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The HTC One M8.

Hello! So you guys probably know that I am a huge supporter of HTC phones. Always have and probably always will be, judging by the awe...


So you guys probably know that I am a huge supporter of HTC phones.
Always have and probably always will be, judging by the awesome new phones that they continually come up with. The newest and most recent being the very very wonderful HTC One M8. Just look at it. Isn't it beautiful?

Yes. So you might be wondering what the HTC One M8 can do. You've read the reviews. You know it's a good phone that has won awards and is raved about by all the tech enthusiasts. But you're like, "Huh? So? Do I really needs all this? What is this 2.5 GHz quad-core? Is it like an apple core? I'm hungry. I want to eat some apples."

No fear. Jac will break it down for you. So presenting....
#1 The Front Camera.

Okay yes. We know. The primary camera incorporates HTC UltraPixel™ technology, a BSI sensor, pixel size of 2.0 um, sensor size of 1/3”, f/2.0, 28mm lens HTC ImageChip 2. In layman terms, the camera rocks.
"Jac you're biased. Surely you say this for all HTC phones."
No okay. The HTC One XL cannot take extremely clear photos at 140 km/h. Only 50% out of the many shots taken were clear. Tried and tested in Morocco. Here are some of the clear ones.
And here are some of the unclear ones.
The primary camera for the M8 however, lets you take extremely clear photos even as you travel at 140 km/h. I'm serious. Tried and tested in Australia. See for yourself.
And that's just one camera. The HTC One M8 has three.

#2 The Cameras.

So there's the front camera, the primary camera and the secondary camera. There's the front camera which lets you take good selfies.
(Me proving a point to @dk and me staying up for the World Cup.)

And then there are the duo camera. So if you take a look at the back of the HTC One M8, you'd notice that there are two cameras.
The bigger lens is the primary one which takes awesome shots in 4 UltraPixels™. The smaller one on the top however, is of half the resolution but serves to capture depth information. This means that the phone can differentiate the background from the foreground. Let me illustrate.

This is my friend Vik. He's very good and kind and always helps me with English-Tamil translations.
I think this is not a good background and does not showcase Vik's awesomeness enough. So , by using the foregrounder effect of the M8, I can do things like this.
Foregrounder effects from left to right: Sketch, Zoom Blur, Colorize, Cartoon.

Depth perception also enables you to create cool videos just from a photo. This is a photo of me feeding some wallabies in Australia.
And this is me feeding wallabies in Japan amidst the sakura blossoms, Canada amidst the maple leaves, Sweden in the snow, and I forgot where during dadelion season. Yes. I'm so baller that I can afford to forget where I go on holiday. 

There's also this function called 3D dimensions which allows you to change the angle from which the shot of taken at, you know in case someone incompetent took a photo of you from an unflattering angle. Pretty cool eh?

#3 The Photo Editing Functions.

Here's a picture of me I took the other day. My neck had been itching the entire day and at 6:15 pm I realised that I had my dress on backwards. Yes. Such things happen. I'm really not a morning person.
And omg I look horrible. Nothing at all like the portrayal of females on mainstream media. Oh man what should I do. I feel like killing myself. Oh wait, what's this touch-up feature of the HTC One M8? Oh! I can smoothen my skin, contour my face, enhance and brighten my eyes and lighten my complexion! I feel so much more secure and pretty now.
Oh and also you can add cool stickers to your photos. Here is Vik in a Chinese hat thing.
#4 The Speakers.
I'm quite pleased with the speakers. When I first got my HTC One, I was pleasantly surprised to find that  connecting my X-minis to my phone made my music softer instead of louder. I attribute this to the HTC BoomSound™ with dual front-facing speakers. The HTC One M8 uses this same technology, but produces audio that is 25% louder. Also sharper and clearer. I love it. Robert Downey Junior never sounded better.

#5 The Battery.

I would like to say that I currently walk around with only one charger. Out of habit. Most of the time, this charger serves to charge my friends' phones and I hardly use it to charge my M8. And that is how wonderful the battery is.
Yes, I assure you I am. 
(Via Imgur). 

(Via Imgur).

The HTC One M8 is the way to go. In fact, this is the first time I've changed my phone before my contract ended. You see, after using the review set in Australia for two weeks, I decided that I couldn't live without it.

So behold, me and my very own HTC One M8. Check out my swag.
(I say "swag", but actually I had to wear a cap because I'm having a bad hair day and I have to squint because my left eye is red and itchy. Also my cap stands for "Fun, Beautiful, Intelligent" FYIP.)

Also here's a good video that you might want to watch. It's the HTC One M8 ad. It's nothing short of brilliant so I hope you watch it.

I of course, asked the internet. And here are some articles that you might wish to read.
The HTC One M8 comes in Glacial Silver, Gunmetal Gray and most recently, Amber Gold. The Gold is retailing for $958.

Also Singapore Blog Awards! Do remember to cast your vote for me under the Best Individual Blog category!
Okay that's all for now. Have a good rest of your Sunday guys!

❤ Jac.

PS: This review is dedicated to my bitchy friend who is in need of an intervention. 

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