Friday, March 14, 2014

10 Random Things That I Want.

Hello! So I was going to put up a review on the HTC One max but I can't decide if I should end off on a bitchy note. So I'm holdin...


So I was going to put up a review on the HTC One max but I can't decide if I should end off on a bitchy note. So I'm holding it for a while. Meanwhile, I've been really busy at work (seriously! I'm not making excuses!) 
Note: this is totally not me.
(Via Quick Meme).

Luckily, I managed to squeeze in some time for shopping (as I always do), and I've decided to make a post out of that. So presenting,

1. Diet Coke Tank Dress
Price: USD $29.99

I love Coke Light. I know it's unhealthy and bad for me. But I like Coke Light very much and I would not mind receiving a whole carton of it for my birthday.

But of course, i would much rather get this dress. It's very good.  The Coca-Cola website says, "It's a must-have for your Halloween party this year!" This is slightly confusing because I would wear this dress everywhere, from cafes to clubs, from Chinatown to Chijmes. It's so versatile. I must have it.

2. Bag of Tricks Tote
Price: £13.00

I like puns! Not all puns of course. Only the good ones. Some puns can really be quite bad. But I think this pun is good and it's on a tote bag. I also must qualify that I'm currently going through a tote bag phase. It's the phase where I feel like buying every other tote bag I see. I actually got a new tote bag just a while bag!
Jon got it for me at Strangers' Reunion! I was extremely happy and this is now my new laptop bag. Nessie and I also ordered this tote bag that she spotted on Nylon earlier this week.
(Via #NYLONshop).

It's designed by someone called "Jac Vanek", clearly a good name. And what a good bag.

3. Geek Engraved Pencils Set
Price: $6.49
(Via Etsy)

Yes so, I like this. Because of the puns. And also because I quite like pencils. To me, the feeling of using a freshly sharpened pencil can be compared to the feeling that you get when you hear the *fizzz* when you open a can of Coke Light - clean, crisp, and gets your creative motors running. 

However if you are not as into puns as I am, then maybe you might want to get this "Awesome OMG Adorkable Pencils Set" instead. But they all come in the same colour. So the likelihood of you picking up an "Adorkable" pencil when you actually intend to be all intellectual and awesome in front of your boss can be quite high. So I would recommend that you get the set of clever geek pun pencils instead (which is what I will do on a day that I feel sad/depressed).
(Via Etsy).

4. Pop Quiz Clock
Price: USD$26.99
(Via Think Geek).

I am also secretly geeky. Okay no I'm not. I can solve challenging maths problems with much difficulty not due to my flair for numbers and calculations, but because I am plain stubborn in the blink of an eye. Also there isn't wall clock in my room and I quite like looking at the time to see if I can sleep for just the extra five minutes. And if I can't, then well, the complicated maths on the clock will surely provide me with a plethora of good excuses to wake up late. 
"My clock confused me!"
"I can't think that early in the morning!"
"I forgot I had to calculate so I just took the first number as the time!"
Wow. A good clock.

5. Blogger PJ Set
Price: USD$12.80
(Via Forever 21).

THIS IS FUNNY. And also true. Have you read my post on the Blind Date? And also the shorts are very cute. There are little coffee cups and laptops on them. I really like coffee cups and laptops.

6. HAVE A NICE DAY Funny Coffee Mugs
Price: USD$14.95

And speaking of coffee mugs......
(Via Amazon).

I don't even think that I need to explain why this mug is awesome and why I need to own it. I just have to.

7. Statement Book Marks
Price: SGD$53.60 SGD
(Via HipVan).

The other day, Jon asked me, "What was the last book you read." And I couldn't remember. But later on I found out why I stopped reading. I had let my book on the sofa and because I didn't have a bookmark I just closed it. And I lost the page I was at and I couldn't be bothered to start again. That was in October last year. The book is still on my sofa. It's called...I can't remember what it's called. But it's something about rivers. I could check but oh well.
(Via someecards).

Anyway! I decided that this reading problem, or lack thereof, could be easily solved if I had some bookmarks. So yes. I must get these bookmarks so that I will never again stop reading a book from losing the page I'm at.

8. Professional Procrastinator T-Shirt
Price: USD$20.90

Speaking of being lazy and other related character traits....
(Via someecards).

You might have noticed that I start off most blog posts with an apology. Yes. I procrastinate a lot when it comes to blogging. Hence, my motivation to get this t-shirt. It was made for me I feel.
(Via Statement).

9. Suspicious-looking Article Tote
Price: SGD$29.90
(Via HipVan).

So I did mention that I'm curently in this tote bag phase right? Yes. This is funny. And MRT related. Oh by the way, I recently did up this post on an MRT adventure thing that Jon and I went on. Check it out here (if you haven't already).

10. Mirror Selfie T-Shirt
Price: USD$17.80

And speaking of MRT projects and selfies, I would like to get this shirt.
(Via Spreadshirt).

It's funny! Because we forgot that taking photos with the front camera are flipped before review. So we ended up with photos like this.
We had wanted our hands to say "U" and "T" for Yew Tee. We wanted to do something similar for the Yio Chu Kang station, to get our hands to form "YCK". So because our first shot at Yew Tee failed miserably, we decided to take some practice shots on the MRT.
Yes. We are very bad at selfies. This is the mirror image of "YCK". We did eventually get it though. Take a look!
Anyway! Don't know if you've heard, but hahahaha, our story was featured on SMRT's Facebook Page and also in The New Paper!
I also want to say I am very happy because you know, I have always wanted to have a photo with PM Lee. And because of this MRT selfie adventure thing, my wish has finally come true! Thank you so much SGAG. 
(Via SGag).

So I've been getting quite a number of questions related to this selfie thing. But I'm a bit lazy to answer them all now. So maybe next time. (I hope this time will come soon before I forget). Meanwhile, let me leave you with a good song.

Till next time guys! TGIF!
❤ Jac.

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