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Newton Roast - Fresh on Demand.

Hello guys! So some of you might know that I love roast pork. I do okay. So much so that I learnt how to make it myself because I am greed...

Hello guys!

So some of you might know that I love roast pork. I do okay. So much so that I learnt how to make it myself because I am greedy and I like the idea of having a whole slab of roast pork to myself.

(For recipe, please visit my blog posts here and here).

So I was super psyched when Alvin told me about Newton Roast, a newly opened stall in Newton selling roast pork fresh on demand. (Also yes, I have realised that I like to use the word "so" a lot.)
No, wait. Before you jump to conclusions,  Newton Roast isn't just your typical stall selling roast pork. It sells meat is prepared by culinary chefs with over 15 years of experience in top restaurants. So what you get isn't just you know, roast pork that even I can make.
Here's their signature 6-Pack Pork Belly. It's about 500 g and is now going for an introductory price of $33.90 per piece down from $39.90. It's damn shiok. 
If you're not impressed by the 6-Pack, then check out this K.O. German Knuckle - now $39.90 per piece down from $48.90!
What I like about the pork from Newton Roast is that the skin is really crispy, but the flesh is really moist. I could hear the crackling sound of the skin as I sunk my teeth in, but didn't encounter any tough, chewy flesh after that. THAT, I feel, is the mark of a piece of roast pork that is masterfully done. (This rule also applies to chocolates. Kinder Bueno and Schokobons pass the test with flying colours.)
Casey, owner of Newton Roast attributes this to the high heat which the meat undergoes in his state-of-the-art combi oven from Rational, Germany which is widely reputed as the top rotisserie oven in the world. This means it looks like something this.

Yeah I know. It's very impressive and high-tech. And expensive. It cost $21,000! Enough to buy um, 8,400 plates of chicken rice! It's one of the secrets explaining how Casey and team manage to serve up portions upon portions of crispy roast pork sans the belly fat - a very worthy investment if you ask me.
As Newton Roast aptly puts it, "It's like hot yoga without the yoga!"
Another awesome point about Newton Roast's meat is that it's very well flavoured. And that's because of the unique (and secret) blend of spices they rub on the meat before depositing them into the oven for roasting. Check out how awesome they look when they come out fresh from the oven!
It's damn good, especially when you pair it with beer (but then again, everything tastes better if you pair it with alcohol).
Anyway, another really cool feature of Newton Roast is that you can pre-order stuff online for pick up at a specific time. Casey used to work in the IT industry you see, so orders in the kitchen are viewed on an iPad. In my kitchen at home, orders are usually viewed on the floor. After I drop them. 
This is Wei Kiat explaining how the system works. 

It's very good and tech savvy. My favourite part of the online ordering system is the slider at the bottom which allows you judge how much you can get based on how much you're willing to pay. Convenient. Forever 21 should come up with something like that.
You don't get this option online, but if you're not in the mood for a big slab of roast meat (what's wrong with you?!) you can get a plate "The Loose Ones" ($8 for a small, $15 for a large).
Also this is a unrelated to the food, but I think that their promotional material is quite entertaining.
Okay I am very hungry from typing out this blog post. I am now going to go for lunch at some not-as-awesome-place as Newton Roast. as it's too far from where I am right now. But if you're interested in going there for lunch...

Newton Roast is located at: 
Newton Food Centre
500 Clemenceau Avenue
Singapore 229495

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 2:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Okay hope you will like Newton Roast as much as I did! Thanks for letting me know about this Alvin!
And now I will leave you with a picture of one of their new soon-to-be-launched items.
❤ Jac.

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