Saturday, April 19, 2014

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia

Hey guys, So Jon and I went to En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia for a tasting about two weekends ago. We got to try quite a few thi...

Hey guys,

So Jon and I went to En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia for a tasting about two weekends ago.
We got to try quite a few things on the menu (hohoho). We started out with the Sashimi Platter which featured 5 types of fish - salmon, yellowtail, tuna, red snapper and swordfish. Looks delicious hor?

FYI, this is actually how the fishes look like before they are put on the plate. 
(Via Wikipedia [1] [2], Oregon Live, Sport Fishing, and Parker Design).

Not so delicious. So good job to the Japanese for coming up with sashimi and kudos to the chefs at En Dining for putting the sashimi platter together so well!

We also had the sashimi salad which was extremely good. There was this very crunchy vegetable in it which I really liked. I think it was kelp.
And also California Maki, which was really fresh. 
Here's the salmon and beef carpaccio that we had. It was Jon's first time having raw meat and he was pleasantly surprised by how tasty and flavourful the beef was. (And also that the beef had no meaty smell to it).
We also got to try the sushi platter and some Izakaya-esque yakitori (grilled skewers). They were good, but not the best items on the menu.
And also their famous shabu-shabu. I have also found out that shabu-shabu is called shabu-shabu because that's the duration of time you're supposed to dip the beef into the broth - as long as it takes for you to say "shabu-shabu". (I have never typed shabu-shabu so many times in my life).
We also got to try the Goya Chanpuru whch is a dish from Okinawa with fried egg, bittergourd, and tofu. We got Greg (En Dining Guy) to order it because its his favourite dish there.
THEN THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE DISH! The Queen Crab! Wow it was extremely fresh and succulent. I highly recommend it.
Anyway, I am sure some of you are like "Jac, are you sure you like this place so much? You're not that big a fan of Japanese food." OPLS. Maybe you would not take my word when it comes to food, but surely you will trust me when it comes to ALCOHOL.
So they brought out this wonderful 1.5 litre bottle of Gekkeikan Sake. It's divine. Also I have learnt that Japanese don't down their shots of sake. They sip it. You may guess how I acquired this information. Also the white beer there is awesome. Jon and I were extremely pleased.

Anyway, if you're interested in checking out this place here's a link to their menu, website and Facebook page. And because you have stayed till the end of my blogpost, you can enjoy a 10% discount on the buffet or any ala-carte dishes. Just quote “bloggers promotion”. From now till 31st April!

Find them here:

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Alocassia - 383 Bukit Timah Road #01-01 Alocassia Apartments Singapore 259727

And now I will leave you with a very good Japan-related song.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

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