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5 Key Aspirations.

Hello! So I remember there was this " Our Singapore Conversation " last year which distilled the 5 key aspirations of Singap...

So I remember there was this "Our Singapore Conversation" last year which distilled the 5 key aspirations of Singaporeans which are essentially
  • More opportunities
  • Living purposefully
  • Assurance of a comfortable future
  • Building a strong "kampong spirit"
  • Fostering trust

Yes, okay. Very noble of all of you who participated. And rather lacking of detail if you ask me. It is very hard to work towards these very vague goals. I think that if you want to have aspirations, your aspirations should be more specific. What do I mean you ask? Well, okay. Let me share my aspirations with you.

#1. To become a "They".
(Via LA Weekly).

So you're in a dilemma and you don't really know what to do. So you turn to your friends for advice. And funny thing, everyone provides you with anecdotes on what "they" say.
"They say that that time changes things."
"They say that love's more important than money."
"They say good things take time."
"They say that life is a battlefield."
Yes, they are very wise. BUT WHO ARE THEY?! Do you know? They are a mystery! But everyone takes their words without question. Were any experiments done to confirm their theories? No. Does anyone know if their philosophies hold true? No. Can anyone cite examples where their hypotheses didn't failed? No. Are they unreliable? Yes! There are no instances for cross-referencing, background-checking, or scientific inquiry into whether what they say is reliable or not. But their word is taken as law. Or treated as gospel and disseminated amongst the unassuming masses anyway.
(Via Quick Meme).

Anyway, I too, would like to be one of them. I want to make sweeping statements on my hazy , unscientific assumptions about the future and have everything I say indoctrinated in everyone's minds. Yes, I am under the impression that whatever I say makes a lot of sense all the time and everyone should always pay close attention to my words of wisdom. I would make a good king.

I guess I'm not one of them because I have a blog and everyone who reads it knows my face and basically who I am. I've never seen a picture of "them" before. Maybe the reason why I am not one of "them" is because I'm not mysterious enough. I'll have to work on that. I'll start by hiding my true identity and pretending that I'm Irish.
I will surely become one of them one day. Because you know what they say - never lose hope.

#2. To become a mermaid.

The first Disney film I watched was Cinderella. I was 4 and I loved it very much. However, I never wanted to be Cinderella. Why? Well, even at my very young age I was intelligent enough to know that glass is sharp and can cut you. Hence, glass slippers might not be the smartest footwear option in the world.

The next Disney film I watched  was The Little Mermaid. And OMG. I loved it. I had an Ariel Barbie doll and everything. Like a t-shirt with Flounder on it. And also a Little Mermaid pencil. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of these off-hand because my mother had no Facebook to upload them to back in.....1992. Thankfully.

But I digress. The Little Mermaid. I love it. Firstly, Ariel had red hair. To my four year old knowledge, everyone had black or blonde hair. Red hair was the epitome of cool.
(Via The Berry).

Also she was very kickass as she saved Prince Eric. FROM THE SEA. She could swim. There I was having to wear floats around my arms when here is this girl swimming around to save men. How awesome was that?! Okay I know what you are thinking - What are you stupid? She's a mermaid. Also Ariel gave up her friends and family and what not just because of some random guy. Where is your brain. BUT HELLO I WAS FOUR OK. And I thought she was good and strong. The Buffy of the Disney princesses.
(Via Disney).

So because I worshipped Ariel, I truly wanted to become a mermaid. And now I can. You see, the Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy offers 2 hour introductory lessons on becoming a mermaid.
(Via Distractify).

The lesson covers mermaid basics such as the use of a mermaid tail and a photo of your experience. AND IT'S ONLY $40. Please. I need to go there to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a mermaid.
(Via Distractify).

#3. To have a thing.

Okay so you have a normal life, you have a normal job, you have your sort-of normal friends. BUT. You have no thing. What do I mean you ask? Well...take this example for instance.
(Via CBS).
Penny: I don’t know. It’s just, he’s so passionate about so many different things. I just don’t get that way. Do you?
Bernadette: Well, sure. I’m pretty passionate about science. I remember the first time I looked through a microscope and saw millions of tiny microorganisms. It was like a whole other universe. If I wanted to, I could wipe it out with my thumb like a god.
Penny: See? I wish I had some of that fire in my life. I mean, I want to care about things and get excited like you guys.
Bernadette: Well, there’s no reason you can’t.
Penny: You think?
Bernadette: Absolutely. All we need to do is spend a little time and find something you’re passionate about.
Penny: Ugh, that sounds like a lot of work.
Like Penny of course, I aspire to find a thing. I also do not know what thing I would like to find. Just some thing that I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life and can make a good living out of it. I mean, finding a cure for cancer is all well and good, but sometimes staring at chunks of texts makes me want to kill myself.
(Via We Heart It).

