Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Many selfies.

Hey guys! So I guess most of you would already know that I tend to like, put off blogging about stuff for a very long time. Yes. I procras...

Hey guys!

So I guess most of you would already know that I tend to like, put off blogging about stuff for a very long time. Yes. I procrastinate. That's about my only flaw in my otherwise perfect personality. Luckily, I don't have to take the blame for my character defect. Clearly, my tardiness is the fault of Mark Zuckerberg.

(Via someecards).

This story goes back to some time last year. I was on Buzzfeed as usual - probably because I was procrastinating at work. Yes, I decided that I needed to take a break from finding a cure for cancer. Very difficult work that. So anyway, yes, I was scrolling through Buzzfeed when I came across this article.
And I was very impressed! I mean like, WOW. Firstly, how good must you be at taking selfies to complete a mission like this? I, unlike my wonderful friend Nessie, suck at taking selfies. Any selfie that you see with me and her in it, was taken by her. Like this one here.
And this one here.
And this one here.
You get the idea. But the point is, I can't take selfies. And hence my admiration for that New York selfie couple.
(Via The Berry).

And also I thought it was very cool that they managed to find another person crazy enough to embark on a silly adventure with. I of course, could not think of any one who would want to travel to all corners of the island taking selfies (or having the patience to wait for me to take a successful selfie) at the I-don't-know how many MRT stations in Singapore. But cool right the idea? So I pasted the link on my sister's timeline in case she wanted to go on a selfie adventure. (She did not, I was sad.)

Anyway, fast forward. Some time in November, just before I went to Macau to jump off a building in my way of dealing with my quarter-life crisis/ finding myself/ being adventurous, I went for dinner with my friend Jon. Meet Jon everyone.
Yes this is Jon. He is the same Jon whom I went to OCBC Cycle Malaysia with. He is quite cool. Yes anyway, I was having dinner with him when I happened to bring up the Buzzfeed article "This Couple Took Selfies At All 118 Subway Stations In Manhattan". And to my surprise, this Jon went,
And so we did. Presenting guys, selfies at ALL 106 MRT stations and 40 LRT stations in Singapore. By Jac and Jon.
And this was how we did it. So if you don't already know what the MRT/LRT network looks like, here's a map of the rail system in Singapore.
(Via LTA).

We met up a few times just to plan our route. It was tricky because you know, there are so many lines and stations to cover, and we wanted to avoid the peak hour commuters. And I'm sure they would want to avoid us. I mean, if I am going to work and there are these two idiots trying to take SELFIES when I can barely take my handphone out of my bag, I would want to slap them both. And kill them afterwards. (For more on public transport etiquette, do check out #TheRideEtiquette campaign by some of my juniors from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, which was recently ranked #1 in Singapore and Asia Pacific and #6 in the world.)

After much discussion, we decided to start at Joo Koon, take the EW line down to Jurong East, and change to the NS line (thus avoiding the peak hour traffic to the CBD), stop at Choa Chu Kang to take the Bukit-Panjang LRT loop, get back onto the NS line, change to the CCL at Marina Bay, take the loop all the way to HarbourFront, get off at Chinatown to cover the Telok Ayer and Downtown stations on the new DTL, before getting back on the NEL and taking it to Sengkang to take the LRT loops, then getting back on again to get to Punggol to take the LRT, before heading to Changi Airport, then to Tanah Merah, the to Pasir Ris, and then taking the EW line all the way back to Clementi.

Anyway, this was the route that we decided on.
I've indicated where we changed lines with the Δ symbol and included the colour of the lines which we changed to. I've also denoted the points where we had to alight to cover the LRT routes!
(Via someecards).

We intended to catch the first train from Joo Koon at like, 5:31 am. But neither of us was able to get up at 4+. So we caught the train at around...6:45 am, judging from the time of our first platform selfie.
Not bad right? But you must understand that this was taken after several failed attempts. Like this one. Our first selfie of the day.
Or this one, our second selfie of the day.

Luckily, we eventually improved. Let me show you some of our more creative poses. Like this one. This is us fanning at Dakota. (Get it get it?)
And because Bishan, as you might know, was built over a cemetary...
Let's see if you get these.
This is my personal favourite.
We also met a friend along the way. Hello DJ Zack C! (Jon spotted you by himself I didn't point you out).
Our photos didn't always work out the way we planned though. Like this one.
Yeah. We forgot that the image would flip after you take it. So our hands show "T.U." instead of "U.T." (Get it get it? Because we were at Yew Tee?) Luckily, we were able to recitfy this.
Later on we got better.
Okay and now I guess you have some questions and I will attempt to pre-empt and answer some of them.
(Via Imgur).
You, "Jac, so free ah? Go around the whole of Singapore to take selfies."
Jac, "It's called 'Deepavali off-in-lieu'. "

You, "Jac, how come some of your selfies still so blur."
Jac, "I told you, we are very bad at this selfie thing ok."

You, "So you are very good at taking selfies now?"
Jac, "No, actually I am still very bad at it. I cannot take selfies to save my life."

You, "Jac, when did you do this?"
Jac, "Last year. I told you, I'm a very busy person involved in many high-level military projects spanning across continents. And I also tend to procrastinate when it comes to blogging."

You, "Jac, nothing better to do ah?"
Jac, "You are reading a blog with the tagline "I hope you like frivolity". Please reflect."

You, "Jac you like taking the MRT is it?"
Jac, "Yes, I actually do."

You, "Jac, what did you use to take the photos?"
Jac, "90% of the photos you see here were taken with the HTC One max. Some were taken with a Samsung Note 3, and others were taken with a Sony TX-10."

You, "Jac, this guy Jon, he is your boyfriend is it?"
Jac, "Yes, correct."
Okay I hope you had fun reading this post! I know I didn't do a good job in pre-empting questions, so if you have any more questions you can tweet me @behindthebasics, leave a comment on this post, or leave it in the feedback box on the right okay!

And now I leave you with a slide show.

And also with a good video.

❤ Jac.

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  1. I suppose the whole point of the post was the last question. Congrats, Jac!

    Also, I think you look better without sunnies. Not that my opinion matters.

  2. awesome, and stay awesome.
    congrats. Jac