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Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay.

Hello guys! So I got a free staycation at the newly opened Holiday Inn Express in Clarke Quay about slightly more than a week back! (Yes y...

Hello guys!

So I got a free staycation at the newly opened Holiday Inn Express in Clarke Quay about slightly more than a week back! (Yes you see? I'm getting better at not procrastinating!) I love Holiday Inns. Firstly, they remind me of a wonderful song which I really like.

(Whachu doin?) Nothing chillin' at the Holiday Innnnn....
(Who you wit?) Me and my peeps won't you bring four of your friends??
(What we gon' do?) Feel on each other and sip on some Hennn
One thing leading to another let the party beginnnnn
GOTCHA. Bet you thought I was going to post Hotel Room Service by Pitbull. OMG I love Chingy. Anyway, I got a free staycation at the Holiday Innnnn (Express) and it was awesome! Let me show you what I appreciated about it (aside from it being free of course).

1. Good Reception.
(Via Quick Meme).

And by that I don't mean cellphone reception. What I mean is that the service staff was nice, smiley and efficient. Which is exactly what you want when you are on holiday. I mean, you can be as grouchy, sloppy, and sluggish as you want. But because you are on the holiday, the rest of the world should run like Usain Bolt on steroids. Which is really efficiently. As it is, this is how quickly he moves without steroids.
(Via The Mirror).

Another thing about the reception is that, the desk, is AWESOME. Okay, let me explain. So I have a terrible habit of not packing my bags. For instance, here is the inside of my Michael Kors bag. There are two kiwis inside because it was fruits day in my office.
Here is the inside of my Longchamp bag. If you look carefully, you can see my Scoot boarding pass from Australia dated two weeks back.
And here is one of my Kate Spade bags. And before you ask, the answer is - yes, I do like to make sure that I have easy access to coffee wherever I go.
I could go on but the neverending showcase of how I can simultaneously have so many disorganised bags would be very even more embarrassing.

Anyhow, this usually ends up in me having to lug around an extremely heavy bag because I just grab whatever I think might possibly be necessary and dump it into the bag of the day. You know, better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. PLUS, do you know how heavy 7 chargers can be? I develop serious shoulder muscles just from carrying my handbags on a daily basis.
And Holiday Inn Express understands that. See how they have little ledges at the reception desks which you can chuck your heavy handbags on?
They are positioned at a good height so that you still can rummage through them to find your passport/ credit card/ OCD medication. Brilliant.

2. Vending Machines.
I don't know about you but I'm turning 22 I love vending machines. They are the epitome of convenience. You can buy the most practical things at any hour of the day, without having to talk to anyone. Craving M&M's at 3:30 am? Just saunter down to the lobby in your t-shirt and shorts, drop some coins into the machine, grab your M&M's, and head back to your room to devour them with gusto. No need to dress up and head to the 7-Eleven, no need to make small talk with the bored cashier on the midnight shift. Vending machines = Love.
(Via Design Taxi).

3. Rooftop Pool.

Rooftop pools are the in-thing now. I'm guessing. I have never been the coolest kid on the block. But you know, in my attempts to be cool and happening, I watch a lot of rap videos and this is what I see. Like B.O.B. in High Life right here.
(Via College DJ).

If you are a Singaporean who hasn't watched the video, I would advise you not to. I can't really remember how it's like, but I just remember lots of painful wincing on my part. But for the more adventurous ones, here it is.

Anyway, Holiday Inn Express has a rooftop pool too! And it's really cool. Take a look for yourself - here are some shots of the pool area.
The view from the pool is pretty sweet too! More rustic with a mix of both the old and new buildings instead of your usual city skyline view with the shiny MBS and One Raffles Place (but you can still see them if you squint). Quite a refreshing change.
Also here is a picture of me in the pool.
You must be wondering, "Why is Jac looking at the ground and smiling like an idiot?" Well, here's the thing. The pool of the Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay is kind of like a fish tank. The water is filled into this glass enclosure instead of a hole carved into the floor. So you can see the strange things that people do underwater. Like what these two idiots are doing here.

Yes I hope you were amused too. HAHA.

4. Stylish and Functional Rooms.

So I know many travellers are concerned about how big and luxurious a room is. Well, I think that the rooms in Holiday Inn Express aren't that big (you aren't staying in a 5 star hotel, let's be realistic), but you're definitely getting your money's worth. Thee room uses yellow light, which is better and more conducive for falling asleep while watching television. For you to maximise your sleeping experience, the bed comes with both soft and firm pillows. I have no preference. But I think the soft ones are for sleeping and the firm ones are for hitting the snoring person beside you. Firm = More Impact.
The room also has this very cool slanted window which is reminiscent of the attics as described in a number of Enid Blyton books which I read as a child.
And also because the room is compact, you can kinda be in two places at once. Here I am in both the bathroom and the bedroom at the same time.
There is also a fridge which is empty. I always appreciate empty fridges because it means that I can stock it full of my own snacks which I feel are better than over-priced hotel snacks any day. Saves me time from removing all the contents of the fridge because you know um, big bottle of um, Coke Light take up a lot of space.

5. Breakfast.
I like hotels which provide me with complimentary breakfasts. Why? Because breakfast comes in the morning, time which is better spent asleep rather than awake. But since waking up in the morning is inescapable at times, I appreciate hotels which keep my decision making in the morning to a minimum. This means less brain work for me, and a better holiday for me and whichever lucky soul is travelling with me.

So here's the Holiday Inn Express' breakfast area! It's very well put together.
And each booth comes with something very important, A POWERPOINT.
Coupled together with the free Wi-Fi, it's not very unusual to see people logged on while having a quick bite for breakfast.
6. Location.

Also this may be a rather obvious point to make, but valid nonetheless. Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay is situated in a very central (and hip, and cool, and awesome) location. I have spent many memorable nights some of which I have sadly forgotten in Clarke Quay. I love Clarke Quay.
Clarke Quay was also where Nessie and I caught T-Pain and Pixie Lott live!
Good times. Coincidentally, Jon and I will be going for  "A Midsummer Night’s Feast”, Clarke Quay's first-ever pop-up dining event at an undisclosed location within its premises this Thursday. Very excited! 
Anyway, Holiday Inn Express Singapore is located at 2 Magazine Road, Singapore 059573, and you can always visit their website for more information on bookings and what not. If you want to tell the world about your experience in Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay, you can hashtag your posts with #StaySmartCQ. Holiday Inn Express also has accounts on Twitter and Facebook, just in case you feel like stalking them online.

Okay and that wraps up my review/ staycation at Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay. I'd recommend that you stay there. Good, clean and reliable. Like all other Holiday Inns and Holiday Inn Expresses around the world. And now I'd like to leave you with this photo I took.

And of course, this extremely good music video of Pitbull. (What, you really thought I would pass on an opportunity to post it?)

❤ Jac.

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