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The Top 13 of 2013.

Hello guys! How has 2014 been treating you so far? I did say that I'd do a round-up post for 2013. So here goes! 1. Pinterest War...

Hello guys!

How has 2014 been treating you so far? I did say that I'd do a round-up post for 2013. So here goes!

1. Pinterest Wardrobe.

Have you guys ever looked at those wonderfully organised wardrobes on Pinterest and thought to yourself, "Damn! I wish my wardrobe looked like that!" Well, I'm proud to say some parts of my wardrobe do somewhat resemble something you might find on a Pinterest board!
Well, at least I like to think so. Anyway, what you see above comprise the most important parts of my wardobe. My shorts and my tank tops. Actually my all underwear is also arranged according to colour. But I thought it would be inappropriate for me to post pictures of my underwear drawer online.

2. Storm Chasing.

Have you watched the episode of Bones on the storm chasers?
(Season 7 Episode 5, The Twist in The Twister - Via Fanpop).

Or perhaps Thor?

On these crazy people who drive around the country (America ah, not Singapore) with a truck-load of expensive equipment for the sole reason of charting storms? Yeah that's me.

I kid of course. I don't even drive. But I did spend three hours plastered to my bedroom window to take more than three thousand shots with my HTC One XL. In the dark of course. Because it was pouring and the windows had to be closed and having the light on would cause reflections on my windows. So really, this is a more accurate reflection of me.
(Via iSmooth).

YOU MAY THINK I'M MAD, but here are the results!
Yes, I live on the top floor (40th in fact). And yes, they were all taken with a HTC One XL. HTC all the way. I love HTC. But more on that later.

3. Cartwheels.

When I was in primary school, there was this girl I used to know who was able to do a split. And she'd show off to me. And I was angry with her showing off.
(Via someecards).

So I went home to practise doing a split every day. I practised. NON-STOP. My mother got quite worried and told me that I would tear my muscles or something. But she does that a lot. When I got into my baking phase after I graduated from university (I was irritated that my friend kept spamming my newsfeed with her baking and I thought "this can't be that hard" and started baking everyday. Because I realised that I too, could follow simple instructions on the internet.) my mother was worried that I would give up on finding a job and try to open my own bakery or something. Yes. Me and my 2-in-1 microwave oven. And as I had mentioned in an earlier blogpost, multifunctional = good.
(Via Cheezburger).

But I digress. Anyway! I was never able to do a cartwheel. And I kind of gave up trying because I kept failing. UNTIL LAST YEAR.
(Okay the toes on my left foot are not pointed but I'm trying to make a point here).
Once again, THANKS SILVER. For being such a good teacher (I learnt within 5 minutes) and for helping me accomplish what I previously thought was impossible.

4. HTC One.

So I really love HTC. My first smart phone was the HTC desire.
My second smart phone was the HTC One XL, which I used to take my lightning shots and then subsequently, um, misplaced.
And I'm now on my third smart phone! The HTC One. I LOVE IT.
(The photo's grainy because it was taken by an iPhone.)

I also have in my possession the HTC One max.
Guys, the One max, and the One, are fantastic. I bring them around with me all the time. In fact, aside from Edwina (and Titus and Sam), these two rather delightful gadgets were the best companions that I've had on a holiday.
I call this photo "Me and my plus Ones". Get it get it?

(Review will really be up soon - I want to post a video together with the review but it is not going so well this video).

5. Ran Up a Hill.

I hate running. But I completed a 10 km run. UP A HILL.
I don't know about you, but in my books that's pretty impressive for a person who doesn't run. So, #accomplishment.
(Via Quick Meme).

6. Couple Rings.

I took leave on Valentine's Day to spend it with one of the best people in the world. We had brunch in Oriole where we had the whole place to ourselves, and were also treated to a private lion dance performance.
Then we went shopping and went to get couple rings. Because it was Valentine's Day.
What? I hope you didn't think that I'd waste my Valentine's Day with someone who didn't mean that much to me now did you? And yes, we got couple rings. Not the conventional kind of course. Because we're cool like that. (Or we like to think so anyway.)

7. Hello Kitty Balloon.

I hate Hello Kitty. Sorry, but I don't understand the appeal this simplistic looking cat. Or "Japanese feline" as Sheldon put it.

I was quite touched when Chengwei turned up with an XXL Hello Kitty helium thing for me to carry around on my birthday. You see, his rationale is that on a person's birthday, he or she must be subject to the maximum amount of embarrassment possible.
You see, he even got me this, angel's halo thing to wear.
A lot of thought was put into it as you can tell. THANKS CHENGWEI.

8. Bungee Jumping.

I would like to start off by saying I'm legitimately scared of heights. Just the very thought of being somewhere high up causes my palms to sweat. Like I was reading this Viral Nova article earlier on. I had to wipe my mouse after that.
(Via Viral Nova).

