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This New Museum: Dead or Alive?

Hello! So  Alive Museum recently opened in Singapore just slightly over a week ago on 12 June 2014. And I guess that many of you might ...


So Alive Museum recently opened in Singapore just slightly over a week ago on 12 June 2014. And I guess that many of you might be wondering if going down is worth the trip. So in line with my new initiative to be timely and all that jazz, I decided to do a review on it! (Meanwhile, my Morocco travelogue is still, well, incomplete.)
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Tickets to Alive typically go at $25 for adults. But Jon found this deal on Groupon. I love Groupon. I'm always camping on Groupon for dollar-maximising deals because you know, that's what you do when you're broke and like to travel.
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I've never been to Korea, so I've obviously seen many of my friends taking photos at the original Trick-Eye Museum and Alive Museum there, and I've always wanted to know how this interactive art thing works. And I finally did! And here are some of the photos which we took at Alive.
Pretty cool eh? But if you're not really sure about what you're gonna get into when visiting Alive Museum, here's a lowdown of what you should be prepared for.

1. It's cramped.

Some of the exhibitions are located side by side in rather cramped and awkward angles, so you can't take a photo of your friend without getting in the way of someone else's shot.
Many of the exhibitions also eat into each other so you have to crop many of your photos before they become suitable for upload. (There are better examples than this but I deleted the photos upon taking them).
There are three exhibits (and a man taking a photo of a fourth) in this photo. Can you spot them all?
2. The lighting kind of sucks....

For a museum which brands itself as "a world-class destination for bonding over photo-taking fun". Sorry, it's true. Like some of the spotlights shine directly at you which cause you to be overexposed in photos.
3. Also the backdrops.

Many of the backdrops are reflective and this shows up quite obviously in photos.
4. The free photo sticker?

Forget it. We waited 30 minutes and it didn't get printed. So if anyone wants 2 coupons for a chance to redeem some photo stickers, you may look for me.
If you were looking forward to going to Alive Museum, don't worry, you still can have loads of fun there. I did, I just wish I was better prepared for what I was about to face. So here are some tips for you to arm yourself with before heading down...

TIP #1: Go early, or on a weekday. 

We went on a Saturday afternoon so it was rather packed. Not to the extent where we had no space to manoeuvre at all, but a bit more personal space with the option of standing it optimal angles for photo taking would have been better.
Going during the non-peak hours would also give you the option of taking photos without having others in your shot. Like maybe this photo would have been
Sadly, it turned up more like, "Angry Jac Tears Up The City - What's New?"

TIP #2: Get your camwhore on.

If you think you are camwhore enough for Alive Museum, you are wrong. Well, I was wrong anyway. I thought that taking selfies at every single MRT station in Singapore would have well prepared me for the photo-taking journey that is Alive Museum. But I was wrong. I got tired halfway through and so did Jon. I think old age is catching up with us.
TIP #3: Don't wear skirts.

Unless you're an exhibitionist of some sort, I'd recommend that you not wear a skirt or dress to Alive Museum. Trying to maintain your decency while doing poses such as this doesn't go well together.
Because you know, you'd never know which pervert is trying to do this behind your back.
Also you know, there's a room with a mirrored floor.
So just FYI ok, no skirts. 
(Yes I know it's blur. There were a lot of people so I took and ran without QC-ing).

TIP #4: Load up on chargers.

TIP #5: Make the most out of it.

If you're looking to take flawless photos of yourself doing quirky stuff, then this is not the place to go. Where you actually want to go is to IKEA with a press pass.
(Via Decoist).

So go with someone fun, run around and take many photos, and have a good time while doing it. Don't expect too much. It's kind of like McDonalds'. You know that there's probably better food somewhere else for better prices, but you're willing to pay for the standard of food you're going to get. So this Alive Museum, it's not the most awesome place in the world, but it's quite cool and interesting to visit. Quite worth the Groupon if you ask me! 

Anyway I'd like to leave you with a few more photos from Alive.
And in line with this photo taking theme, here's a very very very good parody video of Nickelback's "Photograph".

Okay hope you found this review useful guys!

❤ Jac.

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  1. Hey Jac,

    Thanks for the great post! Do check out our post of Alive Museum Singapore as well! We particularly loved the shot that seemed like you're wielding the sword in the air!

    Happy Travels Everyone!