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Silver's Beauty Party.

Hello! So you guys remember Silver right? This is Silver. (Photo by Cheryl ). No, not the person in the background who didn't p...


So you guys remember Silver right? This is Silver.

(Photo by Cheryl).

No, not the person in the background who didn't point her toes silly. That would be me. I'm referring to the girl in front - Silver Ang, actress, singer, host, blogger, Project Superstar finalist, and most importantly, person who taught me how to do a cartwheel in under 5 minutes.

Yes she's awesome. Anyway, Silver recently invited me to a party that Allure Beauty was throwing for her. It was called "Silver's Beauty Party". So I was telling my guy friend about it...
 No, my friend is not Titus, although I think Titus is quite capable of saying something like that.

So anyway, Carrie, Mint, Crane, Celine and Juli and I were invited for Silver's beauty party at Allure Beauty Saloon at West Mall. Cheryl was also supposed to join us but she couldn't make it. I think she knows she is already very beautiful without the extra beautification and does not want to make us look bad HAHA.

So this party was very exciting. Each of us got to do our eyebrows for free! And when I say "do our eyebrows", I don't mean just threading and tweezing. We got our eyebrows embroidered. Talk about partying it up.
Okay before I begin, you must first understand, that I agree to do many things without doing any prior research.
So when Silver told me "eyebrow embroidery", I agreed. And the only thing that I knew about it was that I wouldn't have to draw my eyebrows anymore. I used to draw my brows on a daily basis. Before I went for brow embroidery of course. Eyebrows are very important facial features. Just mouseover to see how much stranger how strange I look without brows.

I know right? Horrifying. So in case you are also wondering what eyebrow embroidery is about here's a lowdown on what happens.

First, your brow makeup is removed. Which is very sad because you know it takes me about two minutes to draw them in the morning. And you know, two minutes is a lot, especially if you're talking about sleep.
And then, numbing cream is applied to your brows. I understand that most of the time, the numbing cream is applied after the brows are drawn on. But, Allure prefers to do it the other way round to ensure that the cream application does not smudge the brow strokes. Anyway, this is how you will look like after numbing cream is applied. Very sexy and appealing.
I'm serious. Carrie and I are actually being very fashionable. Our expressions paired with the numbing cream - very Balenciaga of us.
(Via Beauty Fool).

Okay then! The brow embroidery started. I was personally assigned to an Allure Brow Expert. As you know, I'm mostly very confused and blur about what's going on around me most of the time, and my Allure Brow Expert had to explain what she was doing for the most part of it. 
(Me and my Allure Brow Expert Feat. My Confused Face).

She did a very good job in my opinion. She's really friendly and detailed. And also very meticulous in drawing on nicely shaped brows for me.
And this is what my eyebrows looked like after my Allure Brow Expert shaped them.
I look like I'm getting ready for surgery. Which I sort of was. My Allure Brow Expert came back and told me that in Allure, they always new bades and ink for every eyebrow embroidery session. Wait, what? Blade? My reaction exactly. So how eyebrow embroidery works is that a small blade is used to cut and deposit ink into the top layer of your skin (aka epidermis). Here's what the ink and the blade looks like:
Wait a minute, blade, ink, doesn't that make it tattooing? No, not really. Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent procedure. This means that I'll have to go back to get my brows redone after two years. Which is fine with me because I heard my face shape might change and I want my brows to change along with it. 

Tattooing on the other hand, is a permanent procedure. The ink gets injected into the second layer of the skin (aka dermis). As this layer is much more stable than the epidermis, tattoos stay with you #4lyfe. Or until you save enough money to get your tattoo lasered off.

Yeah anyway, this is how you will look like once you get one eyebrow done. I'm gorgeous, I know.
And this is what it looked like in the end!
Not bad right! So anyway, my new brows are very posh. And so they actually have a name - "Allure Signature Eyebrows". And like all posh things, they have to be well-protected by the elements of nature. So Allure provided me with this soothing cream to be applied on my brows 3 - 5 times a day. Like it's name, it's rather soothing. Also it smells like Tiger Balm, which I appreciate. Tiger Balm is cure for anything from back aches to mosquito bites. 
Anyway, if you decide to get your own "Allure Signature Eyebrows" done by a Principle Trainer like my Allure Brow Expert, it would typically set you back by $1680 (without GST). This would include two free touch up sessions and of course the licence to brag about your brows to your friends. Do be warned though, your bragging rights aren't applicable immediately after you get your brows down. My brows made me look like I was prepring to go for a wayang or a getai. This lastes for a week.
(And the reason I took a selfie at the MRT station is because I happened to be there when the bf  who is overseas asked for a selfie. Not because I have a thing for taking selfies at MRT stations ok.)

During this time, many people will ask you what happened to your brows. Including guys. But no fear, during the week bits of your eyebrow will fall off.
And you will eventually look normal after a week. 
Anyway, I'd like to thank Silver and Mistical for organising this party. I love my new brows. They are awesome.
(And also Carrie and Silver for the selfie taking directions. Much appreciated.)

If you're interested to find out more about Allure and the services that they offer, you can find them here:


Tiong Bahru Plaza: 
302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-04A Singapore 168732
+65 6270 8845

West Mall:
1 Bukit Batok Central Link, #04-10 Singapore 659713
+65 6898 2242

City Square Mall:
180 Kitchener Road #03-29/30 Singapore 208539
+65 6509 8859

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention one very important point - all my readers will be able to get $100 off the Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery treatment! Just quote "behindthebasics" for redemption!

And now I'd like to leave you with a good video which demonstrates the impact that eyebrows can make.

❤ Jac.

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