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Girls are Complicated.

Hello! So recently my friend Aaron and I were gossipping about some guy who was "It's Complicated" with a girl when he said ...


So recently my friend Aaron and I were gossipping about some guy who was "It's Complicated" with a girl when he said this.

Naturally, my reply went something like this.

Why? Girls are complicated. Truly they are. Every single one of us are. Don't lie okay girl. You may think you are not complicated, but truly, you are. Take me for example, you see? Because I am so level-headed and even-tempered all the time, I have managed to fool everyone, including my good friend Aaron into thinking that I am an simple and uncomplicated soul. But dude. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. And let me reveal some snippets of what a dark and complicated being I am behind this facade of normalcy.
1. When people touch my phone, I freak out.

I don't know why. It's not like I have sensitive information or secrets on my phone. The most offensive content that I possibly have on my phone is probably this set of photos.
Which isn't that bad at all. But I have this complex. You know, because I'm complicated. So if you touch my phone without my permission, I kill you many times over in my head and in conversations I have with myself my good friend Nessie.
(Via someecards).

2. When I want something, I MUST get it.

Or I go psychotic.
(Via Imgur).

To myself of course. I don't tell the whole world about my inability to acquire stuff. And I'm not talking about long term dreams of course. Who has time to chase those when I'm having problems getting my morning coffee, replies to my emails and WhatApps, and pizza in the middle of the night.
(Via someecards).

To give a more specific example, I saw this Rip Curl bikini in Australia and I didn't manage to get it in my size because one of the sales people in one of the outlets got her info mixed up. I thought there was an in-between size which would fit me better when there actually wasn't. Later on when I was hunting in the other Rip Curl stores I found out that there was no in-between size and that they didn't have the bikini in my size, which was the size I tried at the first store. Long story short I didn't get my bikini and you have no idea how many times I kill myself in my imagination for not buying it at the first store. In fact, I'm stabbing myself in the heart in my head right now. FUCK.
(Via Quizzical Llama - I wanted to put a picture of someone stabbing himself in the heart but the pictures were too gruesome for my liking. Deep down, I'm a pacifist - a calm and peaceful soul.)

PS: Also, don't tell me to look for it online. I am the best online shopper I know but even I can't find it online. But if you tell me to look for it online, this would be my reaction IRL.
(Via Deviant Art).

And this would be the scenario as played out in my head.

Yeah I know, I'm a complicated bitch. Deal with it.

3. I am selectively OCD.

So I watch a lot of American dramas and here's what I've learnt about OCD. If you have it, it permeates your entire life. Take Sheldon for example. His OCD is consistent. He cares about his spot.

He cares about his clothes.

He cares about his schedule.

(Yes, I am quite proud that I managed to find this calendar online).

I on the on the other hand, am inconsistently OCD. My clothes. I care about them so much.
My photos. I care about them so much.
The insides of my bags?
Not so much.

My table at home? Well...
Yeah so I obviously don't care very much for order when it comes to my bags and my table. BUT. I have committed the position of every single item on my table to heart. And if you happen to be in my house and for goodness knows what reason start to shift the stuff on my table, OH HELL. You will truly understand what "Hell Hath No Fury" means.

And by you I mean the imaginary you. The one who lives in my head. The real you probably won't know because on top of everything, I have confrontational issues as well.
(Via Where To Get).

Yes. Okay and because I want to maintain a more or less intact front of sanity, I shall stop listing all my damaged qualities portions of my quirky personality online. Yes. All girls are complicated. The uncomplicated ones just hide it better. But, I'd like to reassure you that I'm actually emotionally stable, mentally sound and extremely aware about the world around me.
Oops I mean...
And now I'd like to leave you with a very extremely good song that Nessie recommended the other day. It's very good. 


Okay hope you guys had a good weekend! Cheers!
❤ Jac.

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