Monday, October 06, 2014

La Maison Cointreau x TESS Bar & Kitchen.

Hello guys! So my wonderful friend Marilyn (aka Ma) is back in Singapore for a bit and we decided that we should go somewhere cool to t...

Hello guys!

So my wonderful friend Marilyn (aka Ma) is back in Singapore for a bit and we decided that we should go somewhere cool to take some photos. You see, althought we have been friends for ages, most our photos are either hopelessly outdated...
(Yes, I used to be skinny).

Are in weird places (eg: on her bed)...
Or you know, showcase us in not the most becoming of poses.
Luckily for us, Cointreau Singapore was holding an event. So we trooped down with the intention of upping our cool factor and updating our collection of photos. And drinking alcohol as well of course.

Anyway, it was the launch of a series of Cointreau's cocktail-and-food-pairing-themed parties at TESS Bar & Kitchen, which is a pretty cool place along Seah Street. Yeah. I did not know where that was either. But I now know that it's a 5 minute walk from City Hall MRT. 
(Via Cointreau).

Essentially, what Cointreau is doing is to help you pair classy drinks with suitable food. Which is fine by me. Because, left to my own resources, I would pair all my alcoholic drinks with Doritos. And by alcoholic drinks, I mean to say "Vodka Coke Light". Yes. I'm very boring when it comes to drinking. Sadly, the effects that this drinking has on me are not as boring.
Anyhow, Cointreau provided  a very delightful selection of cocktails for us to choose from. And because we are secretly alcoholic adventurous, we got one of each drink.
(From left to right: La Bohème, Midsummer's Eve, French Kiss, and Sweet Passion).

Instead of Doritos made in a factory in Indonesia, this was the menu that La Maison Cointreau x TESS Bar & Kitchen served up to pair with the cocktails.
(Clockwise starting from top left: Pulled Duck Leg Confit Crostini, Braised Duroc Pork Cheek, Pan Seared Scallop Skewers, Steamed Fois Gras Custard).

Yeah. This menu was whipped up by Mike Cheong of WOOBAR at W Singapore, Alex Tan of Manor -A Bar Above-, TESS Bar & Kitchen’s Head Chef Martin Wong, alumnus of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Pretty fancy eh? But you already know.
(Idea from Smith. I had to photoshop dig through my archives for my money raining shot because Smith's wedding photos are yet to be out).

Anyway, it was a great event and Ma and I had lots of fun. Both the cocktails and the canapes were very tasty. And we managed to take some updated photos which looked more reperesentative of us.
I would also like to reinforce the fact that I we take quite horrible selfies. So while we look quite glam and all here...
Half of what turned up on the phone screen was not so glam.
Okay and that is all. Anyway, don't be too sad if you missed the event at TESS Bar & Kitchen as La Maison Cointreau has many more exciting parties lined up in the coming months. Just follow the Cointreau Singapore Facebook page for more details.

Okay and now I would like to leave you with this song by the very good Iggy Azalea and the way too skinny Ariana Grande.

Have a good rest of the week guys!
❤ Jac.

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