Monday, August 04, 2014

Good Friend Qualities.

Hello! So recently I met up with some of my friends from university to go for some karaoke and HAH. HOW OLD WE HAVE GROWN OK. This was how...


So recently I met up with some of my friends from university to go for some karaoke and HAH. HOW OLD WE HAVE GROWN OK. This was how karaoke used to be like - lots of photos, action and dancing.

This is how karaoke is now. 

How muted we are compared to before. We are nicely seated and not dancing. Also we only took two photos. However, I'm only posting one my hair looks like Albert Einstein's in the other. 
(Via Imgur).

Anyway, I have thought very hard about it and I am very grateful for the friends I have. And I have made a list of reasons as to why my friends are better than other people's friends.

#1. They speak like me.
So this happens a lot to me when I'm added into a WhatsApp chat group.
Okay so, OBVIOUSLY, ofc stands for "of course" not office! All my friends know this ofc. Also my friends catch on quickly. I remember once James and I were planning to go for dinner-lunch. And we thought we were clever to call it "dinch". So I told Jason, "James and I will be going for dinch." And he just gave an understanding nod without having to ask me anything else. How win is that?
Why can't everyone be like that?! It's mind-boggling. Oh and then I also get lots of this.
Excuse me, of course I'm okay. Are you okay? CLEARLY, I'm singing a song. What's wrong with you okay. This is how it should go.
And this is how everyone should be like this on WhatsApp. Just saying ok.

#2. They arrive fashionably.

So I am not always on time to meet people. It's a bad habit, I know. But you see, my friends and I are very flexible about arrival times. So if you're late, it's really okay. For example....
You can probably take a few things away from that screenshot.
  1. My friends are not angry that I am late
  2. My friends are later than me and no one is angry at anyone
  3. 10 minutes late is not so bad
  4. We feel the need to educate Jon and Andrew who does not know of our flexible meeting times
Yes yes, punctuality is a virtue, and time is precious. But so are friendships and what's a few minutes between friends?!
#3. They keep weird sleeping hours.
So you probably know that I am not a morning person. And by that I mean that I like to sleep really late. What! Night is good. I use the night to make life-changing discoveries and revelations. And I guess it might get boring if I had to do it by myself. So luckily, I have friends to dispense advice on such issues.

Like in determining what sort of intervention I would need should I ever have one.
Or whether or not my Facebook photos are unglam.
And before you go, "Jac stop annoying your friend," I would like to add that is a two-way exchange. Here I am providing my good friend Thad with some fashion advice.
And here I am providing my Good Friend not-Thad with some Facebook advice. At 6 am.
And also I read an article in Elite Daily: Intelligent People All Have One Thing In Common: They Stay Up Later Than You. So I guess it's also a given that my friends are all very intelligent people. Good. I would hate to be keeping stupid company.

Okay and I have come to the end of my list. Before you start asking silly questions, I would like to clarify that these are the only good qualities that my friends have. My friends are fantastic through and through. My list simply highlights the additional specific qualities that my friends have which make them that much more awesome than yours.
(Via Imgur).

Because yes, anyone can have friends who can laugh at the same jokes, make good shopping buddies, have the wildest times together, can be yourselves in front of one another, blah blah blah BORING. I have read that in a gazillion Thought Catalogue articles (here, here, here). Those boring qualities just listed are friendship prerequisites! Don't you have a screening process for who you hang out with? How can you possibly hang-out with friends who don't laugh at your jokes? Retarded.
(Via someecards).

Anyway, my point is it was International Friendship Day on 3 August, and I wanted to wish my very good friends a
Past tense. As it is now no longer 3 August. So I'm wishing you guys in a very fashionable manner in line with my very fashionable nature FYIP.
(Via The Prospect).

I'd like you to know that I don't know how I would be able to function among people who don't talk like us, tweet like us, arrive at a fashionable hour like us, and keep to regular sleeping hours like us. Life would be so terrible if not for you guys. So here's a song for you.

Sorry, I wanted it to be a meaingful song on friendship but actually this song is just stuck in my head. However if it makes you feel better um, well, I pasted this song because you know our friendship is like, life changing. Love you guys!

❤ Jac.

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