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Good Places to Shop.

Hello! So most of you might have seen that I recently went shopping.... Yes. I excel at only a few things, which leaves me with lot...


So most of you might have seen that I recently went shopping....

Yes. I excel at only a few things, which leaves me with lots of time to cultivate my um, excellence at that few things. (Description is not something I excel at, apparently). Spouting nonsense is one of the things I'm good at. Wasting time is another. But being dellusional is also something that I suspect that I'm good at so maybe I'm actually bad at going off tangent and talking off the top of my head and good at spending my time productively.
(Via someecards).

So I have been receiving some questions on where I go to shop online, what I buy online, and how much I spend when I shop. And you know, because I am helpful, altruistic and always willing to assist others, here's a rundown of my shopping.

1. Forever 21

So I'm not sure if you're already aware of this, but I love Forever 21. Forever 21 is great! Let me explain why. There's a wide variety of clothes available there.

From slutty to sensible.
From casual to cocktail.

From sporty to sluggish.
This means that Forever 21 can effectively be my one-stop-shop for fashion. My work clothes, my clubbing clothes, my sleeping clothes, my dance clothes, my exercise clothes, my Holland Village clothes, my whatever. FOREVER 21 HAS EVERYTHING! And I can buy them anytime. As you know, the internet never sleeps. 

But you know what's my favourite part about the clothes in Forever 21? They reach out to you. They connect with you. They speak with you.
And I respond with a very loud "ADD TO CART" every single time.

Click below to get links to all the Forever 21 products I've just listed! (There are many).


2. Urban Outfitters
(Via The Drum).

Urban Outfitters is a wonderful place full of quirky things for me to buy. One example would be this mug I bought for my birthday last year. It's awesome.
Sadly I no longer have it because it cracked after I filled it up with hot coffee. You see, I usually make very bad judgement calls when caffeine is lacking from my system.
(Via someecards).

Anyway, let me show you some other quirky items that are availabe on Urban Outfitters.
Do you see what all these items have in common? That's right! They are multifunctional! And multifunctional things always good. Take the examples above for instance, the shot glass on a movable coaster can also double up as a Spin-The-Shot Game, the very functional Contrast Band Print Hipster is tastefully decorated with the appealing slogan "WISH YOU WERE BEER", and the wall decoration with the reminder on whether things are on or notcan also be used as a Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener.

Don't agree with me? Have a drink.

Still don't agree with me? That's too bad because I'm right and you're wrong. Oh well. Accept the fact that life is tough, dry your eyes and move on. And cover your injured ego with some plasters with some aptly printed phrases on them.

3. ThinkGeek
(Via Memory Alpha).

Confession: I am quite geeky. No, really. As in, I am not one of those geeks who got a Computer Science degree when they were 12, or one of those geeks who can solve mathematical problems without even blinking. BUT, I am geekier than the average person on the street.

Here are some of my geek qualifications:
  • I reformatted my first computer when I was 14
  • I started my collection of the X-Men Evolution comic book series when I was 14, and completed the entire collection when I was 15
  • (okay, that was because it was cancelled after the 9th issue that's not my fault)
  • I can complete a Rubik's cube
  • I am a webmaster
  • (I really am ok, I am not bluffing you)
  • I can solve complex maths problems if you give me enough time
  • (up to A level standards, I cannot do anything beyond that)
But I digress. My point is, I am geeky enough to appreciate merchandise on ThinkGeek and I appreciate the sense of pseudo-superiority I get when I wear/use something that will confuse some people I know. Like this doormat right over here.
(Via ThinkGeek).

But that's just me. I feel the need to give myself an ego boost every now and then because I don't get to feel smart very often you see. I am still failing at finding the Missing Link, instilling peace amongst all nations, and also locating the mising MH370 plane. Oh, my life. Anyway, ThinkGeek also has plenty of other cool stuff! Like this infectious disease stress ball, which is really grossing me out btw. I shudder every time I see the gif.
(Via ThinkGeek).

They also have really cool stuff which you can buy and put around your house. Like this melting clock à la Dali's painting "The Persistence of Memory". (Yeah, I have no idea how I know this).
(Via ThinkGeek).
(Via Wikipedia).

Currently, I have my eyes on these really cool towels from ThinkGeek. One in the style of an old school Game Boy, and the other resembling something out of a psycho-killer horror flick.
(Via ThinkGeek).
(Via ThinkGeek).

And also this shirt.
(Via ThinkGeek).

