Friday, April 04, 2014

Good things with lightning bolts.

Hello guys! So if you haven't already noticed, I quite like lightning. Like my collage of lightning pictures. Or my lightning bolt ...

Hello guys!

So if you haven't already noticed, I quite like lightning. Like my collage of lightning pictures.

Or my lightning bolt bangle that I bought from Forever 21 for just USD $0.99 last week.
(Via Forever 21).

Or, this very awesome bottle of vodka I got a while back!
Okay you can't tell how pretty and awesome it is, so here's another picture are a few more pictures!
Yes, clearly, I am not a graphic designer for a food magazine and have no authority whatsoever in digital imaging. Luckily, photoshop and other related skills play no part in my very important job of ensuring that the top secret Gong Cha recipe remains a secret.

I do however, have some knowledge over what makes a good vodka. And let me just say, FOU-DRÉ, is THE BEST vodka that I've ever tasted. 
That's right. Jac has chosen her favourite alcohol of them all. And it's not very surprisingly vodka. But let me tell you more about me and this new vodka.
So you might have heard that some time last year, I went on this blind date where I told this guy that vodka wasn't my favourite kind of alcohol because he was annoying me. Well, I lied. As evident from the pictures below, Vodka is my favourite kind of alcohol.
And, because I'm considerate and would like to spare all of you that awkward moment of asking me what's my favourite drink before you buy me one of my many free future drinks, my favourite drink is Vodka Coke Light. Future Jac thanks you very much.
(Praveena and I looking dapper with our Vodka Coke Lights).

Sometimes, I am very thankful that my favourite drink can be used as a chaser for my alcohol. Vodka Coke Light? Delightful. Vodka Soya Bean Milk? A stomach ulcer waiting to happen.

Anyway, this very good guy called DJ contacted me after I put up that post declaring my love for vodka and introduced me to FOU-DRÉ, a vodka which he then had just starting importing into Singapore in small batches. I was extremely excited after knowing how the bottle looked like. I mean did you see it?
(Via Flow Design).

Firstly, it's in the shape of a lightning bolt. And secondly, it's purple! One of my favourite colours! I'm not kidding. Here is some photographic proof.
Like the theory with Coke Light and Vodka, it's really fortunate that these two components I like go so well together. Purple and Lightning? Awe-inspiring. Purple and chicken drumsticks? Yet another case of stomach ulcers.

So the design of the bottle is obviously the rather minor reason contributing to my love for FOU-DRÉ, the major reason being the vodka housed within this wonderful bottle. The vodka, is delicious. You know that burning sensation you get when you down certain brands of alcohol? You don't get it with FOU-DRÉ. I promise. It's that smooth.
(Via someecards).

Also, because FOU-DRÉ is infused with a blend of pomegranate and ginger, and some other exotic fruits (which I do not know but I'm guessing lime and kiwi?) it tastes delightful. Seriously. There's a sweet and fruity taste to it. I was very pleasantly surprised when I first tried a shot of it. You really don't need any mixers to enjoy this. So you know, it's perfect for guys who secretly like girly drinks but have to conform to social convention and drink stuff on the rocks.
(Via Leeds).

But maybe you have bad judgement and don't want to take my word for it. So here's a list of some awards that FOU-DRÉ has garnered recently.
Anyway, REJOICE, because FOU-DRÉ is now available in Singapore! I'm looking very forward to the launch which will be some time soon!

You can get your own bottle of FOU-DRÉ from for $118. Or, you can try to win a bottle from's Facebook page here. Anyway, more information on FOU-DRÉ can always be found on the FOU-DRÉ website, or Facebook page. There's lots of cool content available including suggested cocktail recipes and chances for you to get free bottles of FOU-DRÉ.

Okay! Anyway, alcohol and lighting is good and I surely will bring some FOU-DRÉ to the Electric Run party happening next week! 

IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME! And now, let me leave off with an electrifying song which is apt for drinking, clubbing, and also related to one of my more popular blog posts.


❤ Jac.

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