Tuesday, August 05, 2014

My Hair.

Hello guys! So today I'm going to talk about the thinnest part of my body - my hair. So you probably know that, I always do my hair up...

Hello guys!

So today I'm going to talk about the thinnest part of my body - my hair. So you probably know that, I always do my hair up.

And my hairstyle can be attributed to a number of factors.

#1: I get stressed at work and having my hair up prevents me from pulling it out.

#2: My hair looks like crap when it's down.

Yes my hair is really horrible. If you ever see a photo of me looking good with my hair down, please attribute it to lots of water/ cameras of the HTC One M8.

#3: I'm dropping lots of hair and having my hair up makes it feel like I'm dropping less hair.

It's really sad but true. I drop a lot of hair. I blame it on my stressful job as one of the very senior officers in ICAO. With all these aviation accidents happening these days, I just cannot catch a break.
Anyway! I was just telling my friend Ju Ann that I was looking for some good treatment places for my extremely worrying problem and she recommended Shunji Matsuo. Kai from Shunji Matsuo arranged for me to have my treatment at Ngee Ann City.
I was pleasantly surprised by how large it was. Previously the only Shunji Matsuo that I went to was the one in Holland Village which was smaller and cozier.

So anyway, Shunji Matsuo provides customers the option of going for the Hair Spa Indulgence treatment. There are two options, there Shiseido treatment, and the Aveda treatment. I went for the Aveda Invati Hair Spa Treatment because Kai said it was recommended for my thinning hair (I really promise you my hair is thinning. It only doesn't look that pathetic because my hair is curly. You must believe me.)
Okay so we started out with me having to take down my hair and it looking like crap.
After that the stylists look at your hair and may tell you that your hair drops very easily, which in turn causes your heart to drop. Anyway, then you get your hair washed and your scalp massaged for a very long and relaxing time. During this time, you will also undergo some steam treatment. This is when you can pretend that your head is on fire.
And then your hair is blow dried and voilĂ ! A good hair day!
(And good hair days cannot be wasted. Thank you James for meeting me for dinner and then patiently waiting for about twenty minutes as I tried to take a selfie of my hair. Yes, this selfie took about 20 minutes to achieve. Stop laughing,)

Anyway, here are the products used in the Aveda Invati Hair Spa Treatment.

You have the invatiTM  exfoliating shampoo which cleanses and renews the scalp, the invatiTM thickening conditioner which thickens the hair and restores its strength, and the invatiTM  scalp revitalizer, which energises and revitalises the scalp.

Well, I'm no expert in hair (except when it comes to pinning it up), but I must say that my scalp felt cleaner and refreshed after the treatment. I felt that the whole treatment felt very luxurious and relaxing. I was really happy with it. Also I appreciated the brutal honesty of Penny who did my hair. She said that my hair drops way too easily and that I need to cut it. So I will cut it. Soon.

Anyway, the Invati Treatment For Thinning Hair is priced at $120 - $150, depending on the length of your hair. They have 9 outlets spread across the island, but here's the one I went to!

Ngee Ann City Podium B
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm 
Tel: 62381522 / 62381514

You can also find Shunji Matsuo on Instagram  (@shunjimatsuo), Facebook (shunjimatsuohairstudio) and Twitter (@shunjimatsuoSG).

Okay and now I would like to leave you with a song about hair.

❤ Jac.

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  1. you actually look good with the hair down all messy like (in pic #2). freaking hot actually.