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Hello guys! First of all, AGAIN! Make sure you can see the animation because I am quite proud of it! Happy 2014 guys! I hope the new...

Hello guys!

First of all,
AGAIN! Make sure you can see the animation because I am quite proud of it!

Happy 2014 guys! I hope the new year has been treating you well. I wanted to start the year with a round up of 2013, but you know, I had this blog post lined up already. And it has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time. So I decided that the round up can come later. Anyway with CNY just around the corner, PREPARING FOR TRAVELLING IS MORE RELEVANT THAN ME RECOUNTING MY PAST RIGHT?
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Anyway, this post was written when I was on the plane from Beijing to Singapore, and I've been fiddling around with it since then. And that was last year, 2013. So when you see "this year" in my post, I'm actually referring to 2013 ok. Anyway! Hope you have a good time reading my very useful and relevant travelling tips!
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So you probably already know that I have been travelling quite a fair bit this year. By my standards of course. I'm no globe trotter, much as I would like to be one. Because you know, no time, no money, no guts, no glory, no legend, no story.
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Anyway back to my travelling. This year, I've been to

Hong Kong.
And along the way, I have come to realise a few useful travel tips which I'd like to share with you guys. Because you know, sharing is caring and I'm just about the most caring person there is out there.
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1. Always bring shades.

Many of you might have noticed that I have a slight obsession with wearing my shades when I'm on holiday. It's true.

I wear them outdoors.
I wear them indoors.
I wear them above water.
I wear them underwater.
I wear them in the day.
I wear them at night.
I wear them in the desert.
I wear them at the beach.
I wear them at restaurants.
I wear them by the road side.
I wear them everywhere I go. AND FOR GOOD REASON (and the reason is not for swag. Although swag would be a legitimate reason).
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Have you guys ever noticed that your eyes look kinda tired and puffy when you travel? I don't know. I feel mine always do. So you know, if I take pictures without my shades, I'd look something like this.

But if I add shades, I look complely glamourous!
No one can tell that I have eyebags the size of the Pacific Ocean! Isn't that great?

Furthermore, have you ever realised that you tend to go outdoors more when you're travelling? Like you'd explore the area, walk along this river and across that bridge, climb this mountain and scale that road sign, and while you're at it, take twenty times the number of photos that you normally do?
That's what happens when I'm on holiday anyway. (Funny ah, I have climbed gorges, mountains, and sand dunes overseas, but I have yet to climb this Bukit Timah Hill which I can see from my house. Also is climbing Bukit Timah Hill very tiring and sweaty? Please would anyone like to climb Bukit Timah Hill with me if it is not too sweaty and activity?)

But I digress, the point is, when you take photos in outdoors in the sun, your eyes tend to go all squinty. Like this.

However, with shades, EVERYTHING WORKS.
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So the moral of the story is, because no one wants to have a Facebook album worth of photos with puffy, squinty, tired-looking eyes, always bring a pair of shades when you travel. True story.
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And also Pitbull likes to wear shades. And I like Pitbull.
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Also on my most recent trip, I had to buy a new pair of shades on my first day in Hong Kong. Because I realised that I had brought my shades box. Without my shades. #clever. Oh well. New shades. What do you think?

2. Pack a variety of clothes

So you might have noticed that the clothes I wear are generally black very basic looking.
And on my trip to Morocco, I tried to make my holiday wardrobe look a bit more varied. However, what I packed sadly turned out looking very similar.
Yes. I packed 5 tops to last me 21 days. Believe it. It's true. I pack light when I go on holiday. So anyway, in the middle of the trip Titus went, “Jac, your clothes are like all the same please.”
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WAH. #UPSET. Luckily I am very good tempered when I'm on holiday like how I usually am. But lesson learnt. The next holiday I went on, I wore a wide variety of clothes.

I had two dresses, and tops in blue, red, orange, teal, pink and grey. (Granted I packed only two tops and the rest I bought at H&M.) But whatever works right? And also look at my coat. And my scarf. I'm very proud of them. They were very intentional choices so that I could look like Sherlock.
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3. Make sure your clothes don't blend into the background.

If you are going on holiday, I suggest that you find out where exactly you are heading to, and pack clothes that ensure that you stand out in your photos. Let me show you an example. There are three people in this photo. Who do you see first and who do you see last?
Obviously you see the person on the right the last because he kind of blends in with the background.

HOWEVER, this can be fixed. Let's pretend that I wore sky blue pants and he wore a neon yellow shirt. Who do you see first now?
(I understand that your answer may still be "Jac I still see you first." If that is the case, I apologise for being so pretty and impairing your judgement. Your answer is supposed to be "I see the guy on the right first.")

So yes. If you want people to notice you in your photos, wear clothes of colours which show up against the background. Otherwise, by all means, slap on the army camo when visiting the Amazon rainforest, or borrow some of them US army uniforms when trekking across the Sahara desert. Nymphodora Tonks would be proud.
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4. Chargers, chargers, chargers.

So I'm guessing that you usually go on holiday with at least one travel buddy. And each of you will bring one phone.
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And possibly a camera each. Unless you're a true Asian. Then you'd bring about 7 cameras each.
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And maybe one of you will bring your laptop (I usually don't, but this time I had some work to clear. #truth. Ask Nessie. I did up some notes while I was in Hong Kong).
Assuming you are not a high-roller when it comes to hotels, your hotel room would come with an average of three charging points. One by the bed, one at the table, and one in the bathroom. Sometimes you get the random additional one in the corner but that's about it. And so, horror of all horrors, you would be forced to take turns to share the power outlets to charge your many devices.
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And that won't work. You know how I feel about power.
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So to ensure that all your devices remain charged, you need portable chargers. Ask me. I know. My devices stayed fully charged throughout my trip. Except for now. My Awesome Friend's Macbook Air is dying as I type this.

But this can't be helped. Does anyone know how I can possibly charge a laptop in a plane? Yeah. It's a problem which remains unsolvable.

Also if anyone is wondering, here's the list of devices I brought along on my holiday.
  1. HTC One
  2. HTC One max (review out soon!)
  3. Macbook Air
  4. Sony TX-10
  5. 7 Chargers
Having seven chargers would also enable you to have the comfort of sleeping next to your phone even if you take the side of the bed without the power outlet.
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And that's the end of my travel tips! I'm sorry if you were expecting something generic. But if you'd like I can do something boring and orthodox as well. Just so you won't be disappointed.
  1. Travel only with people you get along well with - you don't want to fight while you're on holiday.
  2. Don't keep all your money in one place.
  3. Make a list of things you need to pack so that you won't miss anything out.This will also help when you are packing your suitcase before checking out.
  4. Check the weather forecast for the places you are going to - you don't want to be left out in the cold (pun intended).
There! I hope you're happy with my very comprehensive list of travel tips! And now I'll leave you with a very good song to accompany you on your travels.

And a very apt song to start your year!

Have a good year ahead people!
❤ Jac.

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