Saturday, September 06, 2014

Deal Breakers.

Hello! So you know how I like to write stuff about relationships? No not really. Not since I got a boyfriend anyway. The boyfriend likes t...


So you know how I like to write stuff about relationships? No not really. Not since I got a boyfriend anyway. The boyfriend likes to stalk me on social media, plough through every single post I make and draw up his own analysis on each one.

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But I can deal with it. Mostly because he also makes it a point to like every single one of my posts and point out my many typos. Blogger, unlike Microsoft Word, doesn't make it a point to automatically check through your posts for spelling errors. Not that I have a problem with spelling. More like a problem with typing. I cannot count the number of times that I've typed "PUBIC" when I actually meant to type "PUBLIC".
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Yes. In a not so different universe, I might have been responsible for that billboard. I specialised in Public Relations, you know. It was very unfortunate for some of my many assignments. My carelessness is also one of the reasons why I have stopped typing "one sec". Sigh.

Anyway! I was playing Monopoly Deal the other day quite some time back when I got a hold of these wonderful cards.
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Sigh. I love them. But not in real life of course. Which got me thinking about some qualities which I consider to be deal breakers. Luckily for me, the people I hang around do not consider procrastination, carelessness, or my phone addiction as deal breakers.
So anyway, here's presenting...

#1. You try to dictate my outfit.

Like hello hey. I know I am not the most stylish person in the world, but I think my fashion sense is quite passable. Like I can tell the the difference between what looks good and what looks bad. Apparently, this is quite a skill based on the fashion choices of the many multi-millionaires around.
So you know, I acknowledge that I'm no fashion guru or style maven. But omg. If a straight guy tries to dictate my outfit, SERIOUSLY...
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#2. You are smelly.

So you know how people always say rubbish like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Or "apple of my eye". Or "love a first sight". Do you notice how these lovey dovey quotes of adoration always center around your sense of sight? 
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And this is really something I don't understand. Because clearly, your sense of sight isn't the most accurate when it comes to love and judgement. Love is blind.

And thus, obviously not a good indicator on whether or not you can stand being in the same room with the person. Eyes can be closed. Airways cannot. So actually, smell is a better indicator of love and that sort of thing. If I were to run a card-printing conglomerate like Hallmark, my cards would turn out to be something like this...
What? Wouldn't you buy them? I would.

#3. You are not funny.

And I would like to qualify that this is different from being boring. Being boring is okay. I am actually a very boring person.
But obviously no one believes me. Because I try to hide how boring I am by posting cool photos online. (Also I like to edit the backdrops of photos to make it look cooler than what it actually is like in real life. You know, to up my cool factor?)

In real life, like to spend my time using my phone and packing my clothes.
But even as I carry on with my boring mundane activities, I like a certain amount of entertainment be injected into my boring activities to keep myself relatively amused. So when I watch shows on my laptop, I like them to be short and funny.

Likewise, I only enjoy interacting with people who have a sense of humour/can appreciate humour. Like this web administrator I know. OMG I have no idea what he does aside from drinking whiskey and beer by himself, listening to music that puts the "dead" in "brain dead", and uh, actually I have no idea what he does. I think maybe just that. But he is funny and good and I like him always.
(Via someecards).

So I'm very sorry, if you have no perceivable sense of humour, I do not wish to talk to you for long periods of time. It's very tiring and I would rather pack my room.
Okay apart from that I think I'm quite okay with guys and their bad habits. Like channel surfing, chick watching and like, that constant obsession over their hair. I promise you, guys are ALL hung up over their hair. ALL. 

So I'm sure I can think of more deal breakers but I'm very sleepy and I have to wake up to go for some walk tomorrow. And also because I had a very happening night. You see I went for dinner at Sentosa and so that sapped 90% of the energy I had stored for the weekend. #unhappening.
Okay anyway I would like to leave you with this very good song which I like very much. It's from the TMNT soundtrack. I love Megan Fox btw.

And now, sleep.

❤ Jac.

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