, I know you mean well, but stop. I am not going to change my lifestyle just because you asked me to.
(Via someecards).

#7 But you say yes because you don't know them well.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm a very socially awkward person and I try to avoid getting into debates as much as possible. So when people tell me to sleep early, I would usually go "Hahahahaha ok I try." And then go back onto Facebook. To waste time. Because I can.
(Via someecards).

#8 Sometimes you make resolutions to sleep at more regular hours.

Not because you're being worn down, but because you've heard about this legendary 8-hour sleep thing which is supposed to do wonders for your health.
(Via memegen).

#9 But you eventually fail.

(Via Quick Meme).

You fail no matter how hard you try. This can be attributed to a myriad of reasons - insomnia, stress, Facebook, internet, and sheer stubborness.

#10 But that's okay.

Because over the years you have built up a near-indestructible immunity against the effects of sleep deprivation, which can be bolstered with complaining, internet, and most importantly, coffee.

And now I would like to leave you with a very relevant song.

Sigh it's Monday already guys. WHAT IS LIFE.
❤ Jac.

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