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Hello guys! I'm sitting here in my room enjoying the after-effects of going to KL. It was a very exciting trip ok. I am still like ree...

Hello guys!

I'm sitting here in my room enjoying the after-effects of going to KL. It was a very exciting trip ok. I am still like reeling from the awesomeness of this going to KL thing. Ok I understand. Many of you might be thinking,

"Jac, what's up with you man?! It's just KL." 
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No, wait. You don't understand. I have never been to Malaysia.
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Yes that's right. Not that I can remember anyway. My mother tells me that I went to Malaysia when I was four for my grandmother's funeral. And apparently I fell into an open grave. Maybe that's why I don't remember. I must have repressed that memory or something. So if you recall from my previous blog post...
Apparently it applies to Malaysia too. Anyway, here's why I went to Malaysia...
Yes. I went to Malaysia for OCBC Cycle. And before you say anything, I'd like to make a few clarifications:
a) No, I don't cycle.
b) No, I don't own a bike.
c) Yes, I have a basic understanding of cycling which I last applied 15 years ago.

d) Yes, I have bad judgement and recently the life philosophy which I have been going by is #YOLO.
Yes it's really bad. I keep agreeing to all these things.

Titus, "Jac, want to go to Morocco?" Ok.
Smith, "Jac, want to run up Mount Faber?" Ok. 
Julian, "Jac, want to go for OCBC Cycle?" Ok.

And yes, I'm mad and should put more thought into making such decisions. One day my boss is going to ask me, "Jac, want to work seven days a week and not get paid?" And I will agree by default. #bad. Okay but to be fair I did not say okay to OCBC cycle. But it took Julian a mere 15 minutes to convince me to go. That is rather quick, considering I last cycled when I was 11.

But you know, I'm reckless and impulsive spontaneous and fun! Which is why I agreed to take part in the OCBC Cycle Malaysia. Of course, I did intend to practise cycling once before I went to KL to cycle 12 km (I bargained down from 24 km), but I got invited to Andrew Lincoln's and Norman Reedus' appearance at La Salle on my cycling practice day. So you know, that took precedence over cycling.
(Credits to FOX Movies Premium).

Anyway! Back to cycling! So I have noticed that each time an event is organised, I will be invited to join a group chat. So while the participants of the group chat were discussing things like "a 26' x 1.5 Presta valve tyre", Smith and I were separately discussing what we considered as more pressing issues.
What?! I couldn't possibly practice the night before. So this is me preparing for the OCBC Cycle to the best of my ability!!

So, this Jon was my plus one for the trip. He was very good at documenting things. Like me sleeping in the bus.
Yes. This is Jon and I in the bus. I have learnt that if you do not want unglam photos of you sleeping in vehicles, you have to ensure that you are well covered. So what you see on the right is me curled up in a ball hiding under a SGD$3 Moroccan scarf. (Y). But more on Jon's phototaking later.

So we reached KL and visited Dataran Merdeka, which I feel, is the Malaysian equivalent of the Padang. Can hardly tell the difference right?

Opls. I'm sure you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you were drunk. Also we all got press vests!
I was very excited. I like being recognised as press. Makes me feel all important and newspaper-y. Although I really only write nonsense online.
(Via someecards).

So we walked around the event area and watched the cyclists in the Men's Open Criterium. I really don't know how people cycle competitively. It's freaking scary. JUST LOOK AT HOW FAST THEY ARE GOING.

It's not even like F1 where you are protected in a car, with a suit and like an army of ambulances and fire engines on standby. It's just like, you. And a helmet. And the road and other cyclist who might run over you if you fall. These cyclists are really out of their minds brave.

Also we realised that the best part of competitive cycling, are the poses that the winners take on when they cross the finish line. Like Anuar Manan, winner of the OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013 here.
(Via AsiaOne).

Like in soccer you know? Where the best part of the match is the part after the whoever (striker?) scores a goal and does somersaults all over the field. So here we are trying to replicate some winning poses.
As you can tell, we are not very creative.

So anyway, we had dinner at this place called House. And I'm telling you this so that you can benchmark my cycling skills against the rest of the cyclists there.
Eh? Actually not all the cyclists are here. Okay nevermind. Here is a photo of all the cyclists.
Okay so on the extreme left and extreme right is Wei Li and Kevin. They cycled home from the OCBC office after completing more than 50 km in Malaysia. Then there is Siva and Airani. Both cycling enthusiasts (Siva also founded the Cycling in Singapore blog). So all of them took part in the 48 km challenge. They have their own professional bikes and all.

Then there's Smith and Chris who took part in the Community cycle with Jon and I. But then they have their own bikes. So still better than me.
Then there is Jon. Who can take selfies while cycling.
And then there is me ok (and we will come back to this later). So here are some photos from the ride!
And I was SO STRESSED when I was cycling. This Jon. Poor thing. He spent the whole ride being snapped at.
Jon, "Eh this building quite nice ah?"
Jac, "Cannot see. Looking at the road."
Jon, "I didn't know that KL had a forested area!"

Jac, "Not looking. I don't want to fall."
Jon, "This song is good."

Jac, "What song? I cannot multi-task."
I was so slow that Jon filmed me when I did my first overtake. Please watch it here.

You may wish to note that I overtook the person at Zouk. Also here I am going through the finish line. Also I really tried to do like a winning pose.

But as you can tell, I failed. I DID HOWEVER, complete cycling without falling down!
So you know, #achievementunlocked. THANK YOU JULIAN, for inviting me for this OCBC thing and like persuading me to go for it! You are very good and kind and now I can not only tell people that I've cycled 12 km, but also that I've been to Malaysia.
Also THANKS JON, for helping me take photos and putting up with my snappiness. You are good forever and thank you very much. I am sorry that I forgot your birthday.

Anyway, I wanted to post a song on bicycles before ending my post. But as I do not know any bicycle songs, here is a song by Chamillionaire on riding.

Okay time to sleep! What a happening start to the year.

❤ Jac.

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