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Kiehl's x Alicia Keys

Hello guys! Okay today my blogpost is going to be about STIs, specifically AIDS. You guys remember STIs right? I did a project on them onc...

Hello guys!

Okay today my blogpost is going to be about STIs, specifically AIDS. You guys remember STIs right? I did a project on them once together with Nessie and Mel.

Yup! This was back in the day when all I had to care about was my grades, making it to school at a more or less reasonable time, and ensuring that I had enough shorts, tank tops and slippers to last me through the week.

How times have changed.

Now I have to care about the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the $1.1 billion military agreement between South Korea and the United States, and the riots over the economy break out in Tunisia. Yes. You don't know it, but the sanctity of the world as you know it would crumble if not for me.
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Anyhow! I'm sure you guys know Alicia Keys.

She's awesome. And not just because she has produced awesome songs like "Karma" and "Fallin'", and has lent her vocals to "Empire State of Mind" which is like one of the best songs ever. She's also co-founder of "Keep a Child Alive", an organisation which supports increase access to life-saving HIV care and treatment, nutritious food, and loving support for children and families living with and affected by HIV.
To date, Keep a Child Alive has provided services to over 300,000 children and families and currently supports nine, innovative community-based partners in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and India. Beginning 1 January 2014, Kiehl’s will begin selling a special edition of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate with 100% of the proceeds, up to $200,000, benefiting Keep a Child Alive globally.
Locally, Kiehl’s will be working with Action for Aids (AfA) to spread the message on AIDS prevention, advocacy and support. From 1 January 2014, for every bottle of Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate sold, SGD$5 will be donated to AfA. This new limited edition bottle is very cool by the way, it has a small heart shaped charm with the words “Join our movement,” which was penned by Alicia Keys in relation to the fight against AIDS. LOOK. IT'S NICE RIGHT?
The Midnight Recovery Concentrate, one of Kiehl's signature products, is formulated to biologically replicate skin’s natural lipids for optimal skin repair throughout the night (read: fix your skin while you sleep). I know I know, you may be lazy to go to Kiehl's to buy a bottle. But nevermind okay. Here are some other ways which you can help to support their cause.
So, for every photo tagged with #SmileKiehlsSG on Instagram from 3rd to 31st January 2014, 50 cents will be donated to AfA. Kiehl's will also be giving away two bottles of their special edition Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, one to the photo with the highest number of likes, and another to the most creative photo! EASY RIGHT?! In fact, I will submit a photo now. So that I can say that I practice what I preach and you can't say that I'm all talk no action.
If procrastinator Jac can do it, so can you okay. (Omg I miss giving tuition to Chok Chok and Yaw Yaw, my favourite tuition students in the whole world).

Also, Kiehl’s will be raising funds to contribute to financial assistances schemes under HIV + Pregnant Mothers’ Fund. This fund was set up to assist pregnant HIV+ mothers with Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy or HAART during the pregnancy. This treatment helps to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and has been proven to be successful in an overwhelming number of cases. Funds will also be channeled to assist diagnosed HIV+ children under 12 years old to seek immediate medical treatment. In appreciation of each donation made, a Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate sample packet will be given to each donor.

So hor, I hope all of you will support Kiehl's in the fight against AIDS. I think that it's a very meaningful project. I mean like, growing up is already so challenging. Can you imagine what it would be like growing up in poverty, with AIDS?! Must be very terrible.

Anyway, I'd like to leave you with some videos to watch before I end my post. One of them is a good video of Alica Keys, entitled "Karma" (which can be a motivating factor on why you should support AfA and Keep a Child Alive) and another is an entertaining video from Nessie's, Mel's and my FYP on STIs.

❤ Jac.

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