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A Guide to Red and White.

Hello guys! National Day is coming!  And as mentioned in my previous post, I love National Day. I get a kick out of doing National Day re...

Hello guys!

National Day is coming! And as mentioned in my previous post, I love National Day. I get a kick out of doing National Day related stuff. Like wearing red with all my homies.
(Me and my very good OG from 4 years back).

And I legitimately like things that are red and white. Like my Starbucks cup, these red velvet cupcakes, and my phones from the HTC One range (read entries here and here).
But I understand that not everyone insists on drinking coffee out of a huge ass mug, think red velvet cupcakes are not worth the calories and carries two phones around with them wherever they go. (I said I understand that this is not the norm, not that I understand the logic behind it). So, I thought I would do up a National Day post for this year which will provide helpful recommendations and details on red and white items which you can easily buy or acquire to wear/carry/display/decorate yourself with on National Day. And I will call it....
1. Forever 21's Rosy Kush Dress
(Via Forever 21).

So while the rest of the world wears red t-shirts and white jeans/ white t-shirts with red skirts or some combination in relation to white and red tops and bottoms, you can look super fashionable in this rose print dress from Forever 21. I have it (aka I look super fashionable).
(Ya ya ya. I too know that my hair is messy. But that's not the point.)

2. Tiger beer
Yes, the nation's award winning beer is now more fashionable than ever. In commemoration of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Tiger Beer has shed its signature corporate colours to don the national colours on its livery. 10 cans for only $25.60! 
(Via Imgur).

Yes I am. And because Jon drinks beer, here are some of his Tiger beer cans which I have stored in my room for his consumption.
Speaking of Tiger Beer and National Day, Nessie and I will be heading down to Overeasy for Tiger's 'Unleash Your Pride' event today! The event is slated to have manicures, temporary tattoos, good music, front row seats to the awesome fireworks! Oh and free beer of course. It is exciting and we are excited!
(Via Apirant SG).

3. Elmo

So you know what is red and white and a good fashion accessory? Elmo.
He's very versatile as you can probably tell. He forms part of the dining table decor. So what you see above is my first meal after I turned 25, and also Elmo in the background. Yes, put him on a white chair and that's about as National Day as you can get. He also makes a good fashion accessory to carry around. I'm serious. GPGT.
Shut up. We all had that awkward ugly phase. Mine is sadly still ongoing. But the point it, if not for Elmo, all the attention would be fixed on...whatever I was. Luckily, my red and white National Day themed Elmo took most of the attention away from my...whatever was going on there.
You can buy Elmo from Toys 'R' Us for I think around $30. But if you want the talking/singing/tickle-me-Elmo version you might have to pay up to $109.90 (which is ridiculous because you can just find a friend to tickle and threaten not to stop until he sings you a song. And you can do this for free.)
4. Santa Claus Hats

Okay so you know, Singapore's all into being a Green City and into recycling right? I mean we even have a website called "Clean & Green Singapore" aka (which I am a bit confused by because I was from Crescent Girls' School).

So you know the drill, maximise usage. What can be used during Christmas should be used during National Day. Candy Canes are red and white, but I believe they have an expiration date and may not be good for consumption if you keep them for too long. Also they make you fat.
So since you know what you can bring wear around on National Day? Those Santa Claus hats that you take out only once a year. Covered in dust, spiders and smelling like the cupboard that you open on an annual basis. But no dear. Now you can ensure that your Santa Claus hats smell fresh because you can wear them out on National Day as well. You see? Here is me and Praveena in our Santa Claus outfits on last Christmas National Day.
5. National Day Apparel
So I guess what you have above are the more creative and hip ways of expressing your patriotism on National Day. If you want to be boring and unorthodox, you could always just purchase some Singapore themed shirts from Giordano.

Or if you're not a tech luddite who is afraid of iBanking, PayPal and generally online transactions in general, HipVan offers a wider range of patriotic tops which you can choose from, going for about $29.90 each.
(Via HipVan).

So in February last year, in one of my very patriotic blog posts on NS45, I mentioned that I wanted to buy this.

But I didn't of course. Because I am the world's best procrastinator. But CHECK OUT WHAT I BOUGHT THIS FEBRAURY.
HOHOHO I AM SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF AND MY SINGAPORE THEMED NAVEL RING. IT IS MY BEST AMAZON PURCHASE EVER. It's actually from Body Candy which only pretends to cater to Singapore credit cards. Luckily, they also sell of Amazon here. I love them very much.

Okay, I think that is enough tips for dressing in red and white this National Day. I have been wearing red and white since last Sunday when I attended the "Go Red this National Day with M&M's®".
Anyway, I hope you are having fun doing whatever National Day things you may be engaging in today! I have been very patriotic this year in terms of dressing and I hope this has been the case for you too! And now I will leave you with a very good and patriotic good song.

❤ Jac.

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