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How to Calculate your Personal Net Worth.

Hello guys! So I was reading this mad awesome article on Facebook on this Derek Low guy's experience on the SQ Suites class . IT'S...

Hello guys!

So I was reading this mad awesome article on Facebook on this Derek Low guy's experience on the SQ Suites class. IT'S MAD AWESOME. Excuse me Singapore Airlines, please. I too would like to experience your Suites class. Please please let me take your Suites class. I can um, I don't know but I would do almost anything to take it. Please please please, I bet I would fit right in.

Anyway, I shared this article on Facebook to alert my very cool travel blogger friend Hendric, and this is what he had to say.

And this got me thinking of how people calculate their personal net worth. Surely, it can't be based on one's wealth and monetary possessions alone right? There must be a quote about that somewhere.
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Oops, that's probably not it but I'm surre there are some relavant ones out there. Anyway, this got me thinking on how personal net worth can be calculated in more meaningful terms. You know, apart from using money, the root of all evil. So presenting...

#1 Number of hours you spend on Facebook.

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Everyone knows how valuable Facebook is. So it only makes sense that the time that one spends utilising this very valuable commodity be incorporated into the calculation of one's personal net worth.To make yourself feel better, you can also count it in minutes or seconds. It's like, exchange rates. With $2000 you can buy a TV in Singapore. With the same $2000, you can buy a car in Australia.

#2 Number of coffees you consume in one day.

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It's common knowledge that your productivity increases exponentially with the number of coffees you consume, and vice versa. It has been tested and proven. And since we all aspire to be productive in life and get what's needed to be done done and more, it only makes sense that your personal net worth takes your productivity into account. And there is no better way of doing that than counting your coffees.
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#3 Number of junk mail you receive in a week.

We all know that the number of emails in your inbox is indicative of how popular we are. And we also know that these people who want to promote expensive houses, expensive cars, and luxurious holidays are only reaching out to you because they know that you form part of their target audience - the rich and elite. Popularity and wealth - surely they are indicators of your personal net worth.

#4 Number of vacation-searching sessions in a week.

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Searching for holidays and vacation spots can only mean that:
1.You can afford to go on a holiday
2.You have worked hard and deserve a holiday
3.You're a dreamer and have great ambitions

All of which are valid qualities to ensure that you will succeed in life and should be factored into the calculation of your personal net worth.
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#5 Number of times you stalk your celebrity heart throb.

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So, I don't know what outfit I threw on last Thursday, what I ate for lunch yesterday, and where exactly this Cointreau event I'm going to later is located at (I'll figure it out later). So, how many people can name and recite all the episodes that their celebrity crush has guest-starred in in that the many Korean variety programmes there are out there befuddles me. Your dedication to your celebrity crush is admirable. Your net worth should be reflective of that.

#6 Number of hours you sleep per night.

Recently I read this article on Business insider called "18 Successful People Who Get By On Barely Any Sleep" and this list included Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, President Barrack Obama, and Thomas Edison.
Logic dictates that there is a correlation between the number of hours you sleep and how successful you are in life. Which means to say, the fewer the number of hours you get some shut eye, the higher the likelihood you are of succeeding in life. Well done insomniacs! Your inability to sleep due to your incessant thinking is obviously going to bring you far in life.
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#7 Number of shots you can down in one sitting.

They say what don't kill me, can make me stronger.
So two drinks a night, should help me live longer.
Ludacris, as well as 90% of the hip-hop/R&B community is testament that the amount of alcohol you drink can determine how much you can earn and how well you can do in life. Education? Who cares?! Iggy Azalea didn't hit the charts and get all Fancy by completing high school. So drop your books, down some shots, and up your personal net worth now!

Okay and now I have come to the end of the different methods you can use to calculate your personal net worth. I do hope this has been useful to you. Of course, I too have used the above methods suggested to calculate my own personal net worth. However, I'm choosing not to disclose it here because I know how stuff spreads on the internet. I don't want to start receiving creepy death threats and friend requests from random strangers who are only in it for my vast wealth.

And most importantly, I don't want to make all of you feel like you're beneath me.
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And now please let me end off with this very good video by My Darkest Days featuring Zakk Wylde, Chad Kroeger, and the awesome Ludacris (who is very inspirational as always). It's called PORN STAR DANCING. Please watch it. And learn it. We can sing it together. And dance to it also.

Okay and now it is time to go. Happy hump day people! Enjoy your new found statuses of wealth!
❤ Jac.

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