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The HTC One max.

Hello! Today I'd like to talk about two phones, the HTC One, and the HTC One max. As you might already know, I am a huge fan of HTC ph...


Today I'd like to talk about two phones, the HTC One, and the HTC One max. As you might already know, I am a huge fan of HTC phones.

My first smart phone was the HTC Desire.
This was followed by the HTC One XL.
Which I sadly lost. Like I was really sad because it was still in good condition. And also because I like to keep the phones that I've bought. I don't trade them in. My third phone, which I'm currently using, is the HTC One.
(Yes, I'm Asian. Deal with it.)
(Via Quick Meme).

Anyway, I've been really happy with my HTCs, so I was very excited when I was given a chance to test the HTC One max.
(I am raising the roof with the One max).

Okay okay, and on to my review. I'll start off with the good points.

#1 Front Camera Timer

So, I SUCK AT SELFIES. But have you seen the latest selfie project I embarked on with Jon? Really not bad right?
And that's due to a few features that HTC (not just the One max) has to offer. One of them being the self-timer function. Which I realise that Apple doesn't have. Because I tried to take a selfie of myself with both my HTC phone with an iPad. It was really awkward and I was unable to do this. In the end I took a selfie with Jon's Samsung Note 3.
Yes it's blur. I told you I am bad at selfies. The only clear selfie that I managed to take that day, was this one which I took by accident.
For the benefit of Apple users, I have just taken a screenshot of me taking a selfie with the HTC One so that you can see how the timer function works. This screenshot of a selfie was extremely challenging and took me 15 minutes to achieve.
Anyway, from this screenshot, you can see the countdown at the right-hand corner of the screen, which makes it very convenient, especially when you want to take selfies where both your hands are in the picture. Or if you want to compose yourself and give yourself some lead time before the shot goes off.

This feature is available on Android devices like HTC Ones and the Samsung Note 3. I would like to say that with the HTC, you can aim, wait for your timer count down and take your photo, review it, and immediately return to the camera app to do a retake your selfie if you so need to (and I always do). If you have the Note 3, you have to reset your timer each time after reviewing your photo. How inconvenient. And if you have an Apple, well, I don't know how you can even take a selfie. I tried. I can't.
(Via tickled).

#2 Camera
So obviously if you want to take selfies, you would also be concerned about the camera that comes with your phone. And I'd like to inform you that the HTC One max (and also the One), has a 4 ultrapixel rear camera, and a 2.1 megapixel front camera. Yes, ultrapixels. Your megapixels can go and eat some high resolution dust.
Screenshot off a video taken in Merzouga, Morocco with my HTC One XL.

But seriously though, the camera's really not bad at all. Apart from using it to take selfies for the MRT selfie project, I also used it on my most recent trip to Hong Kong-Macau-Shanghai-Beijing. Here are some of the photos that I took using the One max's camera. You be the judge.

#3 Fingerprint Scanner

So yes, I know that some of you might think that the iPhone 5S is really cool and stuff with it's fingerprint scanner. But, it's really not all that convenient because it's located in the front of the phone.

From what my friends with 5S have told me, scanning your fingerprint is often a double-handed process where you use one hand to steady your iPhone and the other to scan your print. How lehceh this sounds. Look how easily this can be done with the HTC One max where the fingerprint scanner is located at the back of the phone!

So the display of the One max is really sharp and it can view visuals at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 5.9 HD screen, and the speakers are awesome. The HTC One and HTC One max are the only phones which come with built in speakers which are more powerful than my x-minis. Really. I plugged my x-minis into both phones and was surprised to hear that even at maximum volume, the sound was still softer than both phones at 75% volume. And louder is always better when it comes to playing trashy hip-hop music, the best kind of music there is.

(I just Googled. The reason why the sound is so loud is due to some HTC innovation called "BoomSound".) However, while I really love the HTC One max, I've identified about one drawback that comes with this phone.

#1 Size
As many of you might already know, the HTC One max is rather large. Here is a photo of me and the HTC One max - I took it for an earlier post because everyone was asking me how big the HTC One max was.
HAHA. Yes you see? It's rather big. As big as my face. It can fit nicely into the back pocket of my jeans, and also the pocket of my winter coat (I know this because I wore my coat in Shanghai and Beijing, not because I was wearing it around Singapore), and it's handy if you're the scattered-brain kind who likes to know that your phone is with you at all times. Because you can feel it whenever it's in your pocket, no matter what. There's no missing it. Unlike King Kong in this picture.
(Via Imgur).

However, I'm more of a shorts kind of person. So you know, I really won't be able to fit this phone into the pockets of my shorts. Which may be a problem. Also while this phone might be good for highly myopic people because of the huge screen, I got Lasik when I was 21. And I'm a very secretive person in a job dealing with highly-classified military intel. So I would rather have a smaller phone so that KPO people in the MRT won't be able to read my top secret whatsapps over my shoulder. For me, bigger isn't always better.
(Via Vimeo).

Also, for a very big phone, it is funny that the slot for the SIM is rather small and only takes in micro-SIM cards. But no worries. If you're stuck in a situation where you only have a SIM card and you desperately need to fit it into the HTC One max (or any other phone with a microsim slot for that matter), you can always cut the SIM card to size. Like how I did here.

Anyhow, I note that the One max isn't a conventional smart phone, but one of them new-fangled phablets. So I guess people purchasing it are looking for something with a bigger screen. If that's the case, then I think the HTC One max is a very tangible option. It's fast, takes good photos, runs on Android, and um, what more can you ask for?

However, if you're looking for a smart phone, buy the HTC One. It's the best smart phone there is on the market. I didn't make it up. The HTC One won the Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone 2014 earlier this year, and had previously won the Global Mobile Award for ‘Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet’ in 2013.

Anyway, before I conclude my review let me show you a meme to persuade girls to go for HTC.

And now let me show you a meme to persuade guys to go HTC.

And now I will end off with a good video of Robert Downey Junior.

Okay I hope you found my HTC post entertaining if not enlightening! You may want to check out my other HTC related posts here:
❤ Jac.

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