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Why I Sometimes Wish I Were A Boy.

Hello guys! Sorry! I haven't been updating for a while, but I've been really busy lately. Because you know I'm trying to sav...

Hello guys!

Sorry! I haven't been updating for a while, but I've been really busy lately. Because you know I'm trying to save the world from Ebola and all that jazz. Anyway, I was talking to Hendric the other day, and by other day I mean more than a week ago, because I've been really busy.
And I was thinking like, hey! What is so bad about being a boy ?! In fact, I have given this topic a lot of thought and I sometimes which that I could be a guy. And here are my reasons to justify my cause.

#1 No periods.

(Via Buzzfeed).

Periods are very troublesome things. Firstly, there is a lot of blood. Do you know what it is like to bleed every month? Blood blood blood. It is very troublesome to have to be faced with so much blood every month you know. In fact, monthly periods and the blood that comes with form the reason as to why I am not a doctor right now - I was unwilling to take Medicine because I already have to deal with my own blood on a monthly basis. Why would I want to deal with blood from other people as well?!

No, not even if you are a hot Spartan. Your blood, your business.
(Via KPBS).

#2 Hair removal is not an issue.

It is okay for guys to have hairy legs, hairy chests and hairy arms. But it is not okay for girls. At least I don't think it's okay. Unless you're Lady Gaga. Then you can do whatever you want.
(Via Celebuzz).

#3 Outfits are simple.

Okay, guys have it easy when t comes to dressing up. Their outfits are more or less the same. Check out the outfits of these ten guys. They are somewhat different, but look more or less the same.
(Via About).

And here we have 8 people trying to dress up as one person. And they look vastly different.

In case you've lived in a cave your whole life, here's the person they are trying to dress up as - the fabulous Ms Britney Spears.
(Via IX Daily).

#4 Make-up is unnecessary.

(Via someecards).

Yes yes, I know many of you might say that girls don't need to wear make-up. Or that it's not important for girls to wear make-up. Point taken but let's get real. Make-up is important to us girls. Sometimes you have to cover that pimple on your nose. Sometimes you have to find something to give your that not-so-close female friend a gift for her birthday. And sometimes you feel like going shopping but you have nothing in particular to buy. Well, when those situations arise, make-up is clearly the answer.

And it is truly hard to resist at least trying on make-up and buying one or two frivolous items because I mean, LOOK AT THE DISPLAY. IT'S SO PRETTY AND COLOUR COORDINATED. But I understand that guys don't really care about such things. And that they are under the impression that pimples cannot be seen unless you walk around with a huge magnifying glass. Ignorance is bliss. I wish I were a guy.

#5 Toilet trips are easy.

I'd admit it. The reason why I am sometimes so very urgent to go to the toilet is because I find it a hassle to stand up from my chair, sit down on the toilet seat, stand up from the toilet seat, and sit down on my chair again. This constant bending of my knees does not fly well with me.
(Via Memecrunch).

I wish I was a guy. This would reduce my need of bending my knees. And also I understand that going to the toilet in a romper/swimming costume/wedding dress can be a huge chore which guys do not have to face. Unless they decide to wear a onesie or they take ballet. Then, join the club guys. We girls have it tough.
(Via Imgur).

#6 Apparently they go further in life.

So as you have probably heard, there aren't many C-suite women around because sadly, guys have it better when it comes to progressing in the work place. So sad right.
(Via Imgur).

#7 Easy way to earn $500 every year.

I don't know why guys complain about taking their IPPT. You can get up to $500 for 2 hours worth of work for a Gold you know! Even $200 if you just pass. Seems like a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

#8 Men age better.

(Via Spreadshirt).

So I was talking to one of my friends a while back and he asked me if I knew about this thing called the log cake theory. And I said no. Because you know, I have better things to do like to solve global poverty.

However he explained in a very long-winded way that when Christmas comes around everyone will be clamouring to buy log cakes, with the peak log cake buying activity happening around December 20 - 25. After the 25, no one would be buying the log cakes on the shelf even though shops are literally throwing you their leftovers at heavily discounted prices.

And then he ended off by saying that like girls are like log cakes and that guys are like fine wine. Okay sure. Luckily, as mentioned in #4, girls can wear make-up.
(Via someecards).

#9 Your name is permanent.

Hey, I am a very forgetful person always and I rely mostly on auto-pilot to get through my days. I'm serious. There was one day that I wanted to take an MC and not go to school when I was in JC. And I told my friend about it the day before. So she was understandably confused when I turned up in school the next day. Why? I forgot that I wanted to take an MC so I just like, woke up, washed up and went to school.
(Via Imgur).

So guys have it good in this aspect. Their name sticks with them even if they get married. No one will ask them to change it! They won't have to adapt to some other name that they didn't grow up with. Well, unless they kill someone and go into hiding. But that's not really legal.

#10 No heels.

Okay so girls have a love-hate relationship with heels. Why? Well, firstly, HEELS ARE PRETTY. And they make you taller. And your legs look longer. And according to Dr. Douglas Filmore from Bones Season 6 Episode 17, "The Feet On The Beach"...
"The average increase in the protrusion of a woman's buttocks is 25% when wearing high-heeled shoes."
(Via Tumblr).

And American TV is always right. So heels are good.

But they can be so painful and sometimes they feel like death. Also I would like to add that once upon a time, I had this ex-bf who bought me this pair of damn uncomfortable shoes which I left in my internship office. Then one day he met me for lunch and so I wore them. I told him they were uncomfortable. But he still insisted on walking to goodness knows where to buy tehpeng and I tumbled down one whole flight of stairs. At Raffles Place MRT. During lunch hour. Yes like this.
(Via Uproxx).

But, on the flipside, heels make your legs look long and your butt look nice. And most importantly, when you walk in heels there is this tapping sound when your heel strikes the floor which makes you feel so so important. So how? Heels or no heels? Such a pain to have to decide.
(Via Buzzfeed).

Sigh. And lucky guys don't have to deal with this conundrum.

#11 Bras are not a problem.

So here are some dresses that I own.
I would like to let you know that I took very long to choose how to um, dress accordingly for each dress ok. Because well, the conventional bra wouldn't really work for all of the above. But I did it and the answer is (from left to right): stick-on bra, tape and silicone stickers, tape and silicone stickers (dress has open sides).

Guys are lucky that they don't have to face this problem because of the lack of necessity for them to wear a bra. Because you know, everything, from your outfits to your social calendar revolves around your bra when you're a girl.
(Via someecards).

Oh and then of course, you won't have stupid things like this happening to you.
Bras - one more reason for awkward things to happen to you.

#12 Guys have more money.

Because guys don't have to buy sanitary pads, tampons, bras, heels, dresses, skirts, make-up, and twenty million hair pins per year (SERIOUSLY HAIRPINS, WHERE DO YOU GO?!), they spend less on themselves. Coupled with the fact that they have a higher earning potential (refer to #6), it is logical to conclude that they end up with more money.

I too would like to be a guy so that I would have more money.
(Via Quick Meme).

Okay and now I have come to the end of my list on why I think it is sometimes better to be a boy. Of course this list is not exhaustive but you know, I am sleepy and I need to sleep. So here's a song for you.

Have a tolerable week ahead guys!
❤ Jac.

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