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Jac is Adventurous (Part 2).

Hello! So, some of you might remember this post from quite a while back. No? Okay you may read it here . Anyway, much to the horror  ...


So, some of you might remember this post from quite a while back.

No? Okay you may read it here.

Anyway, much to the horror anxiety amusement of my mother, I quite recently discovered that I liked doing adventurous things. Yes, my mother was amused. Because previously the highest adrenaline rush I'd get would be me seeing that someone liked my comment on Facebook after camping there for 7 hours. Or when I emerged from my room to discover that I slept for 15 hours straight. Either one.
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Anyway, I'd like to say that contrary to popular belief, being adventurous doesn't take a lot of guts. It takes money. Seriously. Do you know how much bunjee jumping off the Macau Tower costs? You can find the answer here. But, if you're lazy to click on the link to find out, "an arm and a leg" also qualifies as a correct answer.
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So I was quite happy when I got invited to go for the Forest Adventure.
If you can't already tell, Forest Adventure involves lots of clambering about from tree to tree. I didn't go alone of course. Here are my kickass friends who went along with me. (Thank you kickass friends for sending me the photos so early, sorry for taking so long to upload etc.)
(From left: Amos, Pamy, Me and Jon)

So what's Forest Adventure really about?

Like I mentioned earlier, Forest Adventure involves a lot of clambering from tree to tree. Please note that I said clambering. Because climbing sounds very graceful and deliberate when most of the time we would be like, just trying to get from one tree to the other in the shortest time possible.
Is it easy?

YES. We thought it would be really challenging at first, but actually, the level of difficulty is set such that even the toughest stages are not that tough at all. We managed to complete everything and were extremely proud of ourselves.

Is it safe Will I Die?

So before we started embarking on our Forest Adventure, they was a safety briefing by this guy. I forgot his name because I have the memory of a goldfish. However, he was very entertaining because of his very dry humour. 
He taught us how to like, strap ourselves into the harnesses/safety first and all. And he asked for a volunteer to demonstrate the wearing of the harness. Here is his volunteer.
The instructor (okay I think his name is Douglas) said that if you're not properly strapped into your harness, it's very dangerous as you might fall and die. Okay I paraphrased that. But essentially wearing your harness is very important, so this Jon was clever to immediately step forward and have Doug assist him in wearing the harness, thereby ensuring that he had the safest harness amongst us all. 

We also had to wear hard hats to protect our brains. 
This was, coincidentally, the first time I was concerned with protecting my brains from anything apart from the zombies in plants and zombies.
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So it's safe if you listen to instructions and strap yourself up and all. But if you are stupid and decide to jump off the tree without paying attention to safety protocol, then yes, you might die. (But then again the world might be a better place without you around if you are the sort prone to doing things like this.)
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I'm scared of heights. Can I go?

Well, if you are deathly afraid of heights then you shouldn't go. And by that I mean if this meme scares you - please stay home and watch some Disney cartoons instead of even venturing outdoors. (Actually, maybe not Disney. The part where Aladdin takes Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride might just send you into hysterics).
/(Via Meme Center).

However, if you're the sort who can hide your fear of heights in public, and doesn't go into a full on panic attack from looking at these photos, then you should be fine.
(Via Brain Wreck).

Will I fall into Bedok Reservoir while ziplining across?

No. But your smart phone might. Hopefully it's not a Nokia or the entire east side might get flooded.
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Should I go for this Forest Adventure?

Yes you totally should! It's quite affordable - only $44 per person. You also get a $2 discount if you're a student or aged 18 and below. Which I am sadly not. And if you're too cheap to fork out $44 to act like Tarzan, it's okay! Forest Adventure also hosts company bonding sessions so you can always encourage your company's HR to organise something with the,. That would be the best I feel, as you would not only get your company to foot the bill, but you'd also be able to get a day off! #WIN.
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Anyway, you can find out more about Forest Adventure by visiting their website and Facebook page. We loads of fun at Forest Adventure, and I hope you will too!
❤ Jac.

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  1. I love the part about wearing hard hats to protect your brains.

    Wai you so funny Jac. I love how you type the way you talk.