Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patty's Day!!!

Hey guys! HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY EVERYONE! So I'm not sure what you guys did to celebrate St Patty's Day but I celebrated i...

Hey guys!


So I'm not sure what you guys did to celebrate St Patty's Day but I celebrated it at the St Patrick's Day Street Festival at Boat Quay!
IT WAS INSANE!! Just look at the massive turn up! And please note that it was raining just minutes before the start of the parade. These Irish people. #dedication man. I bet they could give Singaporeans a run for their Hello Kitties if they gave a damn.

Anyway, because there was a liner at the bottom of the Guinness invite which said "The St Patrick’s weekend should be celebrated responsibly, and in style", I decided to be responsible and find out what exactly I was celebrating. Like do you know what St Patrick's Day is all about? It's actually in celebration of this guy called Patrick. Legend has it that he slayed an evil dragon living in the Welsh mountain regions and released the whole of Ireland from it's control. 
(A painting depicting the legendary battle between St Patrick and the dragon via Wikipedia).

Legend also has it that St Patrick won because a shamrock fell into one of the dragon's eyes, distracting him and allowing St Patrick to deliver the final blow. This is why it's now customary to don shamrocks and wear green on St Patrick's Day.
JUST KIDDING. I just made all of that up to prove that you were just as clueless about St. Patrick's Day as I was. (Also, if you need help in coming up with content for children's books, please look me up. I've been told that I have quite a good imagination. I can also do illustrations.)

Anyway, St Patrick's Day falls on 17 March each year, to commemorate the death of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. On this day, the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted, so EVERYONE EATS AND DRINKS ALL DAY (I'm not bluffing. You may check Wikipedia). 

Quite cool ah? Usually a holiday is just an excuse to eat and drink. But this St Patrick's Day holiday is different! Eating and drinking is mandatory. How nice. 
Also all the pictures that I have used are credited to Guinness Singapore unless otherwise stated. Even this photo right here which you may check out on the Guinness Facebook Page.
(I promise you that the photographer made us pose for this.)

The Guinness Facebook page is awesome. It has lots of alcoholic quotes which make you very happy educational information which can be very useful for those who are always looking to pick up new things. 
Anyway, I've got to run! I shall leave you with an infographic of St Patrick's Day. Because you know, infographics are the in thing now and everyone is doing them.
And also me and my Guinness hat, a Guinness sign and also my matching necklace.

Cheers Sláinte!
❤ Jac.

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