Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Road Directions.

Hello guys! So many of you might already know that I LOVE travelling. And that I recently went to Australia for the first time ever. ...

Hello guys!

So many of you might already know that I LOVE travelling. And that I recently went to Australia for the first time ever.

Yes, it's true. In my life, I've spent three weeks in Morocco and barely two weeks in Australia and Malaysia combined. Anyway! I'm sure that you've all heard that Australia is a very confusing place where nothing works like how it normally would. I think it's mostly due to everything in Australia being the wrong side up.

Anyway! So Jon and I went on a road trip around Australia and we came across some very confusing signs. Luckily, because I am well-travelled, well-read and well-versed in many things including deciphering road signs, we managed to find our way around Australia with barely a hitch. So presenting,
#1. Do not overtake, rioting vehicles ahead.
#2. Beware: tough math problems ahead (paths include trigonometry, percentages and addition).
#3. Caution: Drunk road ahead.
#4. Singing Vegetables Ahead.
(Via The Mom Buzz).

#5. Gym with fancy equipment 20 m to the left.
#6. Vehicular Marathon Alert: Cars, Cars 2 and Planes.
(Via NY Daily News).

#8. PREPARE TO STOP: Man selling Lollipops from Truck.

Weed flavoured lollipops no less. More on the New York Post.
#9 Hawkeye Alert.

(Via Comic Vine)

#10. Beware of Catapult.
#11. Beware of Australian Catapult.
#12. Pentagon Ahead.
#13. Triangle (aka Australian Pentagon) ahead.
#14. No curly stuff.
Okay! I'm sure that this list will be very helpful to those of you travelling to Australia in the coming months. However, if you're still a little worried about the strange Australian road signs and all, don't sweat it! These Australians are really good. They know how stressful driving can be and have set up designated areas where you can play Tetris to unwind and relax.
You may think that Tetris is a little backward, but that's okay. I think living in a land of THIS,
(Via Clicky Pix).

(Via Meme Mage).

(Via Lol and Troll).

Is reason enough for Australians to be playing Tetris while the rest of the world is playing Diablo III, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Age of Empires (which I play). Besides, Tetris teaches you the harsh realities of life.
(Via Oiomi).

Which the Australians need I guess, since they face death on a daily basis.

And before I end my extremely informative post, I would like to share this good video from the BBC which shows how they made car racing in the UK fair for their Australian visitors.

And also a very good song from my favourite Australian DJ Havana Brown.

Cheer guys!
❤ Jac.

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