Must be cool to have a dream, and drop everything to achieve it. Like Iggy Azalea. Who moved to Miami when she was 16 to become a rapper. I too would like a dream-thing that I can drop everything for. If you have some dream-thing ideas for the only moderately adventurous, please send them to me via the feedback widget thing on the right. I would be happy to find a thing for myself.
(Via Reddit - also I loved Jackie Chan Adventures as a kid and possibly also now).

#4. To be able to hula-hoop.

So when I was younger, I wanted to be an acrobat/gymnast. HEY. I seriously did ok. I decided that I wanted to be a gymnast after watching this gymnastics display in the 1996 Olympics. I don't know who was on or what the routine was like, but I remember going like...

Then in Primary 5 my sister brought me to watch Saltimbanco by Cirque du Soleil and I got to see stuff like this.
I was very inspired ok. Me and my unflexible primary 5 self was determined to get somewhere. So I went home and tried to do a split. For 5 hours. Everyday. So eventually after two weeks I managed to do a split. Sadly, that was not enough to qualify for Cirque du Soleil where even the clumsy clowns are a gaillion times more flexible than me.
(Via Cheezburger).

I was also never able to do a cartwheel until Silver taught me how to last year. (Thanks Silver!) It's very surprising because you know, I'm old now. They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks and all. And they are always right. Luckily, they also said that it's never too late to learn.
However, I still cannot hula hoop okay. I HAVE TRIED. Since primary school okay. I tried during every PE lesson which gave me the opportunity to. BUT I CAN'T. And I am a hardworking person when it comes to doing frivolous stuff. Just check out what I was able to do after practising for one week when I was 12.
(Also yes, that's the shirt that I was wearing in the selfie with my HTC One M8. No I'm not mad - my hair is currently wet so this was what I had to do to take a selfie. And yes this is exactly why I can never share a room with anyone.)

I was also able to do this after about two months of practising.
(Yes I know it's not touching but that is because it is really rather difficult to take a selfie of the back of your thumb touching your wrist. I tried for 10 miutes. And then I gave up.)

So really when I say I tried  very hard to hula hoop, I REALLY TRIED YOU KNOW. So I hope to achieve this one day. Seems rather unattainable at this point in time, but really an infinitely more realistic dream than becoming a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. So okay. I will strive towards this. I think. I hope. Maybe. Yes.

#5. Invent something groundbreaking.

And no, I am not refering to things like the light bulb, the circuit breaker, the automobile or you know, tunnel boring machines which actually break ground. I want to invent something frivolous but indispensible. Like this Leatherdos hairclip right here. Just USD$9.
(Via Animi Causa).

I bet if I bought it I would not be able to live without it. Or like you know, post-its. I can't live without post-its. Or that screw-on cap that fits on top of drink cartons.
(Via SIG).

Yes. I sadly am old enough to remember the time when opening a milk carton was a more precarious task.

Yes and this is what I mean. I would like to invent a frivolous thingamajig that somehow becomes indispensible in daily life. Sadly, what I have been able to come up with so far includes
  • A very big window that we can climb through. 
  • A thing which could bring me from one place to another in air-conditioned comfort.
  • A device which could block out the sound of annoying people.
Yes. I concluded that this is possibly why I haven't invented anything groundbreaking yet, but you know what they say, one can always dream.
(Via Imgur).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my aspirations in life. I'm a very ambitious person as you can probably tell.

Also the voting for the SINGAPORE BLOG AWARDS closes tomorrow! Don't forget to vote okay! I'm in the running for the "Best Individual Blog". You can cast your vote HERE. Also if you do not feel very inclined to vote for me, let me share some propaganda to change your mind.

Okay! And now I'll leave you with this very good and aspirational song to cap things off.

❤ Jac.

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  1. THEY say "Life is what and how you make of it", "The purpose of our lives is to be happy", "How you live a fulfilling life is blah blah blah", "Celery is good for your bowel movements". I suspect that these THEY have pretty clogged up lives themselves.

    ~Your blog fan

    1. HAHA omg you're right. no wonder they do not want us to know who they are.