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How I Got Picked Up In The Virgin Active Gym.

Hello! So recently (though I have no idea why) , I was invited to participate in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 2014 with the Virgin Acti...


So recently (though I have no idea why), I was invited to participate in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 2014 with the Virgin Active team. I assume that it's not because I love running (I don't), that I'm very sporty (I'm not), or that I can be the face of active living (I can't).

But, if I signed up, I'd get complimentary sessions of training at the swanky new Virgin Active gym. So why not right? Check it out. It's pretty neat.

So here is the Himalayan Rock Salt inhalation room with relaxing comfortable day beds to relax while you breathe the rejuvenating ionised air. Because you know, regular air is so passé.
Experiential showers complete with LED lights. 
Sadly, presence of hot guys are not guaranteed. But that's okay. You won't be able to do anything about it anyway. Because to ensure that all members get the best out of their Virgin Active experience, the gym has a good set of Club Rules. And Rule #38 states...
Only one person can be in a shower cubicle at any one time.
There's even a room just for you to soak your feet! In my house, we call that the toilet. You can also book an appointment with someone who will provide you with a foot massage or a pedicure on selected days. In my house, that someone would be myself.

There are also steam rooms and ice rooms. If you would like to relax your muscles after a workout, it is recommended that you spend 5 minutes in the steam room, followed by 5 minutes in the ice room, and so on. If you are one of those fickle-minded people who never can seem to make up their minds, this is also recommended for you.
(Photo credits: Virgin Active Singapore)

Oh yes. Sorry. I forgot that for most people, the main purpose of the gym is to work out and be healthy. The gym equipment is very high tech - Virgin uses the ARTIS line of Android powered fitness equipment from Technogym. 
(Photo credits: Virgin Active Singapore)

Actually I am not very sure what this means. But I am an Android fan so I guess this must be a good thing.
(For reference, the photo on the left was taken with the back camera of the Samsung Note 3. The photo on the right was taken with the front camera of the HTC One M7, aka the red phone in the left photo).

There's a very good spin studio with like a huge screen with like immersive graphics projection which syncs to the latest hits. So you know, flashing lights, thumping music, you sweating with other people a room. It's almost like clubbing! 
(Photo credits: Virgin Active Singapore)

Oh anyway, back to the main story. So I had to train at Virgin Active for 3 weeks before attending the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 2014. And I would like to say training is tough work. Here's why. First, you sweat. (I really am sweating, You can see it on my neck. Yucks.)
Next, you must actually, you know, run. And I hate running.
But ok, I guess it's not so bad because this Virgin Active gives you a lot of opportunities to cheat yourself into believing that you are not actually working out. For example, here is a picture of all of us running.
We look very hardworking and healthy. And I guess most of us are actually tracking our running and fitness and what have you. But if you look closely, this is actually what Hendric and I are doing - playing Angry Birds.
I have also realised that the gym is where many fit and hot people, really much unlike myself, congreagate. So it's a good time to check people out. Here is a picture of me checking out Joe's ass.
But yes, I'm aware that many people, for some unknown reason, actually enjoy torturing themselves working out and are judging me for not doing so. So, here are some photos of me working out. (But the important thing is how my outfit unintentionally matches my shoes.)
And after three weeks of this, you'd be all good and prepared to run in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 2014! It was very fulfilling. You see, not the most sporty person in the world me had the opportunity to have lots of sporty photos taken to prove that if give the right opportunity, I can actually engage in physical activity. Like so.
(Photo credits: Virgin Active Singapore)

Anyway, it was a good experience. OH WAIT. I was supposed to teach you how to get picked up in the gym. Oh yes yes. So first, you have to be upset, and one of your good guy friends must offer to bring you out for lots of drinks the night before. It will be not so happening. Just lots of drinks.
(Via WiffleGif).

Then you must wake up bright and early to go to the gym the next day feeling like death. 
(Via She Knows).

So after not even working out (I seriously did not do anything at all), you will faint because of your poor lifestyle choices.  But that's okay. Because a very muscular guy will swoop over to catch you and place you on the floor in a very glam fashion.
For reference, this is how the guy who literally picked me up looks like.
His name is Jeff and he is a personal trainer at Virgin Active. He is very hot and also very eligible (I think, he has not replied to my creepy follow-up Facebook message). I sadly cannot go after him as he has already seen me faint, which is very unglam. 

And he probably thinks I'm strange for requesting that he pick me up and pose for photos.
Okay yes. Anyway I had lots of chips to eat yesterday and I shall go rollerblading now because I feel very unhealthy. Yes sometimes I exercise. Sometimes.
Thanks Virgin Active and the team at WE for inviting me to take part in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 2014! :)
And now I would like to leave you with a very sporty video.

Enjoy your weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

Footnote: Jac goes for dance lessons once a week. She also has the callused hands of a weight-lifter.

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  1. Haha this cracked me up. You sound like my kind of person LOL . Ok now i m getting all creepy. Dinner sometime ? :P jk . Like how your personality comes through in your writing . Cheers

    Random Boy who doesn't know how he got here. I think it was googling "Virgin Active Singapore Review" haha

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. Glad you enjoy it! You can use the comment box to the left. Cheers!