Read the article. I promise it's epic. Very palm sweting material. Anyway! I'm afraid of heights. And I like to read articles like this:

27 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die.
(Via Buzzfeed).

Or this:
100 Trips You Must Take In Your Lifetime.

Yeah. I bet you read such articles too. So here's the thing. I'd often read these articles on Buzzfeed or CNNGo on exciting people who have travelled here and done that and think to myself, "Fuck I wish I had the balls to do all this."

So you know what they say - start small.
So this may be how you might sound like before Bungee Jumping.

I was quite scared of jumping initially but my apprehension faded once I stepped off the platform. Would I do it again? YES! Darren and I have already made plans to jump once the one in Sentosa opens.

9. My Laptop Died.

(Via funsauce).

No, you don't understand. There is reason to be impressed. Because the last time I bought a laptop, was 6+ years ago. When I was 19. And yes, that was my first laptop. I pledge my loyalty to Fujitsu. And you know me, I'm quite serious when it comes to brand loyalty.
(Via someecards).

I'm serious! You know what one of the toughest decisions of my life was? Buying a HTC phone. Because before I got a HTC, I was loyal to Nokia. But you know, I now love HTC. HTC ALL THE WAY, FOR THE WIN, AND OTHER RELATED PHRASES.

So anyway, my previous laptop died.

I was devastated. Until I got a new one! Meet my new pride and joy.
Check out my new Fujitsu CH702 in white! Darren accompanied me to collect it and the first thing he said about it was that it was really pretty. Like me. Anyway I feel very savvy because I bargained for my laptop and got a good price. Stop with the skeptical look. I am quite competent at tech stuff. Even handsome friend who used to work at a computer shop approved of my bargained down price.
(Via someecards).

10. Morocco.

You are probably tired of hearing this but I REALLY LOVED MOROCCO. Here are some of the epic stuff that happened. We got lost and followed the instructions of a bunch of kids and drove our car across a river.
OH. And did I mention that the instructions were in FRENCH? Oui oui. Nous sommes très impressionnant, je sais.

And our car got stuck in the middle of the mountains.
We had to make a 45 minute trek to the nearest village. Which appeared abandoned. On the mountainside. You cannot imagine how scary that is. Anyway we were lucky to meet some very nice Moroccans who took us in.
And helped us get our car out the next day ❤.
Also I would like to add that I pushed two cars in 24 hours. Sam pushed one car and carried another car, and Titus pushed two cars and carried one car. However they are guys and hence very strong. Therefore the most impressive feat is me pushing two cars. Read more here: Jac is adventurous (aka how to give her mother a heart attack).

Also yes. It was very Top Gear Adventure of us. Also to clarify, we wanted a Toyota Prado. But you know, you don't always get your way in Morocco.
(Via Meme Dad).

11. I Went Viral.

(Via Webfor).

It's going great thanks for asking! I never expected for anything on this blog to go viral. Ever. It's one of those thing that I thought would be crazily cool to achieve, never gave it any thought because, well. IT'S MAD LA.

But now that I have had a viral post, I guess I must give thanks. I have already thanked you here. I even made an animated gif because you know, I appreciate you so much.
And I guess I must also thank Matthew. Without whom this would not have been possible.
One important learning point for everyone including myself.
(Via someecards).

12. Australia.

So Marilyn has been working in Sydney for more than a year now, and I've been saying that I'd fly down to visit her for the longest time. But you know, I didn't. Because I procrastinate. A lot. But check out what I booked on 29 December 2013!
MARK YOUR GOOGLE CALENDARS BECAUSE I'M GOING TO SYDNEY!!! Wait, no. You don't understand the significance. I have NEVER been to Australia in my life. Yeah. I know right? 
I remember going to Playhouse this one time and Aircon Aaron Tan was telling everyone, "This girl is damn weird la! People go to Australia, don't go to Morroco. She opposite. Go to Morocco, but not to Australia."

(Via Five Stars).

Anyway, I'm damn exciting to go to Australia! And since I'm going to Sydney, I HAVE DECIDED THAT I MUST STAY AT THIS INSTAGRAM HOTEL.
(Via CNN).

So apparently, you'd get a free one-night stay if you have 10,000 followers on Instagram. I hope someone can get 10,000 people to follow me so that I may get a free stay at this hotel. In return I will mke you a gif usuing photoshop (negotiable).

Okay AND THAT IS ALL. I realise that I only have 12 items on the list when I actually said 13, but I'm saving the last event because I have yet to go through the many photos I took for it. So um, it will hopefully be up soon. Yes. Just like my HTC One max review.

And now I'd like to leave you with this song.

Have a great weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

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