Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Shopping List.

Hey guys! So everyone's favourite day of the year came and went! You know, Valentine's Day! Love is in the air, sparks of romance, ...

Hey guys!

So everyone's favourite day of the year came and went! You know, Valentine's Day! Love is in the air, sparks of romance, gazing endlessly into each others' eyes and all that jazz? Yeah. I do the copywriting of Valentine Day cards on the side. As you can tell, I am very good at it. That's why all Valentine Day cards sound the same. They all copied their messages off me. But don't worry. If you receive a card from me, please be assured that it's the best card of the lot.
(Via someecards).

Anyway, because of this Valentine's Day, my inbox was filled with shopping suggestions like this.
Ugh. Seriously. Are you trying to give my inbox diabetes?! Seriously. A box of heart-shaped chocolates? How original is that?!! I would rather get something like this.
(Via Friars and Qroyo).

Yes. Chocolate boobs. What?! They are really more meaningful that a box of heart-shaped Cadbury chocolate. Harder to source for, more Instagram-worthy, probably more expensive, and much much funnier. The guy who gives you chocolate boobs for you Valentine's Day is the guy for you ok. Not the idiot who got you a clich├ęd teddy bear that says "Love you beary much". I'm sure this bear exists. Let me Google. Oh yes I'm right. Here are some "Love you beary much" bears.
Ugh. Cannot. Unless you are the kind who is obsessed with bears (read: James Ho), I see no reason why you would want a "Thank you very much bear" over chocolate boobs for Valentine's Day. Also I wonder why I was receiving emails on flower deals. Who would I buy flowers for? Myself?! Please. I only buy branded goods. Flowers are not branded.
(Via someecards).

So yes, I was quite annoyed by the Valentine's Day shopping suggestions that were given to me. So let me suggest some good gift ideas that you can buy for yourself when the next Valentine's Day comes about.

1. My Favourite Type of Men is Ramen Shirt

USD $23.99 from Skreened.
Buy it for yourself if you're single to remind yourself on what's important, and buy it for yourself when you're attached to remind him that he's not that important. 
(Via Skreened).

2. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

USD $11.99 from ThinkGeek.
So maybe you're not into hearts. But this one changes colour. Colour changing things are always good. Like chameleons, urine tests and Michael Jackson. And also it looks like the life in Super Mario Brothers. How can you not want it?
(Via ThinkGeek).

3. Dear Rap Crop Top

USD $13.80 from Forever 21.
Because Valentine's Day is the day you declare your love to what you consider important. Rap is important. 
(Via Forever 21).

4.  Waldo Pancake Mini Tin - Stupid tangled up earphones...

GBP £2.50 from The Really Good Shop.
You know how when you're a bit angsty, everything feels stupid to you?
"There's nothing to do. Stupid computer. Stupid internet. Stupid friends. Stupid Singapore. Stupid TV. Stupid fridge. Stupid life. Stupid Stupid Stupid."
Well, forgive me if I'm wrong, but you can't be having that good a time if you're buying Valentine's Day presents for yourself. (It's different if you shop on a regular basis and happen to be shopping on Valentine's Day as well.) So you might be angsty. And feel that everything is stupid. Even your earphones.
(Via Really Good Shop).

5. Have A Nice Day Coffee Mug

USD $11 from Sik World.
Please. How cool is this mug?! For the schizophrenic in you. 
(Via Amazon).

Anyway! I just want to add that I got the best Valentine's Day gifts ever. Check out my very good and non-sappy Valentine's Day card!

Truly the best Valentine's Day card ever.

I'd like to end off with a good video explaining the origins of Valentine's Day.

And also some acceptable advertising by Victoria's Secret.

Okay I'm so sleepy now. I wanted to blog more but I REALLY CAN'T STAY AWAKE. Going to the airshow tomorrow! Quite excited!

❤ Jac.

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