Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sleeping Late.

Hello guys! So I've been really busy with some projects at work recently. There was that MFA trespasser who entered Singapore illegal...

Hello guys!

So I've been really busy with some projects at work recently. There was that MFA trespasser who entered Singapore illegally on Jan 17 - totally threw my life off balance. Inconsiderate. And now there's that Pope Francis visit to the White House in March that I'm coordinating. Argh. #life. It's always full of problems now isn't it?
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And speaking of sleep...I'd just like to say that sleep is a really tricky process. I really love sleeping. I've blogged about it before. The three conditions which have to be fulfilled if you want to achieve The Perfect Sleep of course. Read it! It's enlightening.

And now I'm back with a part two. Which is an analysis on the quality of sleep you get when you sleep late. Because now I'm all into being intellectual and all that jazz.
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First let me open by saying that, sleep is something like the animals on animal farm -
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Sometimes your sleep is good, sometimes your sleep is bad. Sometimes you dream about Channing Tatum, and at other times you dream about The Nightmare on Elm Street. Anyway, most of you should know by now that I'm nocturnal by nature. I can sleep at 5 am, wake up at 8 am, and look perfectly fine when I meet you for lunch at noon. I don't mind usually. Because you know...
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So when I told some people that I was working till 3:30 am on some nights last week, many responded with "Oh it's okay what! You sleep quite late."

Please. Let me explain. When I sleep at 5 am, I spend the hour of 11 pm to 5 pm sitting at my desk. Doing totally frivolous pastimes which require only 1% of my brain to be active at any given time. Examples of what I would do at such late hours include shopping on Forever 21 (new arrivals come in at around 2 am), catching up on my TV series (no one ever interferes with my peace when they are sleeping), and constantly refreshing my Facebook newsfeed to see which psychos are still up at such godforsaken hours (Answer: Cameron Ng and Thaddaeus Wee - if you ever need someone to go for a late night supper with).

So, it's rather relaxing. Like I spend the whole day at work figuring out solutions to complex problems like world peace, and then I go home and just let my brain rest and engage in menial tasks. It's good. It's like my brain is working, but not really. Just like Singtel's 3G network.

So while I'm wasting time not sleeping from 11 pm to goodness knows what time, I'm actually in rest mode already. People who talk to me then can expect stupid replies to their questions. Like the kind you get from certain personnel in the service industry.
Me, "Can I check what time it will be delivered to me?"
Person, "Ma'am we are not the courier service. The courier service is not under us."
Me, "Is it possible for me to contact the courier service? Is there a number that I can call?"
Person, "They will call you when they are coming."
Me, "So there is no way for me to find out what time they are coming?"
Person, "You can wait for them to call."
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Yes. I just experienced this. I'm extremely angry.

So anyway, it's different when you work till 3 am, 2 am, or even 11 pm. Because you need to use your brain. Non-stop. I'm not resting, I can't daydream. I have to focus and get all sorts of important stuff done. Like find good hiding places for the latest blueprints for that new bank vault that DBS is building or something. My brain is like working from early in the morning till early in the next morning. It's....not a very pleasant feeling.
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SO MY POINT (and I do have one), is to stop telling all these poor people (like myself) that it's okay to be working till 2 in the morning because we normally sleep at 4. It doesn't work this way yo!

Okay that's all I really wanted to say. Oh also I went to Batam over the weekend and here is what can be bought for under $150 in Batam.
Inclusive of one pint of Haagen Dazs, an assortment of indomie, and uhhh...8 bottles of shampoo and conditioner! I was very excited. My TRESemm√© shampoo which is sold $15 in Watsons was going at $3 in Nagoya Hill's Hypermart!!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT?!!!
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Also my tall non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte from Starbucks was only $3. I was extremely pleased. I could barely contain myself.
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A very good first trip to Batam if I do say so myself (yes, first time. I kid you not). Anyway, Chinese New Year's around the corner so, here's a song from Far East Movement. Because you know, far east.

Have a very good half day tomorrow and I will post more stuff up soon :)
❤ Jac.

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