Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mothers Like Flowers.

Hello guys! Firstly, I'M GOING TO ICELAND! Thank you all very much for your support and your votes. I'm still in the midst of than...

Hello guys!

Firstly, I'M GOING TO ICELAND! Thank you all very much for your support and your votes. I'm still in the midst of thanking everyone whom I've disturbed on Facebook messenger over the past week, but seriously guys, thank you so much for liking my post. I appreciate it. Especially when my face looked like something out of a horror film.

But more on that another time after I have more details on my trip to Iceland. Because now I'm really clueless about everything Iceland. As evident from this conversation I just had with Cameron.

Yup. Sometimes my intelligence astounds even myself. Anyway! Mother's Day is coming up (it's on 11 May). And I'm getting my mother flowers. My mother loves flowers.

No wait, you don't understand. Like, she really LOVES FLOWERS. Let me show you some pictures of my house museum.
Yes, that's my house, not a page out of Flowers United Magazine. Not convinced that my mother loves flowers? Let me show you this album she has on Facebook.
MY MOTHER IS SO CUTE RIGHT? *sigh*. I love her very much. Anyway, I am sure you guys love your mothers too (if you don't, please go to a corner and reflect). And since Mother's Day is coming up, maybe you want to buy her some flowers. 
Unless your mother hates flowers of course. But you know, I grew up in a house where my mother buys flowers more often than she goes marketing for groceries. So, I don't understand a situation where a mother would dislike flowers. 
(Via The Checkout).

So anyway! My very good friend Avril is now an entrepreneur! She is now a florist selling flowers and stuff at "Sunday Morning Florist". Check out some of her work here!
Anyway, Sunday Morning Florist is now having a Mother's Day Promotion where these are up for grabs!
So these are bouquets made by Avril. The bouquets come in two sizes - a huge ass one with 18 pink carnations, and a slightly smaller ass one with 12 pink carnations. If your mother doesn't like carnations, you can ask Avril to change it to some other flower. She is very nice and friendly. I sometimes Don't worry. 
(Via JPEGY).

Also! Both bouquets come with 6 cake pops because what is a celebration without cake?
(Via someecards).

Anyway! Your orders can be collected at the following times:  
  • 9 May: 11pm - 9pm
  • 10 May: 8:30am - 12 noon
(It is now important for you to note that she sells flowers on a daily basis, not just on Sunday Mornings)

Email hello@sundaymorningcelebrations.com and quote JW (because "Jacqueline Wong") to get 10% off your order! Anyway, Avril is still working on getting her website up. But meanwhile, do visit her Facebook Page and follow her Instagram for pretty photos of flowers!

And now I leave you with a good song about flowers.

Sorry, it was the first song which came to mind. Oh and by the way, I found a picture of my room on my mother's Facebook page. She captioned it "Trying to add an aesthetic touch to Jac's room despite the unsavoury message she hung on her door knob". (She's referring to the bottle of leaves on the shelf).
Okay I'm sleepy now! Avril I will claim a Redbull and a coffee from you if I fall asleep at work tomorrow.

❤ Jac,

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  1. Hi! Came across your blog while I was at work (you know, the usual thing of taking an eye break from paperwork and then you realized the day's almost done and you've spent all your time on Fb. Wow go me.) And just wanna say that it's an amusing read. The first post that I clicked on was actual from 2013 about your blind date with Matthew (I felt your pain ugh) and I've been clicking backwards and reading. You sound like a fun girl and just uh.. wanna say I appreciate your blog? Updating regularly takes a lot of dedication.

    Okay I'll stop being random now.

    - Haz (fighting_goddess@hotmail.com)