Sometimes people ask me that you know, when my electronic gadgets don't work. Like there was this time my phone suddenly shut down and I was unable to turn it back on after trying for like, 2 hours. So I appealed for help on Facebook. And this guy....
Guy, "Did you try turning it on?"
Me, "Yes."
Guy, "Did it have battery?"
Me, "Yes."
Guy, "Did you try charging it?"
Me, "Yes."
Guy, "Did it charge?"
Me, "Yes."
Guy, "Are you sure?"

Me, "Yes."
Guy, "Cannot be. You see wrongly is it?"
I did not talk to him for 1 month after that. BUT WITH THIS SHIRT, I will be reminded that some people do require this question to be directed at them before they actually proceed to do what us normal people feel is common sense. And I will be okay with people asking me stupid questions. Because I will be feeling powerful in my future newly acquired superhero underwear.
(Via ThinkGeek).

4. #NYLONshop
(Via #NYLONshop).

So #NYLONshop is a rather new addition to my list of favourite online stores. Nessie introduced it to me. #NYLONshop, like many of the other stores I like, have good phrases and slogans splashed across the front of its products. Like so.
You see? Like Forever 21, the the stuff on #NYLONshop speaks to you. And also let's people around you know that you're not to be messed with. Like these "I Hate Everyone" bags that Nessie and I just got.
These bags are from a designer named "Jac Vanek". Inspiring bags from a designer with an inspiring name. Makes sense.

But I must admit that #NYLONshop isn't perfect. For one thing, the items that they sell are a bit pricey, and also they don't accept Singapore-issused credit cards, which make buying stuff kind of a hassle. But most importantly, my name is missing from this Princess Names Pullover. Appalling really.
But it's okay. I don't mind really. Honest to blog.
(Via #NYLONshop).

Click below to get links for the #NYLONshop products listed!

5. Book Depository.

I don't know about you, but buying books is always a challenge because I have to carry them home after paying for them and books can be heavy. Well, it was a challenge anyway.
But you know, I don't know why but some people think it's unreasonable for me to hire Jon as a full-time butler. Apparently, if I hire someone, I'm expected to pay them. So, Book Depository is the way for me to get the books that I want.
And also other relevant crap that I may choose to buy. As such.
But seriously though, Book Depository is a great way for you to order books and get them delivered to your house. In the world of online shopping, free shipping is king.
(Via someecards).

Click below to get links for the Book Depository products listed!

6. Amazon
(Via Amazon).

Do you know what's so great about Amazon? It has everything. You can purchase almost anything you want from a number of buyers in ONE PLACE.

From Diet Coke to Diet Coke outfits.
(Via Amazon and Amazon).

Seriously, Amazon has everything. ThinkGeek, Kate Spade, Nike, Havaianas, Martha Stewart, Pitbull name it, they have it, AND THEY CAN SHIP TO SINGAPORE. (Sometimes you have to do a bit of work to achieve this but you know, it's worth it).

Anyway, check out one of my latest purchases from Amazon. I'm extremely proud of it.
Honourable Mention: HipVan
(Via HipVan).

So I quite like HipVan - they sell a wide variety of stuff, which I appreciate. They have geeky stuff like this awesome 3D Captain America Shield Light.
And also like indie finds like this locally made Mango & Lime Jam from GSH Conserves ($4, quite cheap).
HipVan also stocks a wide variety of local merchandise. Apart from the Mango & Lime Jam above, HipVan also sells random paraphenelia from Singapore. Like such.
HipVan is actually where I discovered Epigram books! Which, like all my favourite stuff, speak to you on many different levels.
That being said I would like to say that HipVan only gets a "honourable mention" instead of being a recommended "Go-To" shopping site because my order was delayed and they only told me this after I sent in an email enquiry a month later. Granted that they did provide me with a $15 afterwards, but you know, I think online stores should be proative in notifying you should anything happen with your order.

Click below to get links for the #HipVan products listed!

Okay I hope you guys found this post entertaining if not useful. Happy Good Friday! (Do people actually wish that? Oh yes. They do. There is a website called "Happy Good Friday 2014")

And now I'd like to leave you with a good song which is good for shopping.

Hmm, actually scratch that. I can't remember the last time ever feeling rich. Here is a song for poor people like me to shop to.

Happy long weekend everyone!
❤ Jac.
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  1. I had the same problem with Hipvan. Didn't they just have a bunch of angel investors pouring money on them? Tsk tsk... Moral of the story; more money = more problems. Listen to the B.I.G. kids.